BDB1941 [H1802]

דָּלָה verb draw (water) (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic דְּלָא, ; Arabic pull up bucket; II, IV let down; v hang down; compare bucket; Ethiopic : weigh; Assyrian dalû, draw water, compare Dl § 108 C AdlerPAOS Oct. 1888, xcix.; also dilûtu, bucket, Idib; dalâni COTGloss) —

Qal Perfect דָּלָה Exod 2:19 Imperfect 3 masculine singular suffix יִדְלֶ֑נָּה Prov 20:5 דַּלְיוּ Prov 26:7 see below; 3 feminine pluralוַתִּדְלֶנָה Exod 2:16 Infinitive absolute דָּלֹה Exod 2:19draw (water, but no object expressed) Exod 2:6; Exod 2:19 (twice in verse); figurative of drawing counsel (עֵצָזה) out of heart, with accusative (suffix) Prov 20:5. — דַּלְיוּ Prov 26:7 is difficult; read perhaps 3 masculine plural דָּלָיוּ intransitive, a lame man's legs hang down (helpless) so Ew Sta§ 413 a; other views in De Now. Pi`el Perfect 2 masculine singular suffix דִּלִּיתָ֑נִי Ps 30:2 figurative (compare Pa`el in Syriac) subject ׳י thou hast drawn me up (out of Sh®°ôl, compare vPs 30:4).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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