Bible verses about "gatekeepers" | Matthew

Nehemiah 10:1-39

1 These sealers were: Nehemiah (that is) Hathirsatha the sonne of Hachaliah & Zedekiah, 2 Saraiah, Asariah, Ieremye, 3 Phashur, Amariah, Malchiah, 4 Hatus, Sebaniah, Malluch, 5 Harim, Merimoth, Obadiah, 6 Daniel Ienthon, Baruch, 7 Mosolam, Abiah, Miamin, 8 Maasiah, Belgai and Semeiah: these were priestes. 9 The Leuites were: Iesua the sonne of Azariah, Benui amonge the chyldren of Henadad & Cadmiel. 10 And theyr brethren: Sechaniah, Hodiah, Celita, Phalaiah, Hanan, 11 Micha, Rohob, Hasabiah, 12 Sachur, Serebiah, Sabaniah, 13 Hodiah Bani and Baninu. 14 The heades of the people were Phares, Pahath Moab, Elam, Zathua, Bani, 15 Boni, Asgad, Bebai, 16 Adoniah, Begoai, Adin, 17 Ater, Hezekiah, Asur, 18 Hodiah, Hasum, Bezai, 19 Hariph, Anathoth, Nebai, 20 Magphias, Mosolam, Hesir, 21 Mesesabel, Zadoc, Iaddua, 22 Phalatia, Hanan, Anaiah, 23 Hosea, Hananiah, Hasub; 24 Halohes, Phaleha, Sobek, 25 Rehum, Hasebnah, Maasiah, 26 Ahiah, Hanan, Anan, 27 Malluch, Harim and Baanah. 28 And the other people, the priestes, Leuytes, Porters, syngers, Nethinims, and al they that had separated them selues from the people in the landes vnto the lawe of God, with theyr wyues sonnes and doughters, as many as coulde vnderstande it, 29 and theyr Lordes that had rule of them, receyued it for theyr brethren. And they came to sweare, and to bynde them selues wyth an othe to walke in Gods lawe, whiche was geuen by Moses the seruaunte of God, that they wolde obserue and do accordynge vnto all the commaundementes, iudgementes, and statutes of the Lorde oure GOD: 30 and that we wolde not geue oure doughters vnto the people in the lande, nether to take theyr doughters for oure sonnes. 31 And yf the people of the lande broughte ware on the Saboth, and all maner of vytayles to sell, that we wolde not take it of them on the Saboth and on the holye dayes. And that we wolde let the seuenth yeare be fre concernynge all maner of charge. 32 And we decreed a statute vpon our selues, to geue yearlye the thyrde parte of a sycle to the mynystracyon in the house of oure God, 33 namelye to the shewebreade, to the daylye meateofferynge, to the daylye burntoffering of the Sabothes, of the newe mones & feaste dayes, and to the thynges that were sanctyfyed, and to the synofferynges, to reconcyle Israel wythall, and to all the busynes in the house of oure God. 34 And we caste the lot amonge the pryestes, Leuytes and the people, for offerynge of the woode to be broughte vnto the house of oure God from yeare to yeare, after the houses of oure fathers, that it myghte be brente at tymes appoynted, vpon the aultare of the Lord oure God, as it is wrytten in the lawe: 35 and yearelye to brynge the fyrstlinges of oure land and the fyrstlynges of oure frutes of al trees yeare by yeare, vnto the house of the Lorde, 36 & the fyrstlynges of oure sonnes, and of our catell, as it is wrytten in the lawe and the fyrstlynges of oure oxen and of our shepe, that we shulde brynge all thys to the house of oure God vnto the pryestes that mynyster in the house of oure God: 37 and that we shulde bryng the fyrstlynges of oure dowghe, and of oure heaueofferynges, and the frutes of all maner trees, of wyne also and of oyle, vnto the priestes to the chestes of the house of oure God. And the tythes of oure lande vnto the Leuytes, that the Leuytes myghte haue the tithes in all the cytyes of oure mynystracyon. 38 And the prieste the sonne of Aaron shall wt the Leuytes haue also of the tythes of the Leuytes, so that the Leuytes shall brynge vp the tythes of theyr tythes vnto the house of oure God to the cheste in the treasure house. 39 For the children of Israel & the chyldren of Leui shall brynge vp the heaueofferynges of the corne, wine and oyle vnto the chestes. And ther shal be the vessels of the sanctuarye, & the priestes that minyster, and the porters and syngers, that we forsake not the house of oure God.

