Bible verses about restoration | Coverdale

Bible verses about "restoration" | Coverdale

Jeremiah 29:11-14

11 For I knowe, what I haue deuysed for you, saieth the LORDE. My thoughtes are to geue you peace, & not trouble (which I geue you all redie) & that ye might haue hope agayne. 12 Ye shall crie vnto me, ye shal go & call vpo me, & I shal heare you. 13 Ye shal seke me, & fynde me: Yee, yf so be that ye seke me with youre whole herte, 14 I will be founde of you (saieth the LORDE) and will delyuer you out of preson, & gather you together agayne out of all places, where in I haue scatred you, saieth the LORDE: and wil bringe you agayne to the same place, from whence I caused you be caried awaye captyue.

Malachi 2:16

16 Yf thou hatest her, put her awaye, sayeth the LORDE God of Israel and geue her a clothinge for the scorne, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes. Loke well then to youre sprete, and despyse her not.

Luke 7:15

15 And the deed sat vp, and beganne to speake. And he delyuered him vnto his mother.

1 Corinthians 15:22

22 For as they all dye in Adam, so shal they all be made alyue in Christ,

Titus 2:11

11 For the grace of God that bryngeth Saluacion vnto all men, hath appeared,

Revelation 3:20

20 Beholde, I stonde at the doore & knocke. Yf eny man heare my voyce and vpen the dore, I wil come in vnto him and will suppe with him, & he with me.

Deuteronomy 30:1-10

1 Now whan all this commeth vpon the, whether it be the blessinge or ye curse which I haue layed before the, and thou goest in to thine hert, beynge amoge the Heithen, whither the LORDE thy God hath thrust the, 2 and thou turnest vnto the LORDE yi God, so that thou herkenest vnto his voyce, thou and thy children with all yi hert and with all thy soule, in all that I commaunde the this daye, 3 then shal the LORDE thy God turne thy captiuyte, and haue compassion vpon the, and shal gather thy congregacion agayne from amonge all the nacions, whither the LORDE thy God hath scatered the. 4 And though thou werest thrust out vnto the vttemost partes of the heauen, yet shall the LORDE thy God gather the from thence, and from thece shal he fetch the, 5 and shal brynge the in to the londe, which thy fathers haue possessed, and thou shalt enioye it, and he shal do the good, and multiplye the aboue thy fathers. 6 And the LORDE thy God shall circumcyse thine hert, and the hert of thy sede, that thou mayest loue the LORDE yi God with all thy hert and with all yi soule, that thou mayest lyue. 7 But all these curses shall the LORDE thy God laye vpon thine enemyes, and vpon them that hate the and persecute the. 8 But thou shalt turne, and herken vnto the voyce of the LORDE, to do all his commaundementes, which I commaunde the this daye. 9 And the LORDE thy God shal make the plenteous in all the workes of thine hades, in the frute of thy body, in the frute of thy catell, in the frute of thy londe to good. For the LORDE shall turne, to reioyse ouer the to good, as he reioysed ouer thy fathers, 10 so that thou herken vnto the voyce of the LORDE thy God (to kepe his commaundementes and ordinaunces, which are wrytten in the boke of this lawe) and turne vnto the LORDE thy God with all thy hert and with all thy soule.

Ruth 4:15

15 he shal restore thy life agayne, and prouyde for thine age. For yi sonnes wife which hath loued the, hath borne him that is better vnto the, then seuen sonnes.

Jeremiah 17:14

14 Heale me (o LORDE) and I shall be whole: saue thou me, and I shalbe saued, for thou art my prayse.

Isaiah 40:31

31 But vnto them that haue the LORDE before their eyes, shal strength be encreased, Aegles wynges shal growe vpon them: When they runne, they shal not fall: and when they go, they shal not be weery.

