Bible verses about medicine | Coverdale

Bible verses about "medicine" | Coverdale

Leviticus 14:48

48 But yf the prest se (wha he goeth in) that this plage hath frett no farther in the house, after that the house is new playsterd, the shal he iudge it to be cleane, for the plage is healed.

Deuteronomy 32:39

39 Se now that I I am, and that there is none other God but I.I can kyll and make alyue: what I haue smytten, that can I heale: and there is noman able to delyuer out of my hande.

2 Kings 2:20-22

20 He sayde: Bringe me hither a new vessell, & put salt in it. And they broughte it him. 21 Then wete he forth vnto the well of water, and cast the salt therin, & sayde: Thus sayeth the LORDE: I haue healed this water: from hence forth shal there no deed ner vnfrutefulnes come of it. 22 So the water was healed vnto this daye, acordinge to the worde of Eliseus which he spake.

2 Kings 20:5-8

5 Turne back, & tell Ezechias ye prynce of my people: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of thy father Dauid: I haue herde thy praier, & considered yi teares. Beholde, I wil heale ye: on the thirde daye shalt thou go in to ye house of the LORDE, 6 & fiftene yeares wil I adde vnto yi life, & wyll delyuer the & this cite from the kynge of Assyria, & this cite wil I defende for myne awne sake, and for my seruaut Dauids sake. 7 And Esay sayde: Bringe hither a quantite of fygges. And whan they broughte them, they layed them vpon the sore, and it was healed. 8 Ezechias sayde vnto Esay: Which is ye token, that the LORDE wyll heale me, and that I shal go vp in to the house of ye LORDE on the thirde daye?

Isaiah 1:6

6 From the sole of the foote vnto the heade, there is no whole parte in all yor body: but all are woundes, botches, sores and strypes, which can nether be helped, bounde vp, molified, ner eased with eny oyntment.

Ezekiel 34:4

4 The weake haue ye not holden vp, the sicke haue ye not healed: the broken haue ye not bounde together, the outcastes haue ye not brought agayne: ye lost haue ye not sought, but churlishly and cruelly haue ye ruled the.

Genesis 50:2

2 And Ioseph comauded his seruautes ye Phisicias, to embawme his father. And the Phisicians embawmed Israel,

Psalms 147:3

3 He healeth the contrite in herte, and byndeth vp their woundes.

Ecclesiastes 3:3

3 A tyme to slaye, and a tyme to make whole: A tyme to breake downe, and a tyme to buylde vp:

Mark 5:24-29

24 And he wente with him, and moch people folowed him, and thronged him. 25 And there was a woman, which had had the bloude yssue twolue yeares, 26 and had suffred moch of many phisicians, and spent all that she had, and was not helped, but rather in worse case. 27 Whan she herde of Iesus, she came behynde amonge the people, and touched his garment. 28 For she sayde: Yf I maye but touch his clothes, I shalbe whole. 29 And immediatly ye fountayne of hir bloude was dryed vp, and she felt in hir body, yt she was healed of the plage.

Romans 12:2

2 And fashion not youre selues like vnto this worlde, but be chaunged thorow the renewynge off yor mynde, yt ye maye proue, what thinge that good, yt acceptable, & perfecte wil of God is.

Job 5:18

18 For though he make a wounde, he geueth a medicyne agayne: though he smyte, his honde maketh whole agayne.

Psalms 103:3

3 Which forgeueth all thy synnes, and healeth all thy infirmities.

Jeremiah 46:11

11 Go vp (o Galaad) & bringe triacle vnto the doughter off Egipte: But in vayne shalt thou go to surgery, for thy wounde shall not be stopped.

Jeremiah 30:13

13 There is no man to medle with thy cause, or to bynde vp thy woundes: there maye no man helpe the.

Revelation 22:2

2 in the myddes of the strete of it, and of ether syde of the ryuer was there wod of life: which bare twolue maner of frutes: and gaue frute euery moneth: and the leaues of the wodd serued to heale the people withall.

James 5:15

15 and ye prayer of faith shal saue the sicke, and the LORDE shal rayse him vp: and yf he haue comitted synnes, they shalbe forgeuen him.

Jeremiah 8:22

22 for there is no more Triacle at Galaad, and there is no Phisician, that ca heale the hurte of my people.

Matthew 9:12

12 When Iesus herde that, he sayde vnto them: The whole nede not ye phisicio, but they that are sicke.

Proverbs 17:22

22 A mery herte maketh a lusty age, but a sorowfull mide dryeth vp ye bones.

Luke 10:34

34 wente vnto him, bounde vp his woundes, and poured oyle and wyne therin, and lifte him vp vpon his beast, and brought him in to the ynne, and made prouysion for him.

Isaiah 38:21

21 And Esay sayde: take a playster offyges, and laye it vpon the sore, so shal it be whole.

1 Timothy 5:23

23 Drynke no lenger water, but vse a litle wyne for yi stomackes sake, and because thou art oft tymes sicke.

Ezekiel 47:12

12 By this ryuer vpon both the sydes of the shore, there shall growe all maner of frutefull trees, whose leaues shall not fall of, nether shal their frute perish: but euer be rype at their monethes, for their water runneth out of the Sanctuary. His frute is good to eate, and his leaf profitable for medycine.

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