Bible verses about teeth | Coverdale

Bible verses about "teeth" | Coverdale

Psalms 3:7

7 Vp LORDE, and helpe me, o my God: for thou smytest all myne enemies vpon the cheke bones, and breakest the teth of the vngodly.

Psalms 37:12

12 The vngodly layeth wayte for the iust, & gna?sheth vpon him wt his tethe.

Psalms 35:16

16 With ye gredy & scornefull ypocrites, they gna?shed vpon me with theirteth.

Acts 7:54

54 Whan they herde this, it wente thorow ye hertes of the, and they gnasshed vpo him with their tethe.

Matthew 25:30

30 And cast the vnprofitable seruaunt in to vtter darcknes: there shalbe waylinge and gnasshinge of teth.

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