Bible verses about storm | Coverdale

Bible verses about "storm" | Coverdale

Romans 15:4

4 What so euer thinges are wrytte afore tyme, are wrytten for oure learnynge, that we thorow pacience and comforte off the scriptures, might haue hope.

Isaiah 45:1-25

1 Thus saieth the LORDE vnto Cirus his anoynted, whom he ledeth by ye right hode: that the people maye fall downe before him: I wil lowse the gyrdle of kinges, yt they shal open the gates before thy face, and not to shut their dores. 2 I wil go before the, and make the croked straight. I shal breake the brasen dores, & burst the yron barres. 3 I shall geue the the hyd treasure, & the thinge which is secretly kepte: that thou mayest knowe, yt I the God of Israel haue called the by thy name: 4 and that for Iacob my seruaunt sake, & for Israel my chosen. For I called the by yi name, and ordened the, or euer thou knewest me: 5 Euen I the LORDE, before whom there is none other, for wt out me there is no God I haue prepared the, or euer thou knewest me: 6 that it might be knowne from the risynge of the Sonne to the goinge downe of the same, that all is nothinge without me. For I am the LORDE, & there is els none. 7 It is I yt created the light and darcknes, I make peace and trouble: Yee euen I the LORDE do all these thinges. 8 The heauens aboue shal droppe downe, and the cloudes shal rayne rightuousnes. The earth shal open itself, and brynge forth health, and therby shal rightuousnes florish. Euen I the LORDE shal bringe it to passe. 9 Wo be vnto him that chydeth wt his maker, the potsherde with the potter. Saieth ye claye to the potter: What makest thou? or, yi worke serueth for nothige? 10 Wo be vnto him, yt saieth to his father: why begettest thou? And to his mother: why bearest thou? 11 Thus saieth the LORDE, euen the holy one & maker of Israel: Axe me of thinges for to come, concernynge my sonnes: and put me in remebraunce, as touchinge the workes of my hodes: 12 I haue made the earth, and created ma vpon it. With my hondes haue I spred forth heauen, and geuen a commaundment for all the hooste therof. 13 I shal wake him vp with rightuousnesse, and ordre all his wayes. He shal buylde my cite, & let out my prisoners: & that nether for gift nor rewardes, saieth the LORDE of hoostes. 14 The LORDE hath sayde morouer: The occupiers of Egipte, the marchauntes of the Moryans and Sabees, shal come vnto the with tribute, they shalbe thine, they shal folowe the, and go with cheynes vpon their fete. They shal fall downe before the, and make supplicacion vnto the. For God (wt out who there is none other God) shal be with the. 15 O how profounde art thou o God, thou God & Sauioure of Israel? 16 Confounded be ye, and put to dishonoure: go hence together with shame, all ye that be workmasters of erroure: (that is worshippers of Idols) 17 But Israel shalbe saued in the LORDE, which is the euerlastinge saluacio: They shal not come to shame ner confucion, worlde without ende. 18 For thus sayeth the LORDE: euen he that created heauen, the God yt made the earth, that fashioned it, and set it forth: I haue not made it for naught, but I made it to be enhabited: Euen I the LORDE, without whom there is none other. 19 I haue not spoken secretly, nether in darcke places of the earth. It is not for naught, that I sayde vnto the sede of Iacob: seke me. I am the LORDE, which whe I speake, declare the thinge that is rightuous and true. 20 Let the be gathered & come together, let the drawe nye hyther, yt are escaped of the people: Haue they eny vnderstondinge, that set vp the stockes of their Idols, and praye vnto a god, that ca not helpe the? 21 Let men drawe nye, let them come hither, ad aske councel one at another, and shewe forth: What is he, that tolde this before? or, who spake of it, euer sence the begynnynge? Haue not I ye LORDE done it: without whom there is none other God? the true God and sauioure, and there is els none but I? 22 And therfore turne you vnto me (all ye endes of the earth) so shal ye be saued, for I am God, & there is els none. 23 I sweare by myself: out of my mouth cometh ye worde of rightuousnesse, and that maye no man turne: but all knees shal bowe vnto me, and all tunges shal sweare by me, 24 sayenge: Verely in the LORDE is my rightuousnes and strength. To him shal me come: but all they that thinke scorne of him, shalbe confounded. 25 And the whole sede of Israel shalbe iustified, & praysed in ye LORDE

John 6:35

35 But Iesus sayde vnto the: I am yt bred of life. He that cometh vnto me, shal not huger: & he that beleueth on me, shal neuer thyrst.

