BDB1679 [H1580]


verb 1. deal fully or adequately with, deal out to.
2. wean.
3. ripen (Assyrian gamâlu, deal with, benefit, e.g. VR 2Chr 35:19 Late Hebrew גָּמַל, Aramaic גְּמַל; see Palmyrene proper name אגמלא VogNo. 124, Nabataean proper name, feminine גמלת VogNab. below No. 7; perhaps originally complete, accomplish, cognate גמר; — Arabic is collect, be beautiful, goodly) —
Qal Perfect Ps 13:6 +; Imperfect יִגְמֹל Num 17:23 +; Imperative גְּמֹל Ps 119:17 Infinitive גָּמְלֵךְ, גָּמְלָהּ 1Sam 1:23 Participle גֹּמֵל Prov 11:17 +; passive גָּמוּל Isa 11:8 גָּמֻל Ps 131:2 (twice in verse); —
1. a. deal out to, do to, with 2 accusative גְּמָלַתְהוּ טוֺב וְלֹא רָע she doeth him good and not evil Prov 31:12 כִּי אַתָּה גְּמַלְתַּנִי הַטּוֺבָה וַאֲנִי גְּמַלְתִּיךָ הָֽרָעָה for thou hast done unto me the good but I have done unto thee the evil 1Sam 24:18 do evil (ה)רע unto Gen 50:15; Gen 50:17; Prov 3:30 with לְ person Isa 3:9 do good unto, 2 accusative Isa 63:7 (twice in verse); compare also גֹּמֵל נַפְשׁוֺ אִישׁ חֶסֶד Prov 11:17.
\ \ b. with עַל person deal bountifully with Ps 13:6; Ps 116:7; Ps 119:17; Ps 142:8 with accusative of person reward 2Sam 22:21 (= Ps 18:21), perhaps also לָמָּה יִגְמְלֵנִי הַגְּמוּלָה הַזּאֹת why should he reward me with this reward? 2Sam 19:37.
\ \ c. recompense, repay, requite, in a bad sense, with 2 accusative Ps 7:5 with לְ person Deut 32:6; Ps 137:8 with עַל person 2Chr 20:11; Ps 103:10; Joel 4:4.
2. wean a child (complete his nursing) 1Sam 1:23 (twice in verse); 1Sam 1:24; 1Kgs 11:20; Hos 1:8 גָּמוּל weaned child Ps 131:2 (twice in verse); Isa 11:8 גְּמוּלֵי מֵחָלָב weaned from milk Isa 28:9.
3. transitive ripen, bear ripe (almonds) Num 17:23 intransitive become ripe (grapes) Isa 18:5. Niph`al Imperfect יִגָּמֵל 1Sam 1:22 וַיִּגָּמַ֑ל Gen 21:8 Infinitive הִגָּמֵל Gen 21:8be weaned.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
License: Public domain document; formatting developed for use in by Eliran Wong.
Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer