Bible verses about competence | Coverdale

Bible verses about "competence" | Coverdale

Psalms 1:1-36:1

1 O blessed is ye man, yt goeth not in the councell of ye vngodly: yt abydeth not in the waye off synners, & sytteth not in ye seate of the scornefull. 2 But delyteth in the lawe of ye LORDE, & exercyseth himself in his lawe both daye and night. 3 Soch a ma is like a tre plated by ye watersyde, yt brigeth forth his frute in due season. His leeues shal not fall off, ad loke what soeuer he doth, it shal prospere. 4 As for the vngodly, it is not so with them: but they are like the dust, which ye wynde scatereth awaye from of the grounde. 5 Therfore the vngodly shall not be able to stonde in the iudgmet, nether the synners in the congregacion off the rightuous. 6 For the LORDE aloweth ye waye of the rightuous, but the waye of the vngodly shal perishe.

Psalms 2:1-36:1

1 Why do the Heithe grudge? why do the people ymagyn vayne thinges? 2 The kynges of the earth stode vp, and the rulers are come together, agaynst the LORDE ad agaynst his anoynted. 3 Let vs breake their bondes a sunder, and cast awaye their yocke from vs. 4 Neuerthelesse, he that dwelleth in heauen, shall laugh the to scorne: yee euen the LORDE himselff shall haue them in derision. 5 Then shal he speake vnto them in his wrath, and vexe them in his sore dispeasure. 6 Yet haue I set my kynge vpon my holy hill of Sion. 7 As for me I will preach the lawe, wherof the LORDE hath sayde vnto me: Thou art my sonne, this daye haue I begotten the. 8 Desyre off me, and I shall geue the the Heithen for thine enheritaunce, Yee the vttemost partes of the worlde for thy possession. 9 Thou shalt rule them with a rodde of yron, and breake the in peces like an erthen vessell. 10 Be wyse now therfore (o ye kynges) be warned, ye that are iudges of the earth. 11 Serue the LORDE with feare, and reioyse before him with reuerence. 12 Kysse the sonne, lest the LORDE be angrie, and so ye perish from the right waye. For his wrath shalbe kindled shortly: blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Psalms 3:1-36:1

1 Why are they so many (o LORDE) yt trouble me? a greate multitude are they, that ryse agaynst me. 2 Yee many one there be that saye off my soule: there is no helpe for him in God. 3 Sela But thou (o LORDE) art my defender, my worshipe, ad the lifter vp of my heade. 4 I call vpon the LORDE with my voyce, and he heareth me out of his holy hill. 5 Sela I layed me downe and slepte, but I rose vp agayne, for the LORDE susteyned me. 6 I am not afrayed for thousandes of the people, that copasse me rounde aboute. 7 Vp LORDE, and helpe me, o my God: for thou smytest all myne enemies vpon the cheke bones, and breakest the teth of the vngodly. 8 Helpe belongeth vnto the LORDE, therfore let thy blessynge be vpon thy people.

Psalms 4:1-36:1

1 Heare me whe I cal, o God of my rightuousnes, thou that comfortest me in my trouble: haue mercy vpon me, and herken vnto my prayer. 2 O ye sonnes off men: how longe will ye blaspheme myne honoure? why haue ye soch pleasure in vanyte, & seke after lyes? 3 Sela Knowe this, that the LORDE dealeth maruelously with his saynte: and when I call vpon the LORDE, he heareth me. 4 Be angrie, but synne not: como wt youre owne hertes vpo yor beddes, & remebre yor selues. 5 Sela. Offre ye sacrifice of rightuousnes, & put yor trust in ye LORDE. 6 There be many yt saye: who wil do vs eny good? where as thou (o LORDE) hast shewed vs the light of yi countenauce. 7 Thou reioysest myne herte, though their encreace be greate both in corne & wyne. 8 Therfore wil I laye me downe in peace, & take my rest: for thou LORDE only settest me in a sure dwellynge.

Psalms 5:1-36:1

1 Heare my wordes (o LORDE) considre my callynge. 2 O marke the voyce of my peticion, my kynge & my God: for vnto the wil I make my prayer. 3 Heare my voyce by tymes (o LORDE) for early in the morninge wil I gett me vnto the, yee & yt wt diligece. 4 For thou art not the God yt hath pleasure in wickednesse, there maye no vngodly personne dwel with the. 5 Soch as be cruell maye not stonde in thy sight, thou art an enemie vnto all wicked doers. Thou destroyest the lyers: the LORDE abhorreth the bloude thurstie and disceatfull. 6 But as for me, I wil come in to thy house, euen vpon the multitude of thy mercy: ad in thy feare wyll I worshipe towarde thy holy teple. 7 Lede me (o LORDE) in thy rightuousnesse, because of myne enemyes, ad make thy waye playne before me. 8 For there is no faithfulnesse in their mouthes: they dyssemble in their hertes: 9 their throte is an open sepulchre: with their tonges they disceaue. 10 Punysh them (o God) that they maye perish in their owne ymaginacions: cast them out because of the multitude of their vngodlinesse, for they rebell agaynst the. 11 Agayne, let all them that put their trust in the, reioyse: yee let them euer be geuynge of thankes, because thou defendest them: that they which loue thy name, maye be ioyfull in the. 12 For thou LORDE geuest thy blessinge vnto the rightuous: and with thy fauorable kyndnes thou defendest him, as with a shylde.

Psalms 6:1-36:1

1 Oh LORDE, rebuke me not in thine anger: Oh chaste me not in thy heuy displeasure. 2 Haue mercy vpon me (o LORDE) for I am weake: o LORDE heale me, for all my bones are vexed. 3 My soule also is in greate trouble, but LORDE how longe? 4 Turne the (o LORDE) & delyuer my soule: Oh saue me, for thy mercies sake. 5 For in death no man remebreth the: Oh who wil geue the thankes in the hell? 6 I am weery of gronynge: Euery night wasshe I my bedde, & water my couche with my teares. 7 My coutenauce is chaunged for very inwarde grefe, I cosume awaye, I haue so many enemies. 8 Awaye fro me all ye wicked doers, for the LORDE hath herde the voyce off my wepinge. 9 The LORDE hath herde myne humble peticio, the LORDE hath receaued my prayer. 10 All myne enemies shalbe cofounded & sore vexed: yee they shalbe turned backe and put to shame, and that right soone.

Psalms 7:1-36:1

1 O Lorde my God, in ye do I trust: saue me fro all the yt persecute me, & delyuer me. 2 Lest he hantch vp my soule like a lyon, & teare it in peces, whyle there is none to helpe. 3 O LORDE my God, yff I haue done eny soch thinge: yf there be eny vnrightuousnes in my hades: 4 Yff I haue rewarded euell vnto the yt dealt frendly wt me or hurte the yt wt out eny cause are myne enemies: 5 Then let myne enemie persecute my soule, & take me: yee let hi treade my life downe in the earth, & laye myne honor in the dust. 6 Sela. Stode vp (o LORDE) in yi wrath, lift vp thyself ouer the furious indignacio of myne enemies: aryse vp (for me) in the vengeaunce that thou hast promysed. 7 That the congregacion of the people maye come aboute the, for their sakes therfore lift vp thyselff agayne, 8 The LORDE is iudge ouer the people: Auenge me then (o LORDE) acordinge to my rightuousnes & innocency. 9 Oh let the wickednes of the vngodly come to an ende: but manteyne the iust, 10 thou rightuous God, yt triest the very hertes & the reynes. 11 My helpe cometh of God, which preserueth them yt are true of herte. 12 God is a rightuous iudge, & God is euer threateninge. Yf men wil not turne, he hath whet his swearde: he hath bent his bowe & made it ready. 13 He hath prepayred him the weapens of death, & ordened his arowes to destroye. 14 Beholde, he trauayleth with myschefe, he hath coceaued vnhappynesse, and brought forth a lye. 15 He hath grauen and dygged vp a pytte, but he shal fall himself in to ye pytte yt he hath made. 16 For his vnhappynes shall come vpon his owne heade, & his wickednes shall fall vpon his owne pate. 17 As for me, I will geue thankes vnto the LORDE for his rightuousnes sake, and wil prayse the name of the LORDE the most hyest.

Psalms 8:1-36:1

1 O Lorde oure gouernoure: how wonderfull is thy name in all the worlde? how excellent is thy glory aboue the heauens? 2 Out of the mouth of the very babes & sucklinges thou hast ordened prayse, because of thine enemies, yt thou mightest destroye the enemie and the auenger. 3 For I considre thy heauens, euen the worke off thy fyngers: the Moone and the starres which thou hast made. 4 Oh what is man, yt thou art so myndfull of him? ether the sonne of ma that thou visitest him? 5 After thou haddest for a season made him lower the the angels, thou crownedest him with honor & glory. 6 Thou hast set him aboue the workes off thy hondes: thou hast put all thinges in subieccion vnder his fete. 7 All shepe and oxen, yee and the beastes of the felde. 8 The foules of the ayre: the fysh of the see, and what so walketh thorow the wayes of the see. 9 O LORDE oure gouernoure, how wonderfull is thy name in all the worlde?

Psalms 9:1-36:1

1 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) with my whole herte, I wil speake of all thy maruelous workes. 2 I wil be glad & reioyse in the, yee my songes wil I make of thy name, o thou most hyest. 3 Because thou hast dryue myne enemies abacke, they were discofited, & perished at thy presence. 4 For thou hast manteyned my right and my cause: thou syttest in the Trone that art the true iudge. 5 Thou rebukest the Heithen, and destroyest the vngodly, thou puttest out their name for euer and euer. 6 The enemies swerdes are come to an ende, thou hast ouerthrowen their cities, their memoriall is perished with the. 7 But ye LORDE endureth for euer, he hath prepared his seate vnto iudgmet. 8 He gouerneth ye worlde with rightuousnes & ministreth true iudgmet vnto the people. 9 The LORDE is a defence for the poore, a defence in the tyme of trouble. 10 Therfore they yt knowe thy name, put their trust in ye: for thou (LORDE) neuer faylest the, that seke the. 11 O prayse the LORDE, which dwelleth in Sion shewe ye people of his doinges. 12 And why? he maketh inquysicion for their bloude, and remembreth them: he forgetteth not the complaynte of the poore. 13 Haue mercy vpo me (o LORDE) considre the trouble that I am in amoge myne enemies, thou that liftest me vp from ye gates of death. 14 That I maye shewe all thy prayses within the portes off the doughter Sion, and reioyse in thy sauynge health. 15 As for the Heithen, the are suncke downe in the pytte that they made: in the same nette, which they spred out priuely, is their owne fote take. 16 Thus ye LORDE is knowne to execute true iudgment, whe the vngodly is trapped in the workes of his owne handes. 17 Sela. The wicked must be turned vnto hell, and all the Heithen yt forget God. 18 But the poore shal not allwaye be out of remembraunce, the paciet abydinge of soch as be in trouble shall not perish for euer. 19 Vp LORDE, let not man haue the vpper hade, let the Heithe be codemned before the. 20 O LORDE, set a scolemaster ouer the, that the Heithe maye knowe them selues to be but me. Sela.

Psalms 10:1-36:1

1 Why art thou gone so farre of, o LORDE? wilt thou hyde thyselff in tyme of trouble? 2 Whyle ye vngodly hath the ouer hande, the poore must suffre persecucion: O that they were taken in the ymaginacions which they go aboute. 3 For the vngodly maketh boost of his owne hertes desyre, the cuvetous blesseth him self, and blasphemeth the LORDE. 4 The vngodly is so proude and full of indignacio, that he careth not: nether is God before his eyes. 5 His wayes are allwaye filthie, thy iudgmentes are farre out of his sight, he defyeth all his enemies. 6 For he sayeth in his herte: Tush, I shal neuer be cast downe, there shal no harme happe vnto me. His mouth is full of cursynge, fraude and disceate: vnder his toge is trauayle & sorow. 7 He sytteth lurkynge in the gardens, that he maye pryuely murthur the innocent, his eyes are set vpo the poore. 8 He lyeth waytinge secretly, as it were a lyon in his denne. He lurketh that he maye rauysh the poore, 9 yee to rauish the poore, when he hath gotten him in to his nett. 10 Then smyteth he, then oppresseth he & casteth downe the poore with his auctorite. 11 For he sayeth in his herte: Tush, God hath forgotten, he hath turned awaye his face, so yt he will neuer se it. 12 Aryse o LORDE God, lift vp thine honde, and forget not the poore. 13 Wherfore shulde the wicked blaspheme God, and saye in his herte: Tush, he careth not for it? 14 This thou seist, for thou considrest the mysery and sorowe: The poore geueth himselff ouer in to thy hande, and committeth him vnto the, for thou art the helper of the frendlesse. 15 Breake thou ye arme off the vngodly and malycious, search out the wickednesse which he hath done, that he maye perish. 16 The LORDE is kynge for euer, ye Heithen shal perish out off his londe. 17 LORDE, thou hearest the desyrous longinge off the poore: their herte is sure, that thine eare herkeneth therto. 18 Helpe the fatherlesse and poore vnto their right, that the vngodly be nomore exalted vpon earth.

Psalms 11:1-36:1

1 In the LORDE put I my trust: how will ye then saye to my soule: that she shulde fle as a byrde vpon youre hill? 2 For lo, the vngodly haue bet their bowe, and made redy their arowes in the quyuer: that they maye priuely shute at them, which are true of herte. 3 The very foundacion haue they cast downe, what ca the rightuous the do withall? 4 But the LORDE is in his holy temple, the LORDES seate is in heauen: He cosidereth it with his eyes, his eye lyddes beholde the children of men. 5 The LORDE seith both the rightuous and vngodly, but who so deliteth in wickednes, him his soule abhorreth. 6 Vpon the vngodly he shal rayne snares, fyre, brymstone, storme and tempest: this rewarde shal they haue to drynke. 7 For the LORDE is rightuous, ad he loueth rightuousnes, his countenaunce beholdeth the thige yt is iust.

Psalms 12:1-36:1

1 Helpe LORDE, for there is not one saynte more: very fewe faithfull are there amonge the children off men. 2 Euery man telleth lyes to his neghbor, they do but flater with their lippes and dissemble in their herte. 3 O that the LORDE wolde rote out all disceatfull lippes, ad the tonge that speaketh proude thinges. 4 Which saye: Oure toge shulde preuayle: we are they that ought to speake, who is lorde ouer vs? 5 Now for the troubles sake off the oppressed, & because of the complaynte of the poore, I wil vp (sayeth the LORDE) I wil helpe the, and set the at rest. 6 The wordes of the LORDE are pure wordes: eue as ye syluer, which from earth is tried and purified vij. tymes in the fyre. 7 Kepe the therfore (o LORDE) and preserue vs fro this generacion for euer. 8 And why? when vanite and ydylnes getteth the ouer hande amonge the children of men, all are full of ye vngodly.

Psalms 13:1-36:1

1 How longe wilt thou forget me, o LORDE? for euer? how longe wilt thou hyde thy face fro me? 2 Oh how loge shall I seke councell in my soule? how longe shall I be so vexed in my herte? how longe shal myne enemie triumphe ouer me? 3 Considre, ad heare me, o LORDE my God: lighten myne eyes, that I slepe not in death. 4 Lest myne enemie saye: I haue preuayled agaynst hi for yf I be cast downe, they that trouble me will reioyse at it. 5 But my trust is in thy mercy, and my hert is ioyfull in thy sauynge health. 6 I wil synge of the LORDE, that dealeth so louyngly with me. (Yee I wil prayse the name of the LORDE the most hyest)

Psalms 14:1-36:1

1 The foolish bodyes saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. They are corrupte, ad become abhominable in their doynges, there is not one yt doth good. 2 The LORDE loked downe fro heaue vpo the children of men, to se yf there were eny, that wolde vnderstonde & seke after God. But they are all gone out of the waye, they are alltogether become vnprofitable: there is none that doth good, no not one. 3 Their throte is an open sepulcre, with their tonges they haue disceaued, the poyson of Aspes is vnder their lippes. 4 Their mouth is full of cursinge and bytternes, their fete are swift to shed bloude. Destruccion & wretchednes are in their wayes, ad the waye of peace haue they not knowne: there is no feare off God before their eyes. 5 How can they haue vnderstondinge, yt worke myschefe, eatinge vp my people, as it were bred, & call not vpo ye LORDE? 6 Therfore shal they be brought in greate feare, for God stondeth by the generacion of the rightuous. 7 As for you, ye haue made a mocke at the coucell of the poore, because he putteth his trust in the LORDE. Oh yt the sauynge health were geuen vnto Israel out off Sion. Oh that the LORDE wolde delyuer his people out of captiuyte. The shulde Iacob reioyse, and Israel shulde be right glad.

