BDB2283 [H2073]

I. זְבֻל noun [masculine] elevation, height, lofty abode (Late Hebrew זְבוּל temple); — בָּנוֺ בָּנִיתִי בֵּית זְבֻל לָ֑ךְ 1Kgs 8:13 = 2Chr 6:2 (poetry; probably from book of Jashar, compare ᵐ5 Wecompare 271 DrIntr. 182; on בֵּיתזְֿבֻל = Assyrian bît zabal, lofty house compare COT 1Kgs 8:13 DlPr 62 f.); לְבַלּוֺת שְׁאוֺל מִזְּבֻל לוֺ Ps 49:15 text dubious; Ew Hi Ri Now read מַזְבּוּל (or מִזְבּוֺל, Ew) as noun = dwelling; Che proposes for מִזְּבֻל, ׳ ם ז[לְעוֺלָ] Checritical note.; זְבֻל קָדְשְׁךָ Isa 63:15 (|| שָׁמַיִם) the high abode of thy holiness (compare Checritical note,); of the lofty abode of sun and moon: שֶׁמֶשׁ יָרֵחַ עָמַד זְבֻ֑לָה Hab 3:11.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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