Isaiah 60:10-22

10 Straugers shal buylde vp thy walles, and their kiges shal do the seruyce. For when I am angrie, I smyte the: and when it pleaseth me, I pardon the. 11 Thy gates shal stonde open still both daye and night, and neuer be shut: that the hooste of the Gentiles maye come, and that their kinges maye be brought vnto the. 12 For euery people & kingdome that serueth not the, shal perish, and be distroyed wt the swerde. 13 The glory of libanus shal come vnto the: The Fyrre trees, Boxes & Cedres together, to garnish the place of my Sanctuary, for I wil glorifie the place of my fete. 14 Morouer those shal come knelinge vnto the, yt haue vexed the: & all they that despised ye, shal fall downe at yi fote. Thou shalt be called the cite of the LORDE, the holy Sion of Israel. 15 Because thou hast bene forsake and hated, so that noman went thorow the: I wil make the glorious for euer and euer, ad ioyful thorow out all posterities. 16 Thou shalt sucke the mylck of the Gentiles, and kinges brestes shal fede the. And thou shalt knowe that I the LORDE am thy Sauioure and defender, the mighty one of Iacob. 17 For brasse wil I geue the golde, and for yron syluer, for wod brasse, and for stones yron. I wil make peace thy ruler, and rightuousnes thyne officer. 18 Violence and robbery shal neuer be herde of in thy londe, nether harme and destruction with in thy borders. Thy walles shalbe called health, & thy gates the prayse of God 19 The Sonne shal neuer by thy daye light, ad the light of the Moone shal neuer shyne vnto the: but ye LORDE himself shalbe thy euerlastinge light, & thy God shalbe thy glory. 20 The Sonne shal neuer go downe, & thy Moone shal not be taken awaye, for the LORDE himself shalbe thy euerlastinge light, ad thy sorouful dayes shal be rewarded ye. 21 Thy people shalbe all godly, & possesse the londe for euer: the floure of my plantinge, the worke of my hondes, wherof I wil reioyce. 22 The yongest & leest shal growe in to a thousande, & the symplest in to a stronge people. I the LORDE shal shortly bringe this thinge to passe in his tyme.

Ezekiel 37:1-10

1 The honde of the LORDE came vpon me, & caried me out in the sprete of the LORDE, & let me downe in a playne felde, that laye full of bones, 2 & he led me rounde aboute by them: & beholde, the bones that laye vpon the felde, were very many, & maruelous drye also. 3 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man: thinkest thou these bones maye lyue agayne? I answered: O LORDE God, thou knowest. 4 And he sayde vnto me: Prophecy thou vpon these bones, & speake vnto them: Ye drye bones, heare the worde of the LORDE. 5 Thus saieth the LORDE God vnto these bones: Beholde, I will put breth in to you, that ye maye lyue: 6 I wil geue you synowes, & make flesh growe vpon you, & couer you ouer with skynne: & so geue you breth, that ye maye lyue, and knowe, that I am the LORDE. 7 So I prophecied, as he had comaunded me. And as I was prophecienge, there came a noyse and a greate mocion, so that the bones ranne euery one to another. 8 Now whe I had loked, beholde, they had synowes, and flesh grewe vpon them: and aboue they were couered with skynne, but there was no breth in them. 9 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, prophecie thou towarde the wynde: prophecy, and speake to the wynde: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Come (o thou ayre) from the foure wyndes, & blowe vpon these slayne, that they maye be restored to life. 10 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me: Then came the breth tnto them, and they receaued life, and stode vp vpon their fete, a maruelous greate sorte.

Luke 19:1-10

1 And he entred in, and wente thorow Iericho: 2 & beholde, there was a man named Zacheus, which was a ruler of the publicans, and was riche, 3 and desyred to se Iesus what he shulde be, and he coulde not for the people, for he was lowe of stature. 4 And he ranne before, and clymmed vp in to a wylde fygge tre, that he might se him: for he shulde come yt waye. 5 And whan Iesus came to the same place, he loked vp, and sawe him, and sayde vnto him: Zache, come downe haistely, for todaye must I turne in to thy house. 6 And he came downe hastely, and receaued him with ioye. 7 Whan they sawe that, they murmured all, and sayde, yt he was gone in, to a synner. 8 But Zacheus stode forth, and sayde vnto the LORDE: Beholde LORDE, the half of my goodes geue I to the poore: and yf I haue defrauded eny man, I restore him foure folde. 9 Iesus sayde vnto him: This daye is health happened vnto this house, for so moch as he also is Abrahams sonne. 10 For the sonne of ma is come, to seke and to saue that which was lost.

Mark 8:25

25 After this he layed his handes vpon his eyes ageyne, and made him to se. And he was brought to right againe, and sawe all clearly.