Psalms 118:1-29

1 O geue thankes vnto the Lord, for he is gracyous, & hys mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let Israel now confesse, that his mercy eudureth for euer. 3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Yea let them now that feare the Lorde confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 5 I called vpon the lord in trouble, and the lord heard me at large. 6 The lord is my helper, I wyll not feare what man doeth vnto me. 7 The lord is my helper, and I shall se my desyre vpon myne enemyes. 8 It is better to trust in the lord, then to put any cofydence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the lord then to put any confydence in prynces. 10 All Heathen compassed me round about but in the name of the lorde wyll I destroye them. 11 They kepe me in on euery side, but in the name of the lord, I wyll destroy them. 12 They came aboute me lyke bees, and wer as hote as the fyre in the thornes, but in the name of the Lorde I wyll destroye them. 13 They thrust at me, that I myght fall, but the lorde was my helpe. 14 The lorde is my strength, and my songe and is become my saluation. 15 The voice of ioy and meyth is in the dwellynges of the rightuous, for the ryght hand of the Lord hath gotten the victory. 16 The ryght hande of the Lord hath the preemynence, the ryght hande of the Lorde hath gotten the victory. 17 I wyll not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the lord. 18 The Lorde hath chastened and correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto deathe. 19 Open me the gates of ryghtuousnes, that I maye go in there thorowe, and geue thanckes vnto the Lord. 20 This is the dore of the Lorde, the rightuous shall enter in thorow it. 21 I thancke, the that thou hast herd me, and are become my saluatyon. 22 The same stone whych the builders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner 23 Thys was the Lordes doynge, and it is maruelous in our eyes. 24 This is the, daye whych the Lorde hath made, let vs reioyse and be glad in it. 25 Helpe now O lord O, lord sende vs now prosperity. 26 Blessed be he that commeth in the name of the Lorde, we wysh you good lucke, ye that be of the house of the Lord. 27 God is the lord, and hath shewed vs light O garnysh the solempne feaste wyth grene braunches, euen vnto the hornes of the aulter. 28 Thou art my God, and I wil thancke the: thou art my God, and I wyll prayse the. 29 O geue thanckes vnto the lorde, for he is gracyous, and his mercy endureth for euer.

Nehemiah 11:19

19 And the porters Acub and Talmon and theyr brethren that kepte the portes, were an hundreth and two and seuenty.

Malachi 3:1

1 Beholde, I wil sende my messaunger, which shall prepare the way before me: & the Lord whome, ye woulde haue, shall sone come to hys temple, yea, euen the messenger of the couenaunt, whome ye longe for. Beholde he commeth, sayeth the Lord of hostes

