BDB3131 [H2767]

חָרְמָה proper name, of a location (asylum, compare Arabic id., WetzstZKW see 1884, 115) — a royal city of Canaanites, in the South, in tribe of Simeon Num 14:45 (J E; article only here see Di), Num 21:3 (J) where name explanation from Israel's devoting Canaanites of Arad to destruction; Josh 15:30; Josh 19:4 (P), Deut 1:44; Josh 12:14 (D), 1Sam 30:30; 1Chr 4:30 originally called צְפַת Judg 1:17, where name is said to have been changed to Hormah because Judah and Simeon (after death of Joshua) devoted its inhabitants to destruction, see Di Num 21:3. — On site see צְפַת.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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