Bible verses about "universe" | Wycliffe

Job 26:10

10 He hath cumpassid a terme to watris, til that liyt and derknessis be endid.

Psalms 14:1

1 Lord, who schal dwelle in thi tabernacle; ether who schal reste in thin hooli hil?

Job 26:7

7 Which God stretchith forth the north on voide thing, and hangith the erthe on nouyt.

Isaiah 46:10

10 And Y telle fro the bigynnyng the laste thing, and fro the bigynnyng tho thingis that ben not maad yit; and Y seie, My councel schal stonde, and al my wille schal be don.

Romans 3:1-9:33

1 What thanne is more to a Jew, or what profit of circumcisioun? 2 Myche bi al wise; first, for the spekyngis of God `weren bitakun to hem. 3 And what if summe of hem bileueden not? Whethir the vnbileue of hem hath auoidid the feith of God? 4 God forbede. For God is sothefast, but ech man a liere; as it is writun, That thou be iustified in thi wordis, and ouercome, whanne thou art demed. 5 But if oure wickidnesse comende the riytwisnesse of God, what shulen we seie? Whether God is wickid, that bryngith in wraththe? 6 Aftir man Y seie. God forbede. Ellis hou schal God deme this world? 7 For if the treuthe of God hath aboundid in my lessyng, in to the glorie of hym, what yit am Y demed as a synner? 8 And not as we ben blasfemed, and as summen seien that we seien, Do we yuele thingis, that gode thingis come. Whos dampnacioun is iust. 9 What thanne? Passen we hem? Nay; for we han schewid bi skile, that alle bothe Jewis and Grekis ben vndur synne, 10 as it is writun, For ther is no man iust; 11 ther is no man vndurstondynge, nethir sekynge God. 12 Alle bowiden a wey, togidere thei ben maad vnprofitable; ther is noon that doith good thing, there is noon `til to oon. 13 The throte of hem is an opyn sepulcre; with her tungis thei diden gilefuli; the venym of snakis is vndur her lippis. 14 The mouth of whiche is ful of cursyng and bitternesse; 15 the feet of hem ben swifte to schede blood. 16 Sorewe and cursidnesse ben in the weies of hem, and thei knewen not the weie of pees; 17 18 the drede of God is not bifor her iyen. 19 And we witen, that what euere thingis the lawe spekith, it spekith to hem that ben in the lawe, that ech mouth be stoppid, and ech world be maad suget to God. 20 For of the werkis of the lawe ech fleisch schal not be iustified bifor hym; for bi the lawe ther is knowyng of synne. 21 But now with outen the lawe the riytwisnesse of God is schewid, that is witnessid of the lawe and the profetis. 22 And the riytwisnesse of God is bi the feith of Jhesu Crist in to alle men and on alle men that bileuen in hym; for ther is no departyng. 23 For alle men synneden, and han nede to the glorie of God; 24 and ben iustified freli bi his grace, bi the ayenbiyng that is in `Crist Jhesu. 25 Whom God ordeynede foryyuer, bi feith in his blood, to the schewyng of his riytwisnesse, for remyssioun of biforgoynge synnes, 26 in the beryng up of God, to the schewyng of his riytwisnesse in this tyme, that he be iust, and iustifyynge hym that is of the feith of Jhesu Crist. 27 Where thanne is thi gloriyng? It is excludid. Bi what lawe? Of dedis doyng? Nay, but by the lawe of feith. 28 For we demen a man to be iustified bi the feith, with outen werkis of the lawe. 29 Whethir of Jewis is God oneli? Whether he is not also of hethene men? Yhis, and of hethene men. 30 For `oon God is, that iustefieth circumcisioun bi feith, and prepucie bi feith. 31 Distruye we therfor the lawe bi the feith? God forbede; but we stablischen the lawe.

