Bible verses about poverty | Coverdale

Bible verses about "poverty" | Coverdale

Psalms 103:6

6 The LORDE executeth rightuousnesse and iudgment, for all them yt suffre wronge.

Proverbs 14:20

20 The poore is hated euen of his owne neghbours, but the riche hath many frendes.

Proverbs 28:11

11 The rich man thynketh him self to be wyse, but the poore that hath vnderstondinge, ca perceaue him wel ynough.

Isaiah 58:1-14

1 And therfore crie now, as loude as thou canst. Leaue not of, lift vp thy voyce like a tropet, and shewe my people their offences, and ye house of Iacob their synnes. 2 For they seke me dalye, and wil knowe my wayes, euen as it were a people that dyd right, and had not forsaken the statutes of their God. They argue with me concernynge right iudgment, and wil pleate at the lawe with their God. 3 Wherfore fast we (saye they) and thou seist it not? we put oure liues to straitnesse, and thou regardest it not? 4 Beholde, when ye fast, youre lust remayneth still: for ye do no lesse violence to youre detters: lo, ye fast to strife and debate, and to smyte him with youre fist, that speaketh vnto you. Ye fast not (as somtyme) that youre voyce might be herde aboue. 5 Thynke ye this fast pleaseth me, that a ma shulde chasten himself for a daye, and to wryth his heade aboute like an hoke in an hairy cloth, & to lye vpon the earth? Shulde that be called fastinge, or a daye yt pleaseth ye LORDE? 6 But this fastinge pleaseth not me, till ye tyme be thou lowse him out of bondage, that is in thy daunger: that thou breake the ooth of wicked bargaynes, that thou let the oppressed go fre, and take from them all maner of burthens. 7 It pleaseth not me, till thou deale thy bred to the hongrie, & brynge the poore fatherlesse home in to thy house, when thou seist the naked that thou couer him, and hyde not thy face fro thine owne flesh. 8 Then shal thy light breake forth as ye mornynge, and thy health florish right shortly: thy rightuousnesse shal go before the, and ye glory of the LORDE shal embrace the. 9 Then yf thou callest, the LORDE shal answere the: yf thou criest, he shal saye: here I am. Yee yf thou layest awaye thy burthens, and holdest thy fyngers, and ceasest from blasphemous talkinge, 10 yf thou hast compassion vpon the hongrie, and refre?shest ye troubled soule: Then shal thy light springe out in the darknesse, and thy darknesse shalbe as the noone daye. 11 The LORDE shal euer be thy gyde, and satisfie the desyre of thine hert, and fyl yi bones with marry. Thou shalt be like a freshwatred garden, and like the founteyne of water, that neuer leaueth runnynge. 12 Then the places that haue euer bene waist, shalbe buylded of the: there shalt thou laye a foundacion for many kynreds. Thou shalt be called the maker vp of hedges, and ye buylder agayne of ye waye of the Sabbath. 13 Yee yf thou turne thy fete from the Sabbath, so that thou do not the thinge which pleaseth thyself in my holy daye: then shalt thou be called vnto the pleasaunt, holy & glorious Sabbath of the LORDE, where thou shalt be in honor: so yt thou do not after thine owne ymaginacion, nether seke thine owne wil, ner speake thine owne wordes. 14 The shalt thou haue yi pleasure in ye LORDE, which shal carie ye hie aboue ye earth, & fede the wt the heretage of Iacob thy father: for the LORDES owne mouth hath so promised.

Leviticus 19:9-10

9 Whan thou reapest thy londe, thou shalt not reape downe the vttemost borders of it rounde aboute, ner gather it all cleane vp. 10 Euen so likewyse thou shalt not plucke thy vynyarde cleane also, ner gather vp the grapes that are fallen downe, but shalt leaue them for ye poore and straungers: for I am the LORDE youre God.

Proverbs 21:5

5 The deuyses of one that is diligent, brynge plenteousnes: but he yt is vnaduysed, commeth vnto pouerte.

Proverbs 29:13

13 The poore and the lender mete together, the LORDE lighteneth both their eyes.

Proverbs 22:7

7 The rich ruleth the poore, and ye borower is seruaunt to ye lender.

Proverbs 19:4

4 Riches make many frendes, but the poore is forsake of his owne frendes.

Proverbs 29:7

7 The righteous considreth the cause of the poore, but the vngodly regardeth no vnderstondynge.

Amos 5:24

24 but se that equyte flowe as the water, and rightuousnesse as a mightie streame.

Proverbs 17:5

5 Who so laugheth ye poore to scorne, blasphemeth his maker: and he yt is glad of another mans hurte, shal not be vnpunyshed.

Proverbs 31:8-9

8 Be thou an aduocate & stonde in iudgment thyself, to speake for all soch as be dome & sucourles. 9 With yi mouth defende ye thinge yt is laufull and right, and ye cause of ye poore and helplesse.

Proverbs 28:6

6 A poore man ledynge a godly life, is better then the riche that goeth in frowarde wayes.

Psalms 82:1-8

1 God stondeth in the congregacion of the goddes, & is a iudge amonge the iudges. 2 How longe wil ye geue wroge iudgment, & accepte the personnes of the vngodly? 3 Sela. Defende the poore & fatherlesse, se that soch as be in nede & necessite haue right. 4 Delyuer the outcaste & poore, & saue hym from the hande of the vngodly. 5 Neuertheles, they wil not be lerned & vnderstonde, but walke on still in darcknesse: therfore must all the foundacions of the londe be moued. 6 I haue sayde: ye are goddes, ye all are the childre of ye most hyest. 7 But ye shal dye like men, & fall like one of the tyrauntes. 8 Aryse (o God) & iudge thou the earth, for all Heithen are thine by enheritaunce.

Proverbs 24:33-34

33 Yee slepe on still a litle, slobre a litle, folde thine hodes together yet a litle: 34 so shall pouerte come vnto the as one yt trauayleth by ye waye, & necessite like a wapened man.

Proverbs 22:2

2 Whether riches or pouerte do mete vs, it commeth all of God.

Ecclesiastes 9:16

16 Then sayde I: wy?dome is better then strength. Neuertheles, a symple mans wy?dome is despysed, & his wordes are not herde.

2 Corinthians 8:9

9 For ye knowe the liberalite of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, which though he be riche, yet for youre sakes he became poore, yt ye thorow his pouerte mighte be made riche.

Proverbs 20:13

13 Delyte not thou in slepe, lest thou come vnto pouerte: but ope thine eyes, & thou shalt haue bred ynough.

Leviticus 25:35

35 Whan thy brother waxeth poore, and falleth in decaye besyde the, thou shalt receaue him as a straunger, or gest, that he maye lyue by the:

Proverbs 31:9

9 With yi mouth defende ye thinge yt is laufull and right, and ye cause of ye poore and helplesse.

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