BDB1986 [H1846]

[דָּעַךְ] verb go out, be extinguished (in poetry & especially Wisdom literature) (Aramaic דְּעִיךְ, ) —

Qal Perfect 3 masculine plural דָּֽעֲכוּ Isa 43:17 Imperfect יִדְעַךְ Prov 20:20, יִדְעָ֑ךְ Job 18:5 + 4 t.; — go out, be extinguished, of lamp, always figurative, lamp of wicked (i.e. prosperity) אוֺר רְשָׁעִים Job 18:5, ׳נֵר ר Job 18:6; Job 21:17; Prov 13:9; Prov 20:20; Prov 24:20 of hostile armies Isa 43:17 (|| כָּב֫וּ). Niph`al Perfect 3 plural נִדְעֲכוּ be made extinct, dried up, Job 6:17 (of brooks). Pu`al Perfect 3 plural דֹּעֲכוּ of assailants, be extinguished, quenched, כְּאֵשׁ קוֺצִים Ps 118:12 but read perhaps בערו with ᵐ5 Bae & Che, see Checritical note.

דַּעַת see below ידע.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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