Colossians 1:1-29

1 Paule an Apostle of Iesu Christe by the wyll of God, and brother Tymotheus. 2 To the sainctes, whiche are at Colossa, and brethren that beleue in Christe. Grace be wyth you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde IESVS Christe. 3 We geue thankes to God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, alwaies prayinge for you, 4 sence we hearde of your fayth, which ye haue in Christ Iesu, and of the loue, which ye beare to all saynctes, 5 for the hopes sakes, whiche is layde vp in store for you in heauen of whiche hope ye haue heard before by the true worde of the Gospe 6 which is come vnto you, euen as it is into all the world, and is frutefull, as it is amonge you, from the fyrste daye in the, whiche ye hearde of it, and had experience in the grace of God in the trueth, 7 as ye learned of Epaphra oure deare felowe seruaunte, whiche is for you a faythfull minister of Christe, 8 whiche also declared vnto vs your loue, whiche ye haue in the spirite. 9 For this cause we also, sence the daye we heard of it, haue not ceased prayeng for you, and desiring that ye myght be fulfilled with the knowledge of his will, in all wysdome, and spiritual vnderstandinge, 10 that ye mighte walke worthy of the Lorde in all thinges, that please him beyng frutefull in all good workes, and encreasing in the knowledge of God 11 strengthed wyth all myghte thorowe his glorious power, vnto al pacience & longe suffering with ioyfulnes, 12 geuing thankes vnto the father, which hath made vs mete to be partakers of the inheritaunce of sainctes in lyght. 13 Which hath deliuered vs from the power of darcknes and hath translated vs into the kyngdome of his deare sonne, 14 in whom we haue redempcion thorowe his bloude, that is to saye: the forgeuenes of synnes, 15 whyche is the ymage of the inuisible God, fyrste begotten of creatures. 16 For by hym were all thynges created, thinges that are in heauen, and thinges that are in earth: thinges visible and thinges inuisible, whether they be maiestye or Lordeshyp, eyther rule or power. Al thynges are created by hym and in hym, 17 and he is before all thinges, and in hym all thinges haue theyr beynge. 18 And he is the head of the body, that is to wyt of the congregation: he is the beginning and fyrst begotten of the dead, that in all thinges he might haue the preeminence. 19 For it pleased the father that in him shoulde all fulnes dwel, 20 and by hym to reconcile all thinge vnto him selfe, and to set at peace by him thorowe the bloude of his crosse, both thinges in heauen, and thinges in earth. 21 And you (which were in tymes past straungers and enemyes, because your myndes were set in euyl workes) hath he now reconciled 22 in the body of his fleshe thorowe death, to make you holye vnblamable and without faut in his owne syght, 23 yf ye continue grounded and stablyshed in the fayth, and be not moued away from the hope of the Gospell, where of ye haue hearde, how that it is preached amonge al creatures which are vnder heauen, wherof I Paule am made a minister. 24 Nowe ioye I in my sufferinges which I suffer for you, and fulfyll that whiche is behinde of the passions of Christe in my fleshe for his bodies sake, which is the congregacion, 25 wherof I am made a minister accordinge to the ordinaunce of God, whiche ordinaunce was geuen me vnto you warde, to fulfyll the worde of God, 26 that mistery hyd sence the world beganne, and sence the begynnynge of generacyons: but now is opened to hys sainctes 27 to whom God woulde make knowen the glorious riches of this misterye amonge the Gentyls, whiche ryches is Christ, in you the hope of glorye, 28 whome we preache, warning all men and teachinge all men in all wisdom, to make all men perfect in Christ Iesu. 29 Wherin I also labour and stryue euen as farforth as his workinge worketh in me mightely.

James 5:1-20

1 Go to nowe ye ryche men. Weepe, and howle on your wretchednes that shal come vpon you. 2 Youre ryches is corrupte youre garmentes are motheaten. 3 Your gold and your siluer are cankered, & the ruste of them shal be a witnes vnto you, and shall eate your fleshe, as it were fyre. Ye haue heaped treasure together in your laste dayes: 4 Beholde the hyre of the labourers which haue reped doun your fieldes (which hyer is of you kept backe by fraude) crieth: & the cryes of them whiche haue reped, are entred into the eares of the Lorde Sabaoth 5 Ye haue lyued in pleasure on the earth, & in wantonnes. Ye haue norished your hertes, as in a day of slaughter 6 Ye haue condempned, & haue kylled the iuste, & he hath not resisted you. 7 Be ye pacyente therfore brethren, vnto the commynge of the Lord. Behold the husbande man wayghteth for the precious frute of the earth & hath long pacience therevpon, vntyll he receyue (the early and the latter rayne.) 8 Be ye also pacyent therfor, and setle your hertes, for the commynge of the Lorde draweth nye. 9 Grudge not one agaynst another brethren lest ye be damned. Beholde the iudge standeth before the dore. 10 Take (my brethren) the Prophetes for an ensample of sufferyng aduersitye, & of longe pacience, whiche spake in the name of the Lorde. 11 Beholde we count them happye whiche endure. Ye haue hearde of the pacience of Iob, & haue knowen what ende the Lorde made. For the Lorde is verye pytyfull and mercyfull. 12 But about al thinges my brethren, sweare not, neyther by heauen, neyther by earth, neyther by anye other othe. Let your yea be yea and youre naye, naye: leaste ye falle into hypocrysye. 13 Yf any of you be euyll vexed, let hym praye. Yf anye of you be merye, let hym singe Psalmes. 14 Yf anye be deseased amonge you, let hym call for the elders of the congregacyon, and let them praye ouer him, and annoynte hym wyt oyle in the name of the Lord 15 and the prayer of fayth shall saue the sicke, & the Lorde shall rayse hym vp: and yf he haue commytted synnes, they shalbe forgeuen him. 16 Knoweledge youre fautes one to another; and praye one for another, that ye maye be healed. The prayer of a ryghtuous man auayleth muche yf it be feruente. 17 Helias was a man mortall, euen as we are, and he prayed in hys prayer, that it might not rayne: and it rayned not on the earth by the space of thre yeares & sixe monethes. 18 And he prayed againe, and the heauen gaue rayne, and the earthe broughte forth her frute. 19 Brethren yf anye of you erre from the trueth and an other conuerte hym, 20 let the same know that he which conuerted the synner from goyng astraye out of hys waye, shall saue a soule from death, and shall hyde the multytude of synnes.