Romans 4:1-9:33

1 What thanne schulen we seie, that Abraham oure fadir aftir the flesch foond? 2 For if Abraham is iustified of werkis of the lawe, he hath glorie, but not anentis God. 3 For what seith the scripture? Abraham bileued to God, and it was arettid to him to riytwisnesse. 4 And to hym that worchith mede is not arettid bi grace, but bi dette. 5 Sotheli to hym that worchith not, but bileueth in to hym that iustefieth a wickid man, his feith is arettid to riytwisnesse, aftir the purpos of Goddis grace. 6 As Dauid seith the blessidnesse of a man, whom God acceptith, he yyueth to hym riytwisnesse with outen werkis of the lawe, 7 Blessid ben thei, whos wickidnessis ben foryouun, and whos synnes ben hid. 8 Blessid is that man, to whom God arettide not synne. 9 Thanne whether dwellith this blisfulnesse oneli in circumcisioun, or also in prepucie? For we seien, that the feith was arettid to Abraham to riytwisnesse. 10 Hou thanne was it arettid? in circumcisioun, or in prepucie? Not in circumcisioun, but in prepucie. 11 And he took a signe of circumcisioun, a tokenyng of riytwisnesse of the feith which is in prepucie, that he be fadir of alle men bileuynge bi prepucie, that it be arettid also to hem to riytwisnesse; 12 and that he be fadir of circumcisioun, not onely to hem that ben of circumcisioun, but also to hem that suen the steppis of the feith, which feith is in prepucie of oure fader Abraham. 13 For not bi the lawe is biheest to Abraham, or to his seed, that he schulde be eir of the world, but bi the riytwisnesse of feith. 14 For if thei that ben of the lawe, ben eiris, feith is distried, biheest is don awey. 15 For the lawe worchith wraththe; for where is no lawe, there is no trespas, nethir is trespassyng. 16 Therfor riytfulnesse is of the feith, that bi grace biheeste be stable to ech seed, not to that seed oneli that is of the lawe, but to that that is of the feith of Abraham, which is fadir of vs alle. 17 As it is writun, For Y haue set thee fadir of many folkis, bifor God to whom thou hast bileued. Which God quykeneth deed men, and clepith tho thingis that ben not, as tho that ben. 18 Which Abraham ayens hope bileuede in to hope, that he schulde be maad fader of many folkis, as it was seid to hym, Thus schal thi seed be, as the sterris of heuene, and as the grauel that is in the brenke of the see. 19 And he was not maad vnstidfast in the bileue, nether he biheelde his bodi thanne nyy deed, whanne he was almost of an hundrid yeer, ne the wombe of Sare nyy deed. 20 Also in the biheeste of God he doutide not with vntrist; but he was coumfortid in bileue, 21 yyuynge glorie to God, witynge moost fulli that what euere thingis God hath bihiyt, he is myyti also to do. 22 Therfor it was arettid to hym to riytwisnesse. 23 And it is not writun oneli for him, that it was arettid to hym to riytwisnesse, 24 but also for vs, to whiche it schal be arettid, that bileuen in him that reiside oure Lord Jhesu Crist fro deeth. 25 Which was bitakun for oure synnes, and roos ayen for oure iustefiyng.

Romans 5:1-9:33

1 Therfor we, iustified of feith, haue we pees at God bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist. 2 Bi whom we han niy goyng to, bi feith in to this grace, in which we stonden, and han glorie in the hope of the glorie of Goddis children. 3 And not this oneli, but also we glorien in tribulaciouns, witynge that tribulacioun worchith pacience, 4 and pacience preuyng, and preuyng hope. 5 And hope confoundith not, for the charite of God is spred abrood in oure hertis bi the Hooli Goost, that is youun to vs. 6 And while that we weren sijk aftir the tyme, what diede Crist for wickid men? 7 For vnnethis dieth ony man for the iust man; and yit for a good man perauenture summan dar die. 8 But God comendith his charite in vs; for if whanne we weren yit synneris, 9 aftir the tyme Crist was deed for vs, thanne myche more now we iustified in his blood, schulen be saaf fro wraththe bi him. 10 For if whanne we weren enemyes, we ben recounselid to God bi the deth of his sone, myche more we recounselid schulen be saaf in the lijf of hym. 11 And not oneli this, but also we glorien in God, bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist, bi whom we han resseyued now recounseling. 12 Therfor as bi o man synne entride in to this world, and bi synne deth, and so deth passide forth in to alle men, in which man alle men synneden. 13 For `til to the lawe synne was in the world; but synne was not rettid, whanne lawe was not. 14 But deth regnyde from Adam `til to Moises, also in to hem that synneden not in licnesse of the trespassyng of Adam, the which is licnesse of Crist to comynge. 15 But not as gilt, so the yifte; for if thorouy the gilt of oon manye ben deed, myche more the grace of God and the yifte in the grace of o man Jhesu Crist hath aboundid in to many men. 16 And not as bi o synne, so bi the yifte; for the doom of oon in to condempnacioun, but grace of many giltis in to iustificacioun. 17 For if in the gilt of oon deth regnede thorouy oon, myche more men that takyn plente of grace, and of yyuyng, and of riytwisnesse, schulen regne in lijf bi oon Jhesu Crist. 18 Therfor as bi the gilt of oon in to alle men in to condempnacioun, so bi the riytwisnesse of oon in to alle men in to iustifiyng of lijf. 19 For as bi inobedience of o man manye ben maad synneris, so bi the obedience of oon manye schulen be iust. 20 And the lawe entride, that gilt schulde be plenteuouse; but where gilt was plenteuouse, 21 grace was more plenteuouse. That as synne regnede in to deth, so grace regne bi riytwisnesse in to euerlastynge lijf, bi `Crist Jhesu oure Lord.

