Bible verses about russia | Coverdale

Bible verses about "russia" | Coverdale

Revelation 19:1-21

1 And after that, I herde the voyce of moch people in heauen, sayenge: Alleluia. Saluacion and glory and honour, and power be ascribed to the LORDE or God, 2 for true and righteous are his iudgmentes, because he hath iudged the greate whore (which did corrupt ye earth with her fornicacion) and hath auenged the bloud of his seruautes of her hond. 3 And agayne they sayde: Alleluia. And smoke rose vp for euermore. 4 And ye xxiiij: elders, & the foure beestes fell downe, and worshipped God that sat on the seate, sayenge: Amen: Alleluia. 5 And a voice came out of the seate, sayenge: prayse or LORDE God all ye that are his seruautes, & ye that feare him both small and greate. 6 And I herde the voyce of moch people, eue as ye voyce of many waters, & as ye voyce of stronge thondrynges, sayenge: Alleluia, for God omnipotent raigneth. 7 Let vs be glad and reioyce, and geue honour to him: for the mariage of the labe is come, and his wife made her selfe ready. 8 And to her was graunted, that she shulde be arayed with pure and goodly sylke. (As for the sylke, it is the rightewesnes of sayntes.) 9 And he sayde vnto me: Blessed are they which are called vnto the Lambes supper. And he sayde vnto me: these are the true sayenges of God. 10 And I fell at his fete, to worshippe him. And he sayde vnto me: Se thou do it not. For I am thy felowe seruaunt, and one of thy brethren, and of them that haue the testimony of Iesus. Worshippe God. For the testimony of Iesus is ye sprete of prophesy. 11 And I sawe heaue open, & beholde, a whyte horsse and he yt sat vpon him, was called faithfull and true, & in rightewesnes dyd iudge and make battayle. 12 His eyes were as a flame of fyre, and on his heade were many crounes: & he had a name wrytten, that noman knewe but him selfe. 13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipt in bloude, and his name is called, ye worde of God. 14 And ye warriers which were in heauen, folowed him vpon whyte horsses, clothed with whyte and pure sylke 15 and out of his mouthe wente a sharppe swerde, that with it he shulde smyte the Heithen: And he shall rule them with a rodde of yron, and he trode the wynefatte of the fearcenesse and wrath of allmightye God. 16 And hath on his vesture and on his thyghe a name wrytten: Kynge of all kinges, and LORDE of all lordes. 17 And I sawe an angell stonde in the Sonne, and he cryed with a lowde voyce, sayenge to all the fowles that flye by the myddes vnder the heauen: Come and gaddre youre selues togedder vnto the supper of the gret God, 18 that ye maye eate the flesshe of kynges, and of hye captaynes, and the flesshe of mighty men, and the flesshe of horsses, and of the that syt on them, and the flesshe of all free men and bond men, both of small and greate. 19 And I sawe the beeste and the kynges of ye earth, and their warriers gadred togedder, to make battayle agaynste him that sat vpon the horsse, and agaynst his sowdiers. 20 And the beeste was taken, and with him that false prophet that wrought myracles before him, with which he disceaued them that receaued the beestes marke, and them that worsshipped his ymage. These both were cast in to a ponde of fyre burnynge wt brymstone: 21 and the remnaunte were slayne with the swearde of him that sat vpon the horsse, which swearde proceded out of his mouth, and all the foules were filled with their flesshe.

Ezekiel 38:1-23

1 And the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 2 Thou sonne of man, turne thy face towarde Gog in the londe of Magog, which is the chefe prynce at Mesech and Tubal: prophecy agaynst him, 3 and saye: Thus saieth the LORDE God: O Gog thou chefe prynce of Mesech and Tubal: beholde, I wil vpon the, 4 and wil turne the aboute, and put a bytt in thy chawes: I wil bringe the forth and all thine hoost, both horse & horsmen, which be all weapened of the best fashion: a greate people, that handle altogether speares, shyldes, and swerdes: 5 the Perses, Moryans and with them the Lybians, which all beare shyldes and helmettes: 6 Gomer, and all his hoostes: the house of Thogorma out of the north quarters, and all his hoostes, yee and moch people with the. 7 Therfore prepare the, set thy self in araye with all thy people, that are come vnto the by heapes, and be thou their defence. 8 After many dayes thou shalt be visited, and in the latter yeares thou shalt come in to the lode, that hath bene destroyed with the swearde, & now is replenished agayne wt dyuerse people vpon the mountaynes of Israel, which haue loge lyen waist. Yee they be brought out of the nacions, & dwell all safe. 9 Thou shalt come vp like a stormy wether, to couer the lode, and as it were a darcke cloude: thou with all thine hoostes, and a greate multitude of people with the. 10 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE God: At the same tyme shal many thinges come in to thy mynde, so that thou shalt ymagyn myschefe, 11 and saye: I wil vp to yonder playne londe, seinge they syt at ease, and dwell so safely (for they dwell all without eny walles, they haue nether barres nor dores) 12 to spoyle them, to robbe the, to laye honde vpon their so wel inhabited wildernesses: agaynst that people, yt is gathered together from amonge the Heithe, which haue gotten catell and good, and dwell in the myddest of the londe. 13 Then shal Saba and Dedan and the marchauntes of Tharsis wt all their Worthies, saye vnto the: Art thou come to robbe? Hast thou gathered thy people together, because thou wilt spoyle? to take syluer and golde: to cary awaye catell and good: and to haue a greate pray? 14 Therfore, o thou sonne of man, thou shalt prophecie, and saye vnto Gog: Thus saieth the LORDE God: In that daye thou shalt knowe, that my people of Israel dwelleth safe: 15 and shalt come from thy place, out of the north partes: thou and moch people wt the, which ryde vpon horses, wherof there is a greate multitude and an innumerable sorte. 16 Yee thou shalt come vpon my people of Israel, as a cloude to couer the lode. This shal come to passe in the latter dayes: I wil bringe the vp in to my londe, that the Heithen maye knowe me, when I get me honoure vpon the (o Gog) before their eyes. 17 Thus saieth the LORDE God: Thou art he, of whom I haue spoken aforetyme, by my seruauntes ye prophetes of Israel, which prophecied in those dayes & yeares, that I shulde bringe the vpon them. 18 At the same tyme, when Gog commeth vp in to the londe of Israel (saieth the LORDE God) shal my indignacio go forth in my wrath. 19 For in my gelousy and hote displeasure I haue deuysed, that there shalbe a greate trouble in the londe of Israel at that tyme. 20 The very fy?shes in the see, the foules of the ayre, the beestes of the felde, and all the men yt are vpon the earth, shal tremble for feare of me. The hilles also shalbe turned vpsidedowne, the stayres of stone shal fall, and all walles shal syncke to the grounde. 21 I wil call for a swearde vpon them in all my mountaynes, saieth the LORDE God: so that euery mans swearde shal be vpon another. 22 With pestilece and bloude wil I punysh him: stormy rayne and hale stones, fyre and brymstone, wil I cause to rayne vpon him and all his heape, yee and vpon all that greate people that is with him. 23 Thus wil I be magnified, honoured, and knowne amonge the Heithen: that they maye be sure, how yt I am ye LORDE.

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