BDB3287 [H2881]

I. טָבַל verb dip (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic טְבַל dip, bathe; compare perhaps Arabic saturavit tinctura vestem, Frey) —

Qal Perfect וְטָבַל consecutive Lev 4:6 + 5 t.; וְטָבַלְתְּ consecutive Ruth 2:14 וּטְבַלְתֶּם consecutive Exod 12:22 Imperfect וַיִּטְבֹּל Lev 9:9 + 3 t.; 2 masculine singular suffix תִּטְבְּלֵנִי Job 9:31 וַיִּטְבְּלוּ Gen 37:31dip:
1. transitive, dip a thing in, with accusative of thing + בְּ: in blood Gen 37:31 (J), so especially in connection with sacrifices Lev 4:6; Lev 9:9; Lev 14:6; Lev 14:51 (also in fresh water); in water, for purification Num 19:18 (all P); of dipping rod in honey 1Sam 14:27, bread in vinegar Ruth 2:24, foot in oil Deut 33:24 (poem); בַּשַּׁחַת תִּטְבְּלֵנִי Job 9:31 in the ditch dost thou dip me; accusative omitted Exod 12:22 (J E; in blood), 2Kgs 8:15 (in water); but also + מִן = moisten with, with some of Lev 4:17 (blood), Lev 14:16 (oil).
2. intransitive, dip (oneself), followed by בְּ, 2Kgs 5:14 in Jordan (|| רָחַץ בְּ v2Kgs 5:10 v2Kgs 5:12). Niph`al Perfect 3 masculine plural נִּטְבְּלוּ Josh 3:15 be dipped, בְּ of water.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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