Romans 6:1-9:33

1 Therfor what schulen we seie? Schulen we dwelle in synne, that grace be plenteuouse? 2 God forbede. For hou schulen we that ben deed to synne, lyue yit ther ynne? 3 Whether, britheren, ye knowen not, that whiche euere we ben baptisid in Crist Jhesu, we ben baptisid in his deth? 4 For we ben togidere biried with hym bi baptym `in to deth; that as Crist aroos fro deth bi the glorie of the fadir, so walke we in a newnesse of lijf. 5 For if we plauntid togidere ben maad to the licnesse of his deth, also we schulen be of the licnesse of his risyng ayen; 6 witynge this thing, that oure olde man is crucified togidere, that the bodi of synne be distruyed, that we serue no more to synne. 7 For he that is deed, is iustefied fro synne. 8 And if we ben deed with Crist, we bileuen that also we schulen lyue togidere with hym; 9 witinge for Crist, rysynge ayen fro deth, now dieth not, deeth schal no more haue lordschip on hym. 10 For that he was deed to synne, he was deed onys; but that he lyueth, he liueth to God. 11 So ye deme you silf to be deed to synne, but lyuynge to God in `Jhesu Crist oure Lord. 12 Therfor regne not synne in youre deedli bodi, that ye obeische to hise coueityngis. 13 Nether yyue ye youre membris armuris of wickidnesse to synne, but yyue ye you silf to God, as thei that lyuen of deed men, and youre membris armuris of riytwisnesse to God. 14 For synne schal not haue lordschipe on you; for ye ben not vndur the lawe, but vndur grace. 15 What therfor? Schulen we do synne, for we ben not vndur the lawe, but vndur grace? 16 God forbede. Witen ye not, that to whom ye yyuen you seruauntis to obeie to, ye ben seruauntis of that thing, to which ye han obeschid, ether of synne to deth, ether of obedience to riytwisnesse? 17 But Y thanke God, that ye weren seruauntis of synne; but ye han obeischid of herte in to that fourme of techyng, in which ye ben bitakun. 18 And ye delyuered fro synne, ben maad seruauntis of riytwisnesse. 19 Y seie that thing that is of man, for the vnstidefastnesse of youre fleisch. But as ye han youun youre membris to serue to vnclennesse, and to wickidnesse `in to wickidnesse, so now yyue ye youre membris to serue to riytwisnesse in to hoolynesse. 20 For whanne ye weren seruauntis of synne, ye weren fre of riytfulnesse. 21 Therfor what fruyt hadden ye thanne in tho thingis, in whiche ye schamen now? For the ende of hem is deth. 22 But now ye delyuered fro synne, and maad seruauntis to God, han your fruyt in to holinesse, and the ende euerlastinge lijf. For the wagis of synne is deth; the grace of God is euerlastynge lijf in Crist Jhesu our Lord.