John 10:1-42

1 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He yt entreth not in at the dore in to the shepefolde, but clymmeth vp some other waye, the same is a thefe & a murthurer. 2 But he that goeth in at the dore, is the shepherde of the shepe: 3 to him ye porter openeth, and the shepe heare his voyce, and he calleth his awne shepe by name, and ledeth them out. 4 And whan he hath sent forth his awne shepe, he goeth before them, and the shepe folowe him: for they knowe his voyce. 5 As for a straunger, they folowe him not, but flye from him: for they knowe not the voyce of straungers. 6 This prouerbe spake Iesus vnto them, but they vnderstode not what it was, that he sayde vnto them. 7 Then sayde Iesus vnto them agayne: Verely verely I saye vnto you: I am the dore of the shepe. 8 All they that are come before me, are theues and murthures. But ye shepe harkened not vnto them. 9 I am the dore. Yf eny man entre in by me, he shalbe saued, and shal go in and out, and fynde pasture, 10 A thefe cometh not, but for to steale, kyll, and destroye. I am come, yt they might haue life, and haue it more abundauntly. 11 I am a good shepherde. A good shepherde geueth his life for the shepe. 12 But an hyred seruaunt, which is not the shepherde, nether the shepe are his awne, seyth ye wolfe comynge, and leaueth ye shepe, and flyeth. And the wolfe catcheth & scatereth ye shepe. 13 But the hyred seruaut flyeth, because he is an hyred seruaunte, and careth not for the shepe. 14 I am a good sheperde, and knowe myne, and am knowne of myne. 15 Eue as my father knoweth me, and I knowe ye father. And I geue my life for my shepe. 16 And I haue yet other shepe, which are not of this folde, and those same must I brynge also, and they shal heare my voyce, and there shalbe one flocke and one shepherde. 17 Therfore doth my father loue me, because I leaue my life, that I maye take it agayue. 18 Noma taketh it fro me, but I leaue it of myself. I haue power to leaue it, and haue power to take it agayne. This commaundement haue I receaued of my father. 19 Then was there discension amoge the Iewes for these sayenges. 20 Many of the sayde: He hath the deuell, and is madd, why heare ye him? 21 Other sayde: These are not wordes of one that is possessed. Can the deuell also open ye eyes of the blynde? 22 It was the dedicacion of the teple at Ierusale, & was wynter, 23 and Iesus walked in Salomos porche. 24 The came ye Iewes rounde aboute hi, & saide vnto hi: How loge dost thou make vs doute? Yf thou be Christ, tell vs planely. 25 Iesus answered the: I tolde you, & ye beleue not. The workes yt I do in my fathers name, they beare wytnesse of me. 26 But ye beleue not, because ye are not of my shepe as I sayde vnto you. 27 My shepe heare my voyce, & I knowe the, & they folowe me. 28 And I geue the euerlastinge life, & they shal neuer perishe, and noma shal plucke the out of my hande. 29 My father which gaue the me, is greater the all: & noman is able to plucke them out of my fathers hande. 30 I and the father are one. 31 Then the Iewes toke vp stones agayne, to stone him. 32 Iesus answered the: Many good workes haue I shewed you fro my father, for which of the stone ye me? 33 The Iewes answered hi, and sayde: For the good worke sake we stone the not, but for the blasphemy: and because yt thou beynge a man, makest thyself God. 34 Iesus answered the: Is it not wrytten in youre lawe: I haue sayde, Ye are Goddes? 35 Yf he call them Goddes, vnto whom the worde of God came (& the scripture can not be broke) 36 saye ye the vnto hi, who ye father hath sanctified & sent in to ye worlde: thou blasphemest God, because I sayde: I am ye sonne of God? 37 Yf I do not ye workes of my father, beleue me not: 38 but yf I do the, the (yf ye beleue not me) yet beleue ye workes, yt ye maye knowe & beleue, yt the father is in me, & I in ye father. 39 They wente aboute agayne to take him, but he escaped out of their hades, 40 and wete awaye agayne beyode Iordane, into ye place where Iho had baptysed before, & there he abode. 41 And many came to hi, and sayde: Iho dyd no tokes, but all yt Ihon spake of this man, is true. 42 And many beleued on him there.

Isaiah 25:4

4 For thou art the poore mans helpe, a stregth for the neadful in his necessite. Thou art a defence agaynst euel wether, a schadowe agaynst the hete. But vnto the presumptuous, thou art like a stroge whyrle wynde, that casteth downe

Luke 8:23-25

23 And as they sayled, he slepte. And there came a storme of wynde vpon ye lake, and the wawes fell vpon the, and they stode in greate ioperdy. 24 Then wete they vnto him, and waked him vp, & sayde: Master master, we perishe. Then he arose, and rebuked the wynde, and the tepest of water, and they ceassed, and it waxed calme. 25 But he sayde vnto the: Where is youre faith? Neuertheles they were afrayed, and wodred, and sayde one to another: What is he this? For he comaundeth the wyndes and the water, and they are obedient vnto him.

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