1 Corinthians 7:10-11

10 But vnto them that are maried, commaunde not I, but the LORDE, that the wife separate not her selfe from the hussbande: 11 but yf she separate her selfe, yt she remayne vnmaried, or be reconcyled to hir hussbande: and let not the hussbande put awaye his wife from him.

1 Peter 5:10

10 But ye God of all grace, which hath called you to his euerlastinge glory in Christ Iesu, shal his owne selfe make you perfecte, which suffre a litle season: eue he shal settle, strength, and stablish you.

Psalms 121:1-8

1 I lift vp myne eyes vnto the hilles, fro whence commeth my helpe? 2 My helpe cometh euen from the LORDE, which hath made heauen and earth. 3 He will not suffre thy fote to be moued, and he yt kepeth the, slepeth not. 4 Beholde, he that kepeth Israel, doth nether slombre ner slepe. 5 The LORDE himself is thy keper, the LORDE is thy defence vpon yi right honde. 6 So that the Sonne shal not burne the by daye, nether the Moone by night. 7 The LORDE preserueth the from all euell, yee it is the LORDE thath kepeth thy soule. 8 The LORDE preserueth thy goinge out and thy comynge in, from this tyme forth for euermore.

Matthew 11:28

28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden, and I wil ease you.

John 3:16

16 For God so loued the worlde, that he gaue his onely sonne, that who so euer beleueth in hi, shulde not perishe, but haue euerlastinge life.

Acts 2:38

38 Peter sayde onto them: Amede youre selues, and let euery one of you be baptysed in the name of Iesus Christ, for the remyssion of synnes, and ye shal receaue the gifte of the holy goost.

2 Corinthians 5:17

17 Therfore yf eny man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Olde thinges are past awaye, beholde, all are become new.

Joshua 1:9

9 Lo, I haue commaunded the to be stronge and bolde. Feare not, and be not afrayed: for the LORDE thy God is with ye, whither so euer thou goest.

Isaiah 49:13-23

13 Reioyse ye heauens, and synge prayses thou earth: Talke of ioye ye hilles, for God wil coforte his people, & haue mercy vpon his, yt be in trouble. 14 Then shal Sion saye: God hath forsaken me, and the LORDE hath forgotte me. 15 Doth a wife forget the childe of hir wombe, ad the sonne who she hath borne? And though she do forget, yet wil not I forget the. 16 Beholde, I haue written the vp vpon my hondes, thy walles are euer in my sight. 17 They that haue broken the downe, shal make haist to buylde the vp agayne: and they that made the waist, shal dwell in the. 18 Lift vp thine eyes, and loke aboute the: all these shal gather them together, and come to the. As truly as I lyue (saieth the LORDE) thou shalt put them all vpo the, as an apparell, and gyrde the to the, as a bryde doth hir Iewels. 19 As for thy londe that lieth desolate, waisted & destroyed: it shalbe to narow for the, that shal dwell in it. And they yt wolde deuoure the, shalbe farre awaye. 20 Then the childe who ye bare shall bringe forth vnto ye, shal saye in thine eare: this place is to narow, syt nye together, yt I maye haue rowme. 21 Then shalt thou thinke by thy self: Who hath begotte me these? seinge I am bare & aloe, a captyue & an outcast? And who hath norished the vp for me? I am desolate & alone, but fro whece come these? 22 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, I will stretch out myne honde to the Gentiles, and set vp my token to the people. They shal bringe the thy sonnes in their lappes, & carie thy doughters vnto ye vpon their shulders. 23 For kinges shalbe thy noursinge fathers, and Quenes shalbe thy noursinge mothers. They shal fall before the wt their faces flat vpon the earth, and lick vp the dust of thy fete: that thou mayest knowe, how that I am the LORDE. And who so putteth his trust in me, shal not be confounded.

Matthew 18:19

19 Agayne, I saye vnto you: Yf two of you shal agree vpon earth (for what thinge soeuer it be yt they wolde desyre) they shal haue it of my father which is in heaue.

Matthew 24:36

36 Neuertheles of that daye & houre knoweth no man, no not the angels of heauen, but my father onely.

Luke 4:18

18 The sprete of the LORDE is with me, because he hath anoynted me: to preach the Gospell vnto ye poore hath he sent me: to heale the broken harted: to preach delyuerauce to the captyue, and sight to the blynde: and frely to set at liberty them that are brused:

Psalms 103:1-5

1 Prayse the LORDE (o my soule) & all that is within me prayse his holy name. 2 Prayse the LORDE o my soule, & forget not all his benefites. 3 Which forgeueth all thy synnes, and healeth all thy infirmities. 4 Which saueth thy life from destruccion, and crowneth the with mercy & louynge kyndnesse. 5 Which satisfieth thy desyre with good thinges, makynge the yonge and lusty as an Aegle.