Romans 7:1-9:33

1 Britheren, whethir ye knowun not; for Y speke to men `that knowen the lawe; for the lawe hath lordschip in a man, as long tyme as it lyueth? 2 For that womman that is vndur an hosebonde, is boundun to the lawe, while the hosebonde lyueth; but if hir hosebonde is deed, sche is delyuered fro the lawe of the hosebonde. 3 Therfor sche schal be clepid auoutresse, if sche be with another man, while the hosebonde lyueth; but if hir hosebonde is deed, sche is delyuered fro the lawe of the hosebonde, that sche be not auoutresse, if sche be with another man. 4 And so, my britheren, ye ben maad deed to the lawe bi the bodi of Crist, that ye ben of another, that roos ayen fro deth, that ye bere fruyt to God. 5 For whanne we weren in fleisch, passiouns of synnes, that weren bi the lawe, wrouyten in oure membris, to bere fruyt to deth. 6 But now we ben vnboundun fro the lawe of deth, in which we weren holdun, so that we seruen in newnesse of spirit, and not in eldnesse of lettre. 7 What therfor schulen we seie? The lawe is synne? God forbede. But Y knew not synne, but bi lawe; for Y wiste not that coueitynge was synne, but for the lawe seide, Thou schalt not coueyte. 8 And thoruy occasioun takun, synne bi the maundement hath wrouyt in me al coueytise; for withouten the lawe, synne was deed. 9 And Y lyuede withouten the lawe sumtyme; but whanne the comaundement was comun, synne lyuede ayen. 10 But Y was deed, and this comaundement that was to lijf, was foundun to me, to be to deth. 11 For synne, thorouy occasioun takun bi the comaundement, disceyuede me, and bi that it slow me. 12 Therfor the lawe is hooli, and the comaundement is hooli, and iust, and good. 13 Is thanne that thing that is good, maad deth to me? God forbede. But synne, that it seme synne, thorouy good thing wrouyte deth to me, that me synne ouer maner thorouy the comaundement. 14 And we witen, that the lawe is spiritual; but Y am fleischli, seld vndur synne. 15 For Y vndurstonde not that that Y worche; for Y do not the good thing that Y wole, but Y do thilke yuel thing that Y hate. 16 And if Y do that thing that Y wole not, Y consente to the lawe, that it is good. 17 But now Y worche not it now, but the synne that dwellith in me. 18 But and Y woot, that in me, that is, in my fleisch, dwellith no good; for wille lieth to me, but Y fynde not to performe good thing. 19 For Y do not thilke good thing that Y wole, but Y do thilke yuel thing that Y wole not. 20 And if Y do that yuel thing that Y wole not, Y worche not it, but the synne that dwellith in me. 21 Therfor Y fynde the lawe to me willynge to do good thing, for yuel thing lieth to me. 22 For Y delite togidere to the lawe of God, aftir the ynnere man. But Y se another lawe in my membris, 23 ayenfiytynge the lawe of my soule, and makynge me caitif in the lawe of synne, that is in my membris. 24 Y am an vnceli man; who schal delyuer me fro the bodi of this synne? 25 The grace of God, bi Jhesu Crist oure Lord. Therfor Y my silf bi the soule serue to the lawe of God; but bi fleisch to the lawe of synne.

