BDB2992 [H4270]

מַחְסוֺר, מַחְסֹר noun [masculine] need, thing needed, poverty; — ׳מ absolute Prov 11:24 + 6 t.; construct Judg 18:10; Judg 19:19 suffix מַחְסוֺרְךָ Judg 19:20 מַחְסרְךָ Prov 6:11 מַחְסֹרוֺ Deut 15:8 plural suffix מַחְסֹרֶיךָ Prov 24:34

1. need = thing needed דֵּי מַחְסֹרוֺ Deut 15:8 enough for his need (followed by אשׁר יֶחְסַר לוֺ, compare חָסֵר verb); עָלָ֑י ׳כָּלמֿ Judg 19:20 all thy need be upon me (for me to provide).
2. lack, want כָּלדָּֿבָר ׳אֵין מ Judg 18:10 no lack of anything, Judg 19:19; Ps 34:10.
3. in general, need, poverty Prov 6:11 (|| רֵאשׁ) = Prov 24:34 (|| רֵישׁ), Prov 11:24; Prov 14:23; Prov 21:5; Prov 22:16; Prov 28:27 ׳אִישׁ מ Prov 21:17 a man of poverty.

חַף see II. חפף.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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