Isaiah 2:1-22

1 Morouer this is the worde that was opened vnto Esaye the sonne of Amos, vpon Iuda and Ierusalem. 2 It will be also in processe of tyme: That the hill where the the house of the LORDE is buylded, shal be ye chefe amoge hilles, and exalted aboue al litle hilles. And al heithe shal prease vnto him and the multitude of people shall go vnto him, 3 speakinge thus one to another: vp, let us go to the hill of the LORDE, and to the house of ye God of Iacob: yt he maye shewe us his waye, and yt we maye walke in his pathes. For ye lawe shal come out of Syon, and the worde of God from Ierusalem, 4 and shal geue sentence amonge the heithen, and shal reforme the multitude of people: So that they shal breake their swerdes and speares, to make sythes, sycles & sawes therof. From that tyme forth shal not one people lift vp wapen agaynst another, nether shal they lerne to fight from thensforth. 5 It is to the that I crie (o house of Iacob) vp, let us walke in the light of the LORDE. 6 But thou art scatred abrode with thy people (o house of Iacob) for ye go farre beyonde yor fathers, whether it be in Sorcerers) whom ye haue as the phylistynes had) or in calkers of mens byrthes, wherof ye haue to many. 7 As soone as youre londe was ful of syluer and golde, and no ende of youre treasure: so soone as youre londe was ful of stronge horses and no ende of youre charettes: 8 Inmediatly was it ful of Idols also, euen workes of youre owne hondes, which ye youre selues haue facioned, and youre fyngers haue made. 9 There kneleth the man, there falleth the man downe before them, so yt thou canst not bringe him awaye from thence. 10 And therfore get ye soone in to some rock, vnd hyde the in the grounde from the sight of the fearful iudge, and from ye glory of his Magestie. 11 Which casteth downe ye high lokes of presumptuous personnes, and bryngeth lowe the pryde of ma, and he only shall be exalted in ye daye. 12 For the daye of ye LORDE of hostes shal go ouer all pryde & presumpcio, vpon all the that exalte the selues, and shal bringe them all downe? 13 vpo all high & stoute Cedre trees of Libanus, and vpon all the okes of Basan, 14 vpon all high hilles, and vpon all stoute mountaynes, 15 vpon all costly towres, and vpon all stronge walles, 16 vpon all shippes of the see, and vpon euery thinge yt is glorious and pleasaunt to loke vpon. 17 And it shall bringe downe the pryde of man, and laye mans presumptuousnesse full lowe, and the LORDE shal only haue the victory in that daye. 18 But the Idols shal utterly be roted out. 19 Men shal crepe in to holes of stone, and in to caues of the earth, from the sight of the fearfull iudge, and from the glory of his magesty: what tyme as he shal make him vp to shake the earth. 20 Then, the shal ma cast awaye his goddes of syluer and golde (which he neuertheles had made to honoure the) vnto Molles and Backes: 21 that he maye the better crepe in to the caues and rockes, and in to the cliffes of hard stones, from ye sight of the fearful iudge and from the glory of his Magesty. 22 Every man can eschue a persone moued in anger, for what doth he wysely?