Romans 8:1-9:33

1 Therfor now no thing of dampnacioun is to hem that ben in Crist Jhesu, whiche wandren not after the flesch. 2 For the lawe of the spirit of lijf in Crist Jhesu hath delyuerid me fro the lawe of synne, and of deth. 3 For that that was vnpossible to the lawe, in what thing it was sijk bi flesch, God sente his sone in to the licknesse of fleisch of synne, and of synne dampnede synne in fleisch; 4 that the iustefiyng of the lawe were fulfillid in vs, that goen not aftir the fleisch, but aftir the spirit. 5 For thei that ben aftir the fleisch, saueren tho thingis that ben of the fleisch; but thei that ben after the spirit, feelen tho thingis that ben of the spirit. For the prudence of fleisch is deth; 6 but the prudence of spirit is lijf and pees. 7 For the wisdom of the fleisch is enemye to God; for it is not suget to the lawe of God, for nether it may. 8 And thei that ben in fleisch, moun not plese to God. 9 But ye ben not in fleisch, but in spirit; if netheles the spirit of God dwellith in you. But if ony hath not the spirit of Crist, this is not his. 10 For if Crist is in you, the bodi is deed for synne, but the spirit lyueth for iustefiyng. 11 And if the spirit of hym that reiside Jhesu Crist fro deth dwellith in you, he that reiside Jhesu Crist fro deth, shal quykene also youre deedli bodies, for the spirit of hym that dwellith in you. 12 Therfor, britheren, we ben dettouris, not to the flesch, that we lyuen aftir the flesch. 13 For if ye lyuen aftir the fleisch, ye schulen die; but if ye bi the spirit sleen the dedis of the fleisch, ye schulen lyue. 14 For who euere ben led bi the spirit of God, these ben the sones of God. 15 For ye han not take eftsoone the spirit of seruage in drede, but ye han taken the spirit of adopcioun of sones, in which we crien, Abba, fadir. 16 And the ilke spirit yeldith witnessyng to oure spirit, that we ben the sones of God; 17 if sones, and eiris, `and eiris of God, and eiris togidere with Crist; if netheles we suffren togidere, that also we ben glorified togidere. 18 And Y deme, that the passiouns of this tyme ben not worthi to the glorie to comynge, that schal be schewid in vs. 19 For the abidyng of creature abidith the schewyng of the sones of God. 20 But the creature is suget to vanyte, not willynge, but for hym that made it suget in hope; 21 for the ilke creature schal be delyuered fro seruage of corrupcioun in to liberte of the glorie of the sones of God. 22 And we witen, that ech creature sorewith, and trauelith with peyne til yit. 23 And not oneli it, but also we vs silf, that han the first fruytis of the spirit, and we vs silf sorewen with ynne vs for the adopcioun of Goddis sonys, abidynge the ayenbiyng of oure bodi. 24 But bi hope we ben maad saaf. For hope that is seyn, is not hope; for who hopith that thing, that he seeth? 25 And if we hopen that thing that we seen not, we abiden bi pacience. 26 And also the spirit helpith oure infirmyte; for what we schulen preie, as it bihoueth, we witen not, but the ilke spirit axith for vs with sorewyngis, that moun not be teld out. 27 For he that sekith the hertis, woot what the spirit desirith, for bi God he axith for hooli men. 28 And we witen, that to men `that louen God, alle thingis worchen togidere in to good, to hem that aftir purpos ben clepid seyntis. 29 For thilke that he knewe bifor, he bifor ordenede bi grace to be maad lijk to the ymage of his sone, that he be the first bigetun among many britheren. 30 And thilke that he bifore ordeynede to blis, hem he clepide; and whiche he clepide, hem he iustifiede; and whiche he iustifiede, and hem he glorifiede. 31 What thanne schulen we seie to these thingis? If God for vs, who is ayens vs? 32 The which also sparide not his owne sone, but `for vs alle bitook hym, hou also yaf he not to vs alle thingis with hym? 33 Who schal accuse ayens the chosun men of God? It is God that iustifieth, 34 who is it that condempneth? It is Jhesus Crist that was deed, yhe, the which roos ayen, the which is on the riyt half of God, and the which preieth for vs. 35 Who thanne schal departe vs fro the charite of Crist? tribulacioun, or anguysch, or hungur, or nakidnesse, or persecucioun, or perel, or swerd? 36 As it is writun, For we ben slayn al dai for thee; we ben gessid as scheep of slauytir. 37 But in alle these thingis we ouercomen, for hym that louyde vs. 38 But Y am certeyn, that nethir deeth, nether lijf, nether aungels, nethir principatus, nether vertues, nether present thingis, nether thingis to comynge, nether strengthe, 39 nether heiyth, nether depnesse, nether noon othir creature may departe vs fro the charite of God, that is in `Crist Jhesu oure Lord.