Malachi 3:1-18

1 Beholde, I wil sende my messaunger, which shall prepare the way before me: & the Lord whome, ye woulde haue, shall sone come to hys temple, yea, euen the messenger of the couenaunt, whome ye longe for. Beholde he commeth, sayeth the Lord of hostes 2 But who may abyde the day of hys commyng? Who shalbe able to endure, when he appeareth? For he is lyke a goldsmythes fire and lyke a wasshers sope. 3 He shall syt hym doune to trye and to clense the syluer, he shall pourge the children of Leui, & puryfye them lyke as golde and syluer: that they may bring meatofferinges vnto the Lorde in righteousnes. 4 Then shal the offering of Iuda & Ierusalem be acceptable vnto the Lord, lyke as from the beginninge, and in the yeares, afore tyme. 5 I wil come and punish you, and I my selfe will be a swyf wytnes against the witches, agaynst the aduouterers, agaynste false swearers: yea, and agaynst those, that wrongeouslye kepe backe the hyrelinges dewtye: which vexe the widdowes and the fatherlesse and oppresse the straunger, and feare not me, sayeth the Lord of Hostes. 6 For I am the lord that chaunge not, and ye (O children of Iacob) wyll not leaue of: 7 ye are gone away from myne ordinaunces, and sens the time of your forefathers haue ye not kepte them. Turne you now vnto me, and I will turne me vnto you, sayeth the Lorde of hostes: ye saye: wherin shall we turne? 8 Shoulde a man vse falshede and disceyte with God as ye vse falshede and disceyte wyth me? Yet ye saye: wherin vse we disceyt wyth the? In Tithes & heaueofferinges. 9 Therfore are ye cursed with penury, because ye dissemble with me, all the sorte of you. 10 Bringe euerye Tithe into my barne, that there maye be meat in myne house: and proue me withall (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) yf I will not open the windowes of heauen vnto you, and poure you out a blessynge with plenteousnesse. 11 Yea, I shal reproue the consumer for youre sakes, so that he shall not eate vp the frute of youre grounde, neyther shall the vineyarde be baren in the felde, sayeth the Lord of hostes. 12 In so muche that all people shall saye, that ye be blessed, for ye shalbe a pleasaunt lande, sayeth the Lorde of hostes. 13 Ye speake harde wordes agaynst me, sayeth the Lorde. And yet ye saye: What haue we spoken agaynst the? 14 Ye haue sayed. Is it but lost labour, to serue God? What profyt haue we for keping his commaundementes, and for walkinge humbly before the Lorde of Hostes? 15 Therfore maye we saye, that the proude are happye, and that they whiche deale with the vngodlynesse, are sette vp: for they tempte God, and yet escape. 16 But they that feare God, saye thus one to another: the Lord consydereth and heareth it. Yea, it is before him a memoriall boke, wryten for such as feare the Lorde, & remembre his name. 17 And in the day that I will make (sayeth the Lord of hostes) they shalbe mine own possession: and I wil fauoure them, lyke as a man fauoureth his owne sonne, that doth him seruyce. 18 Turne you therfore, and consydre what difference is betwyxt the ryghteous & vngodly: betwyxt him that serueth God, and him that serueth him not.

Isaiah 62:6-10

6 I wyll set watchmen vpon thy walles (O Ierusalem) whiche shall neyther ceasse daye nor night to preache the Lorde. And ye also shal not kepe him close, 7 nor leaue to speake of him, vntill Ierusalem be set vp, & made the prayse of the worlde. 8 The Lorde hath sworne by his right hande, and by his strong arme, that from thence forthe he will not geue thy corne to be meate for thine enemies, nor thy wyne (wherin thou hast laboured) to be dryncke for the straungers. 9 But they that haue gathered in the corne shall eate it, and geue thanckes to the Lorde: and they that haue borne in the wyne, shal drincke it in in the court of my sanctuary. 10 Stande backe, and depart a sunder, ye that stand vnder the gate: make roume ye people, repayre the strete, and take awaye the stones, & set out a token for the people.

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