BDB4082 [H3653]

III. כֵּן noun masculine base, pedestal, office (Late Hebrew כַּנָּה; Aramaic כַּנְתָּא, ) — absolute ׳כ Isa 33:23; 1Kgs 7:31 (but see below); suffix כַּנּוֺ Exod 30:18 + 11 t.; כַּנֶּ֑ךָ Gen 40:13 כַּנִּי Gen 41:13

1. literally base, pedestal, 1Kgs 7:31 (like) the work of a pedestal (Th VB), according to StaZAW iii, 1883, 161, 162 מַעֲשֵׂהכֵֿן is in wrong place, being originally part of a gloss to v1Kgs 7:35׳כ in v1Kgs 7:29 = thus, or is text error; — כֵּןתָּֿרְנָם Isa 33:23 the base (supportor socket) of their mast (so Thes and most); especially of base of laver of tabernacle Exod 30:18; Exod 30:28; Exod 31:9; Exod 35:16; Exod 38:8; Exod 39:39; Exod 40:11; Lev 8:11 (all P).
2. office, place Gen 40:13; Gen 41:13 (both E); hence (late) עַלכַּֿנּוֺ in his place Dan 11:20; Dan 11:21; Dan 11:38 (i.e. in his stead, as his successor, compare German an seiner Stelle); עַל omitted vDan 11:7.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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