Romans 9:1-33

1 I seie treuthe in Crist Jhesu, Y lye not, for my conscience berith witnessyng to me in the Hooli Goost, 2 for greet heuynesse is to me, and contynuel sorewe to my herte. 3 For Y my silf desiride to be departid fro Crist for my britheren, that ben my cosyns aftir the fleisch, that ben men of Israel; 4 whos is adopcioun of sones, and glorie, and testament, and yyuyng of the lawe, and seruyce, and biheestis; 5 whos ben the fadris, and of which is Crist after the fleisch, that is God aboue alle thingis, blessid in to worldis. 6 Amen. But not that the word of God hath falle doun. For not alle that ben of Israel, these ben Israelitis. 7 Nethir thei that ben seed of Abraham, `alle ben sonys; but in Ysaac the seed schal be clepid to thee; 8 that is to seie, not thei that ben sones of the fleisch, ben sones of God, but thei that ben sones of biheeste ben demed in the seed. 9 For whi this is the word of biheest, Aftir this tyme Y schal come, and a sone schal be to Sare. 10 And not oneli sche, but also Rebecca hadde twey sones of o liggyng bi of Ysaac, oure fadir. 11 And whanne thei weren not yit borun, nether hadden don ony thing of good ether of yuel, that the purpos of God schulde dwelle bi eleccioun, 12 not of werkis, but of God clepynge, it was seid to hym, 13 that the more schulde serue the lesse, as it is writun, Y louede Jacob, but Y hatide Esau. 14 What therfor schulen we seie? Whether wickidnesse be anentis God? 15 God forbede. For he seith to Moyses, Y schal haue merci on whom Y haue merci; and Y schal yyue merci on whom Y schal haue merci. 16 Therfor it is not nether of man willynge, nethir rennynge, but of God hauynge mercy. 17 And the scripture seith to Farao, For to this thing Y haue stirid thee, that Y schewe in thee my vertu, and that my name be teld in al erthe. 18 Therfor of whom God wole, he hath merci; and whom he wole, he endurith. 19 Thanne seist thou to me, What is souyt yit? for who withstondith his wille? 20 O! man, who art thou, that answerist to God? Whether a maad thing seith to hym that made it, What hast thou maad me so? 21 Whether a potter of cley hath not power to make of the same gobet o vessel in to honour, an othere in to dispit? 22 That if God willynge to schewe his wraththe, and to make his power knowun, hath suffrid in greet pacience vessels of wraththe able in to deth, 23 to schewe the riytchessis of his glorie in to vessels of merci, whiche he made redi in to glorie. 24 Whiche also he clepide not oneli of Jewis, but also of hethene men, as he seith in Osee, 25 Y schal clepe not my puple my puple, and not my loued my louyd, and not getynge mercy getynge merci; 26 and it schal be in the place, where it is seid to hem, Not ye my puple, there thei schulen be clepid the sones of `God lyuynge. 27 But Isaye crieth for Israel, If the noumbre of Israel schal be as grauel of the see, the relifs schulen be maad saaf. 28 Forsothe a word makynge an ende, and abreggynge in equyte, for the Lord schal make a word breggid on al the erthe. 29 And as Ysaye bifor seide, But God of oostis hadde left to vs seed, we hadden be maad as Sodom, and we hadden be lijk as Gommor. 30 Therfor what schulen we seie? That hethene men that sueden not riytwisnesse, han gete riytwisnesse, yhe, the riytwisnesse that is of feith. 31 But Israel suynge the lawe of riytwisnesse, cam not parfitli in to the lawe of riytwisnesse. 32 Whi? For not of feith, but as of werkys. And thei spurneden ayens the stoon of offencioun, 33 as it is writun, Lo! Y putte a stoon of offensioun in Syon, and a stoon of sclaundre; and ech that schal bileue `in it, schal not be confoundid.

2 Peter 3:10

10 For the dai of the Lord schal come as a theef, in which heuenes with greet bire schulen passe, and elementis schulen be dissoluyd bi heete, and the erthe, and alle the werkis that ben in it, schulen be brent.

Genesis 6:4

4 Sotheli giauntis weren on erthe in tho daies, forsothe aftir that the sones of God entriden to the douytris of men, and tho douytris gendriden; these weren myyti of the world and famouse men.

Psalms 90:4

4 With hise schuldris he schal make schadowe to thee; and thou schalt haue hope vnder hise fetheris.

Genesis 1:14

14 Forsothe God seide, Liytis be maad in the firmament of heuene, and departe tho the dai and niyt; and be tho in to signes, and tymes, and daies, and yeeris;

Isaiah 4:5

5 And the Lord made on ech place of the hille of Sion, and where he was clepid to help, a cloude bi dai, and smoke, and briytnesse of fier flawmynge in the niyt; for whi hilyng schal be aboue al glorie.

Genesis 1:26

26 Make we man to oure ymage and liknesse, and be he souereyn to the fischis of the see, and to the volatilis of heuene, and to vnresonable beestis of erthe, and to ech creature, and to ech `crepynge beest, which is moued in erthe.

Genesis 1:2

2 Forsothe the erthe was idel and voide, and derknessis weren on the face of depthe; and the Spiryt of the Lord was borun on the watris.

