BDB3314 [H2902]

[טוּחַ] verb over-spread, over-lay, coat, besmear (Late Hebrew id.; compare Arabic re foeda contaminatus fuit, or contaminavit; camel smeared with tar); —

Qal Perfect 3 masculine singular וְטָח consecutive Lev 14:42 (on טַח Isa 44:18 see טחח); 3 plural טָחוּ Exod 22:28 טַחְתֶּם Ezek 13:12; Ezek 13:14 Infinitive construct לָטוּחַ 1Chr 29:4 Participle plural טָחִים Ezek 13:10 + 2 t.; construct טָחֵי Ezek 13:11 only P, Ezekiel, Chronicles; — over-spread, coat (with accusative of house) with earth (clay, עָפָר) Lev 14:42 over-lay (walls with gold and silver) with accusative of wall 1Chr 29:4 metaphor of coating over Jerusalem, under figure of a wall, with a superficial coating, to hide its real weakness Ezek 13:15 (accusative of wall), vEzek 13:12 with accusative of coating (טִיחַ); with תָּפֵל (q. v.) vEzek 13:11 c. 2 accusative vEzek 13:10 vEzek 13:14 vEzek 13:15 compare תָּפֵל וּנְבִיאֶיהָ טָחוּ להם Ezek 22:28 where suffix reference to oppressive nobles, i.e. the prophets 'whitewash' for them (their evil deeds). Niph`al Infinitive construct הִטּוֺחַ be coated (with עפר) Lev 14:43 and, fully, הִטֹּחַ אתהֿבית Lev 14:48 (both P).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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