BDB1996 [H1856]

[דָּקַר] verb pierce, pierce through (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic דְּקַר, ) —

Qal Perfect 3 plural דָּקָ֑רוּ Zech 12:10 suffix וּדְקָרֻנִי consecutive 1Sam 31:4, וּדְקָרֻהוּ consecutive Zech 13:3 Imperfect וַיִּדְקֹר Num 25:8, וַיִּדְקְרֵהוּ Judg 9:54pierce, run through (always with accusative): as retributive act, Israelite and Midianite woman Num 25:8 false prophet Zech 13:3 but also as speedy death Judg 9:54 (Abimelech); 1Sam 31:4 a (Saul) = 1Chr 10:4, also 1Sam 31:4b (but strike out Be We after 1Chr 10:4 & so ᵐ5L 1Sam 31:4 b), see also Zech 12:10 (compare John 19:37). Niph`al Imperfect יִדָּקֵר be pierced through, slain Isa 13:15 (in conquest of Babylonian by Medes). Pu`al Participle plural מְדֻקָּרִים pierced, riddled, (i.e. desperately wounded) warriors, Jer 37:10, slain Jer 51:4 (|| חללים); by hunger Lam 4:9 (|| חַלְלֵי רָעָב).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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