Jeremiah 32:27

27 Beholde, I am the LORDE God of all flesh, Is there eny thinge then to harde for me?

Luke 16:19-31

19 There was a certayne riche man, which clothed him self with purple and costly lynnen, and fared deliciously euery daye. 20 And there was a poore man named Lazarus which laye at his gate full of sores, 21 and desyred to be fylled with the crommes, that fell from the riche mans table. Yet came the dogges, and licked his sores. 22 But it fortuned, that the poore man dyed, and was caried of the angels in to Abrahams bosome. The riche man dyed also, and was buried. 23 Now whan he was in the hell, he lift vp his eyes in the payne, and sawe Abraham afarre of, and Lazarus in his bosome: 24 and he cried, and sayde: Father Abraham, haue mercy vpon me, and sende Lazarus, that he maye dyppe the typpe of his fynger in water, & coole my tonge, for I am tormeted in this flame. 25 But Abraha saide: Remebre sonne, yt thou hast receaued good in yi life, & contrary wyse Lazarus receaued euell. But now is he comforted, and thou art tormented. 26 And beside all this, there is a greate space set betwene vs and you: so yt they which wolde go downe from hence vnto you, cannot: nether maye they passe ouer from thence vnto vs. 27 Then sayde he: I pray the then father, that thou wilt sende him vnto my fathers house, 28 for I haue yet fyue brethren, that he maye warne them, lest they also come in to this place of torment. 29 Abraham sayde vnto him: They haue Moses and the prophetes, let them heare them. 30 But he sayde: Nay father Abraham, but yf one wente vnto them fro the deed, they wolde do pennaunce. 31 Neuertheles he sayde vnto him: Yf they heare not Moses & the prophetes, then shal they not beleue also, though one rose agayne fro the deed.

John 5:24

24 Verely verely I saye vnto you: Who so heareth my worde, and beleueth him that sent me, hath euerlastinge life, and cometh not in to damnacion, but is passed thorow from death vnto life.

Psalms 51:1-19

1 Haue mercy vpon me (o God) after thy goodnes, & acordinge vnto thy greate mercies, do awaye myne offences. 2 Wash me well fro my wickednesse, & clense me fro my synne. 3 For I knowlege my fautes, and my synne is euer before me. 4 Agaynst the only, agaynst the haue I synned, and done euell in thy sight: that thou mightest be iustified in thy saynges, and shuldest ouercome when thou art iudged. 5 Beholde, I was borne in wickednesse, and in synne hath my mother conceaued me. 6 But lo, thou hast a pleasure in the treuth, and hast shewed me secrete wy?dome. 7 O reconcile me with Isope, and I shal be clene: wash thou me, and I shalbe whyter then snowe. 8 Oh let me heare of ioye and gladnesse, that the bones which thou hast broken, maye reioyse. 9 Turne thy face fro my synnes, and put out all my my?dedes. 10 Make me a clene hert (o God) and renue a right sprete within me. 11 Cast me not awaie from thy presence, and take not thy holy sprete fro me. 12 O geue me the comforte of thy helpe agayne, and stablish me with thy fre sprete. 13 Then shal I teach thy wayes vnto the wicked, that synners maye be conuerted vnto the. 14 Delyuer me from bloudegyltynesse o God, thou that art the God of my health, that my tonge maye prayse thy rightuousnesse. 15 Open my lippes (O LORDE) that my mouth maye shewe thy prayse. 16 For yf thou haddest pleasure in sacrifice, I wolde geue it the: but thou delytest not in burntofferynges. 17 The sacrifice of God is a troubled sprete, a broken and a cotrite hert (o God) shalt thou not despise. 18 O be fauorable and gracious vnto Sion, that the walles of Ierusalem maye be buylded. 19 For then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifice of rightuousnesse, with the burntofferynges and oblacions: then shal they laye bullockes vpon thine aulter.

Psalms 51:7

7 O reconcile me with Isope, and I shal be clene: wash thou me, and I shalbe whyter then snowe.

Psalms 23:1-6

1 The LORDE is my shepherde, I can wante nothinge. 2 He fedeth me in a grene pasture, ad ledeth me to a fresh water. 3 He quickeneth my soule, & bringeth me forth in the waye of rightuousnes for his names sake. 4 Though I shulde walke now in the valley of the shadowe of death, yet I feare no euell, for thou art with me: thy staffe & thy shepehoke coforte me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me agaynst mine enemies: thou anoyntest my heade with oyle, & fyllest my cuppe full. 6 Oh let thy louynge kyndnes & mercy folowe me all the dayes off my life, that I maye dwell in the house off the LORDE for euer.

Acts 3:21

21 which must receaue heauen vntyll the tyme that all thinges, which God hath spoken by the mouth of his holy prophetes sence ye worlde beganne, be restored agayne.

Proverbs 6:30-31

30 Men do not vtterly despyse a thefe, that stealeth to satisfie his soule, when he is hongerie: 31 but yf he maye be gotten, he restoreth agayne seuen tymes asmoch, or els he maketh recompence with all the good of his house.