Isaiah 40:22

22 Which sittith on the cumpas of erthe, and the dwelleris therof ben as locustis; which stretchith forth heuenes as nouyt, and spredith abrood tho as a tabernacle to dwelle.

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the bigynnyng God made of nouyt heuene and erthe. 2 Forsothe the erthe was idel and voide, and derknessis weren on the face of depthe; and the Spiryt of the Lord was borun on the watris. 3 And God seide, Liyt be maad, and liyt was maad. 4 And God seiy the liyt, that it was good, and he departide the liyt fro derknessis; and he clepide the liyt, 5 dai, and the derknessis, nyyt. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, o daie. 6 And God seide, The firmament be maad in the myddis of watris, and departe watris fro watris. 7 And God made the firmament, and departide the watris that weren vndur the firmament fro these watris that weren on the firmament; and it was don so. 8 And God clepide the firmament, heuene. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the secounde dai. 9 Forsothe God seide, The watris, that ben vndur heuene, be gaderid in to o place, and a drie place appere; and it was doon so. 10 And God clepide the drie place, erthe; and he clepide the gadryngis togidere of watris, the sees. And God seiy that it was good; 11 and seide, The erthe brynge forth greene eerbe and makynge seed, and appil tre makynge fruyt bi his kynde, whos seed be in it silf on erthe; and it was doon so. 12 And the erthe brouyte forth greene erbe and makynge seed bi his kynde, and a tre makynge fruyt, and ech hauynge seed by his kynde. And God seiy that it was good. 13 And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the thridde dai. 14 Forsothe God seide, Liytis be maad in the firmament of heuene, and departe tho the dai and niyt; and be tho in to signes, and tymes, and daies, and yeeris; 15 and shyne tho in the firmament of heuene, and liytne tho the erthe; and it was doon so. 16 And God made twei grete liytis, the gretter liyt that it schulde be bifore to the dai, and the lesse liyt that it schulde be bifore to the niyt; 17 and God made sterris; and settide tho in the firmament of heuene, that tho schulden schyne on erthe, 18 and that tho schulden be bifore to the dai and nyyt, and schulden departe liyt and derknesse. And God seiy that it was good. 19 And the euentid and the morwetid was maad, the fourthe dai. 20 Also God seide, The watris brynge forth a `crepynge beeste of lyuynge soule, and a brid fleynge aboue erthe vndur the firmament of heuene. 21 And God made of nouyt grete whallis, and ech lyuynge soule and mouable, whiche the watris han brouyt forth in to her kyndis; and God made of nouyt ech volatile bi his kynde. And God seiy that it was good; 22 and blesside hem, and seide, Wexe ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the watris of the see, and briddis be multiplied on erthe. 23 And the euentid and the morwetid was maad, the fyuethe dai. 24 And God seide, The erthe brynge forth a lyuynge soul in his kynde, werk beestis, and `crepynge beestis, and vnresonable beestis of erthe, bi her kyndis; and it was don so. 25 And God made vnresonable beestis of erthe bi her kyndes, and werk beestis, `and ech crepynge beeste of erthe in his kynde. And God seiy that it was good; and seide, 26 Make we man to oure ymage and liknesse, and be he souereyn to the fischis of the see, and to the volatilis of heuene, and to vnresonable beestis of erthe, and to ech creature, and to ech `crepynge beest, which is moued in erthe. 27 And God made of nouyt a man to his ymage and liknesse; God made of nouyt a man, to the ymage of God; God made of nouyt hem, male and female. 28 And God blesside hem, and seide, Encreesse ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the erthe, and make ye it suget, and be ye lordis to fischis of the see, and to volatilis of heuene, and to alle lyuynge beestis that ben moued on erthe. 29 And God seide, Lo! Y haue youe to you ech eerbe berynge seed on erthe, and alle trees that han in hem silf the seed of her kynde, that tho be in to mete to you; 30 and to alle lyuynge beestis of erthe, and to ech brid of heuene, and to alle thingis that ben moued in erthe, and in whiche is a lyuynge soule, that tho haue to ete; and it was doon so. 31 And God seiy alle thingis whiche he made, and tho weren ful goode. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the sixte day.

Psalms 19:1

1 The title of the nyntenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

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