BDB3027 [H2672]

[חָצַב] חָצֵב verb hew, hew out, cleave (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic חֲצַב; SI4. 6 participle plural החצבם; compare Phoenician מחצב = Hebrew id.) —

Qal Perfect חָצֵב Isa 5:2 חָֽצְבָה Prov 9:1 חָצַבְתִּי Hos 6:5, etc.; Imperfect וַיַּחְצֹב 2Chr 26:10 2 masculine singular תַּחְצֹב Deut 8:9 Infinitive construct לַחְצֹב Jer 2:13 לַחְצוֺב 1Chr 22:2 Participle active חֹצֵב Isa 10:15 + 4 t.; construct חֹצְבִי Isa 22:16 חֹצְבִים 1Chr 22:2 + 3 t.; חֹצְבֵי 2Kgs 12:13 passive חֲצוּבִים Deut 6:11; Neh 9:25
1. hew out, (dig), wine-vat יֶקֶב Isa 5:2 sepulchre (קֶבֶר) Isa 22:16 (twice in verse); cisterns בֹּרוֺת Deut 6:11 (twice in verse); 2Chr 26:10; Neh 9:25, compare Jer 2:13 of mining נחשׁת ׳מהרריה תַּת Deut 8:9 out of its mountains thou mayst hew out copper.
2. a. hew stone 1Chr 22:2 metaphor of pillars Prov 9:1 (subject wisdom); elsewhere participle, hewer of stone 2Kgs 12:13; 1Chr 22:2; 1Chr 22:15 (see SI4.6 above); probably 1Kgs 5:29; 2Chr 2:1; 2Chr 2:17 (בָּהָר׳ח see Be), compare 2Chr 24:12; Ezra 3:7.
\ \ b. apparently hew wood Isa 10:15 בוֺ ׳ח (i.e. בְּגַרְזֶן).
3. metaph. hew in pieces Hos 6:5 figurative of ׳י attacking people by agency of prophets (|| הֲרַגְתִּים); divide, cleave subject ׳י's voice Ps 29:7 object להבות אשׁ, i.e. the thunder of his voice sends forked lightnings (but on text compare Che and critical note) Niph`al Imperfect יֵחָצְבוּן be cut, hewn, graven (words on rock) Job 19:24. Pu`al Perfect חֻצַּבְתֶּם Isa 51:1 figurative, hewn out of rock (of Israel's origin; || נֻקַּר). Hiph`il Participle מַחֲצֶ֫בֶת Isa 51:9 hew in pieces = Qal 3, figurative of destroying רהב = Egypt (compare Ps 89:11).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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