Joel 2:22-26

22 Be not ye afrayed nether (o ye beastes of the felde) for the pastures shal be grene, and the trees shal beare their frute: the fygetrees & vinyardes shal geue their increase. 23 Be glad then (o ye children of Sion) and reioyse in the LORDE youre God, for he hath geuen you the teacher of rightuousnes: & he it is yt shal sende you downe shuwers of rayne, early and late in the first moneth: 24 so that ye garners shal be full of corne, and the presses plenteous in wyne and oyle. 25 And as for the yeares that ye gre?shopper, locuste, blasstinge & caterpiller (my greate hoost, which I sent amonge you) haue eaten vp, I shal restore them to you agayne: 26 so that ye shal haue ynough to eate, and be satisfied: and prayse the name of the LORDE youre God, that so maruelously hath dealte with you. And my people shall neuer be confounded eny more:

Psalms 71:20-21

20 Therfore wil I prayse the & thy faithfulnesse (o God) playege vpon the lute, vnto the wil I synge vpon the harpe. o thou holy one of Israel. 21 My lippes wolde fayne synge prayses vnto the:

Romans 15:13

13 The God off hope fyll you wt all ioye and peace in beleuynge, yt ye maye be plenteous in hope thorow ye power of the holy goost.

John 10:10

10 A thefe cometh not, but for to steale, kyll, and destroye. I am come, yt they might haue life, and haue it more abundauntly.

Isaiah 55:1

1 Come to the waters all ye, yt be thurstie, & ye that haue no moneye. Come, bye, that ye maye haue to eate. Come, bye wyne & mylck, without eny money, or moneye worth,

Hosea 6:1

1 In their aduersite they shall seke me, and saye: come, let vs turne agayne to the LORDE: for he hath smytten vs, and he shal heale vs:

Jeremiah 30:1-24

1 These are the wordes, that the LORDE shewed vnto Ieremy, saienge: 2 Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: Wryte vp diligently all the wordes, that I haue spoken vnto the, in a boke 3 For lo, the tyme commeth (saieth the LORDE) that I will bringe agayne the presoners of my people of Israel and Iuda, saieth the LORDE: For I will restore them vnto the londe, that I gaue to their fathers, and they shall haue it in possession. 4 Agayne, these wordes spake the LORDE, cocernynge Israel and Iuda: 5 Thus saieth the LORDE: We heare a terrible crie, feare and disquietnesse. 6 For what els doth this signifie, that I se? Namely, that all stronge men smyte, euery man his honde vpon his loynes, as a woman in the payne of hir trauayle. Who euer sawe a man trauayle with childe? Enquere therafter, & se. Yee all their faces are maruelous pale. 7 Alas for this daye, which is so dredefull, that none maye be lickened vnto it: and alas for the tyme of Iacobs trouble, from the which he shall yet be delyuered. 8 For in that daye, saieth the LORDE, I will take his yock from of thy neck, & breake thy bondes. They shall nomore serue straunge goddes vnder him, 9 but they shall do seruyce vnto God their LORDE, and to Dauid their kinge, whom I will rayse vp vnto them. 10 And as for the, o my seruaunt Iacob, feare not (saieth ye LORDE) and be not afrayed, o Israel. For lo, I will helpe the also from farre, & thy sede from the londe of their captiuyte. And Iacob shall turne agayne, he shalbe in rest, and haue a prosperous life, and no man shall make him afrayed. 11 For I am with the, to helpe the, saieth the LORDE. And though I shal destroye all the people, amonge whom I haue scatred the, yet will I not destroye the, but correcke the, and that with discrecion. For I knowe, that thou art in no wise without faute. 12 Therfore thus saieth ye LORDE: I am sory for thy hurte and woundes. 13 There is no man to medle with thy cause, or to bynde vp thy woundes: there maye no man helpe the. 14 All thy louers haue forgotten the, and care nothinge for the. For I haue geuen the a cruell stroke, and chastened the roughly: and that for the multitude of thy my?dedes, for thy synnes haue had the ouer hande. 15 Why makest thou mone for thy harme? I my self haue pite of thy sorowe, but for the multitude of thy my?dedes and synnes, I haue done this vnto the. 16 And therfore all they that deuoure the, shalbe deuoured, and all thine enemies shalbe led in to captiuyte. All they that make the waist, shalbe waisted them selues: and all those that robbe the, will I make also to be robbed. 17 For I will geue the thy health agayne, and make thy woundes whole, saieth the LORDE: because they reuyled the, as one cast awaye and despised, o Sion. 18 For thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I will set vp Iacobs tentes agayne, and defende his dwellinge place. The cite shalbe buylded in hir olde estate, and the houses shal haue their right foundacion. 19 And out of them shall go thankesgeuynge, and the voyce of ioye. I will multiplie them, and they shall not mynishe: I shall endue them with honoure, and no man shall subdue them. 20 Their children shalbe as afore tyme, and their congregacion shal cotinue in my sight. And all those that vexe them, will I viset. 21 A captayne also shall come of them, and a prynce shall springe out from the myddest of them: him will I chalenge to myself, and he shall come vnto me. For what is he, that geueth ouer his herte, to come vnto me? saieth the LORDE. 22 Ye shalbe my people also, and I wilbe youre God. 23 Beholde, on the other syde shall the wrath of the LORDE breake out as a stormy water, as a mightie whyrle wynde: and shal fall vpo the heades of the vngodly. 24 The terrible displeasure of the LORDE shall not leaue of, vntill he haue done, & perfourmed the intent of his herte, which in the latter dayes ye shal vnderstonde.

Zechariah 9:12

12 Turne you now to the stronge holde, ye that be in preson, & longe sore to be delyuered: And this daye I bringe the worde, that I wil rewarde the dubble agayne.

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I knowe, what I haue deuysed for you, saieth the LORDE. My thoughtes are to geue you peace, & not trouble (which I geue you all redie) & that ye might haue hope agayne.

Psalms 51:11

11 Cast me not awaie from thy presence, and take not thy holy sprete fro me.

James 5:16

16 Knowlege youre fautes one to another: and praye one for another, that ye maye be healed. The prayer of a righteous man auayleth moche, yf it be feruet.

Matthew 6:33

33 Seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heauen and the righteousnes therof, so shal all these thynges be ministred vnto you.

Galatians 6:1

1 Brethren, Yf eny ma be ouertaken of a faute, ye which are spirituall, enfourme him with a meke sprete: and considre thine owne selfe, that thou also be not tempted.

John 14:1

1 And he sayde vnto his disciples: Let not youre hert be afrayed. Yf ye beleue on God, the beleue also on me.

Mark 11:24

24 Therfore I saye vnto you: What so euer ye desyre in youre prayer, beleue that ye shal receaue it, and ye shal haue it.

Revelation 21:1-5

1 And I sawe a newe heauen and a newe earth. For the fyrst heauen, and the fyrst earth were vanisshed awaye, and there was nomore See. 2 And I Ihon sawe that holy cite newe Ierusalem come downe from God out of heauen, prepared as a bryde garnisshed for hyr hussband. 3 And I herde a greate voyce from the seate, sayenge: beholde, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he wil dwell with them. And they shalbe his people, and God himselfe shalbe with the, and shalbe their God. 4 And God shal wipe awaye all teares from their eyes. And there shalbe nomore deeth, nether sorowe, nether shal there be eny more payne, for ye olde thinges are gone. 5 And he that sat vpon the seate, sayde: Beholde, I make all thinges newe. And he sayde vnto me: wryte for these wordes are faithfull and true,

Isaiah 42:1-25

1 Beholde now therfore, this is my seruaunt whom I will kepe to my self: my electe, In whom my soule shalbe pacified. I will geue him my sprete, that he maye shewe forth iudgment & equyte amonge the Gentiles. 2 He shal not be an outcryer, ner an hie mynded person. His voyce shall not be herde in ye stretes. 3 A brussedrede shal he not breake, & the smokinge flax shal he not quench: but faithfully & truly shal he geue iudgmet. 4 He shal nether be ouersene ner haistie, that he maye restore rightuousnesse vnto the earth: & the Getiles also shal kepe his lawes. 5 For thus saieth God the LORDE vnto him (Euen he that made the heauens, and spred them abrode, & set forth the earth with hir encrease: which geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, & to them that dwel therin) 6 I the LORDE haue called ye in rightuousnesse, & led the by the honde. Therfore wil I also defende the, & geue the for a couenaunt of the people, & to be the light of the Getiles. 7 That thou mayest open the eyes of the blinde, let out the prysoners, & them that syt in darknesse, out of the dongeon house. 8 I my self, whose name is the LORDE, which geue my power to none other, nether myne honoure to the goddes: 9 shewe you these new tidinges, and tel you them or they come, for olde thinges also are come to passe. 10 Synge therfore vnto the LORDE, a new songe of thakes geuynge, blow out his prayse vnto the ende of the worlde. They that be vpon the see, & all that is therin, prayse him, the Iles & they that dwel in them. 11 Let the wildernes with hir cities lift vp hir voyce, the townes also that be in Cedar. Let them be glad that syt vpon rockes of stone, and let them crie downe from the hie mountaynes: 12 ascribinge almightynes vnto the LORDE, & magnifienge him amonge the Getiles. 13 The LORDE shal come forth as a gyaunte, and take a stomacke to him like a fresh man of warre. He shal roare and crie, and ouercome his enemies. 14 I haue longe holden my peace (saieth the LORDE) shulde I therfore be still, and kepe sylence for euer? I will crie like a trauelinge woman, and once wil I destroye, and deuoure. 15 I wil make waist both mountayne & hill, & drie vp euery grene thinge, that groweth theron. I wil drie vp the floudes of water, & drinke vp the ryuers. 16 I wil bringe the blinde into a strete, that they knowe not: and lede them in to a fotepath, that they are ignoraunt in. I shal make darknesse light before the, & the thinge yt is croked, to be straight. These thinges will I do, & not forget them. 17 And therfore let them conuerte, and be ashamed earnestly, that hope in Idols, & saye to fashioned ymages: ye are oure godes. 18 Heare, o ye deaf men, and sharpen youre sightes to se (o ye blinde.) 19 But who is blynder, the my seruaunt? Or so deaf, as my messaungers, whom I sent vnto them? For who is so blynde as my people, & they yt haue the rule of them? 20 They are like, as yf thou vnderstodest moch, and keptest nothinge: or yf one herde well, but were not obedient. 21 The LORDE be merciful vnto them for his rightuousnesse sake, that his worde might be magnified & praysed. 22 But it is a myscheuous & wiked people. Their yonge men belonge all to the snare, & shalbe shut in to preson houses. They shal be caried awaye captyue and no man shal lowse them. They shal be trode vnder fote, & no man shal laboure to bringe the agayne. 23 But who is he amonge you, yt pondreth this in his mynde, yt considreth it, & taketh it for a warnynge in tyme to come? 24 Who suffred Iacob to be trodden vnder fote, and Israel to be spoyled? dyd not the LORDE? Now haue we synned agaynst him, and haue had no delite to walke in his wayes, nether bene obedient vnto his lawe. 25 Therfore hath he poured vpon vs his wroothful displeasure, and stroge batell, which maketh vs haue to do on euery syde, yet will we not vnderstode: He burneth vs vp, yet syncketh it not in to oure hartes.

Job 42:10

10 and the LORDE turned him vnto Iob, whe he prayed for his frendes: Yee the LORDE gaue Iob twyse as moch as he had afore.

Isaiah 61:7

7 For yor greate reprofe & shame, shal they haue ioye, yt ye maye haue parte wt the. For they shal haue dubble possession i their lode, & euerlastinge ioye shalbe wt them.

1 John 5:4

4 For all that is borne of God, ouercommeth the worlde: and this is the victory that ouercommeth the worlde, eue oure faith.

Acts 3:19-21

19 Do penaunce now therfore and turne you, that youre synnes maye be done awaye, whan the tyme of refreshinge shal come before the presence of the LORDE, 20 and whan he shal sende him, which now before is preached vnto you, euen Iesus Christ: 21 which must receaue heauen vntyll the tyme that all thinges, which God hath spoken by the mouth of his holy prophetes sence ye worlde beganne, be restored agayne.

Psalms 51:12

12 O geue me the comforte of thy helpe agayne, and stablish me with thy fre sprete.

Joel 2:25-26

25 And as for the yeares that ye gre?shopper, locuste, blasstinge & caterpiller (my greate hoost, which I sent amonge you) haue eaten vp, I shal restore them to you agayne: 26 so that ye shal haue ynough to eate, and be satisfied: and prayse the name of the LORDE youre God, that so maruelously hath dealte with you. And my people shall neuer be confounded eny more:

Jeremiah 30:17

17 For I will geue the thy health agayne, and make thy woundes whole, saieth the LORDE: because they reuyled the, as one cast awaye and despised, o Sion.

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