Psalms 15:1-36:1

1 Lorde, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle? who shal rest vpo yi holy hill? 2 Euen he yt ledeth an vncorrupte life: that doth the thinge which is right, ad that speaketh the treuth from his herte. 3 He yt vseth no disceat in his tonge: he that doth no euell to his neghboure, & slaundreth not his neghbours. 4 He yt setteth not by the vngodly but maketh moch of the that feare the LORDE: he yt sweareth vnto his neghboure & dispoynteth him not. 5 He that geueth not his money vpon vsury, and taketh no rewarde agaynst the innocet. Who so doth these thiges, shal neuer be remoued.

Psalms 16:1-36:1

1 Preserue me (o God) for in the do I trust. 2 I haue sayde vnto ye LORDE: thou art my God, my goodes are nothinge vnto the. 3 All my delyte is vpon the sanctes that are in the earth, and vpon soch like. 4 But they yt runne after another, shall haue greate trouble. 5 Their drynkofferynges of bloude wil not I offre, nether make mencion of their name in my mouth. 6 The LORDE himself is my good and my porcion, thou manteynest my enheritauce. 7 The lott is fallen vnto me in a fayre grounde, yee I haue a goodly heretage. 8 I wil thanke the LORDE for geuynge me warnynge: my reynes also haue chastened me in the night season. 9 Afore honde sawe I God allwayes before me, for he is on my right honde, that I shulde not be moued. 10 Therfore dyd my hert reioyce, & my tunge was glad, my flesh also shall rest in hope. 11 For why? thou shalt not leaue my soule in hell, nether shalt thou suffre thy saynte to se corrupcion. Thou hast shewed me the wayes off life: thou shalt make me full of ioye wt thy countenaunce. At thy right hande there is pleasure and ioye for euermore.

Psalms 17:1-36:1

1 Heare ye right (O LORDE) cosidre my coplaynte: herken vnto my prayer, that goeth not out of a fayned mouth. 2 Let my sentence come forth fro thy presence, and loke vpon the thinge that is equall. 3 Thou hast proued & visited myne herte in the night season: thou hast tried me in the fyre, & hast founde no wickednes in me: for I vtterly purposed, that my mouth shulde not offende. 4 Because of the wordes of thy lippes, I haue kepte me fro the workes of men, in ye waye off the murthurer. 5 Oh ordre thou my goynges in thy pathes, that my fote steppes slippe not. 6 For vnto the I crie, heare me o God: enclyne thine eares to me, and herke vnto my wordes. 7 Shewe yi maruelous louinge kindnesse, thou that sauest them which put their trust in the, from soch as resist thy right honde. 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, defende me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 9 From the vngodly that trouble me, fro myne enemies which compasse my soule rounde aboute. 10 Which manteyne their owne welthynesse with oppression, & their mouth speaketh proude thinges. 11 They lye waytinge in or waye on euery syde, turnynge their eyes downe to the grounde. 12 Like as a lyon that is gredy of his pray, & as it were a lyons whelpe lurckynge in his denne. 13 Vp LORDE, dispoynte him & cast him downe: delyuer my soule with thy swerde from the vngodly. 14 Fro the men of thy honde (o LORDE) from the men off the worlde, which haue their porcion in this life: whose belies thou fyllest with thy treasure. 15 They haue children at their desyre, and leaue the reste of their substauce for their babes. But as for me, I will beholde thy presence in rightuousnes: and when thy glory appeareth, I shal be satisfied.

Psalms 18:1-36:1

1 I wil loue the (o LORDE) my stregth. The LORDE is my sucor, my refuge, my Sauior: my god, my helper i who I trust: my buckler, ye horne of my health, & my proteccio. 2 I wil prayse ye LORDE & call vpon him, so shal I be safe fro myne enemies. 3 The sorowes of death copassed me, & the brokes of vngodlynes made me afrayed. 4 The paynes of hell came aboute me, the snares of death toke holde vpo me. 5 Yet in my trouble I called vpo the LORDE, & coplayned vnto my God. 6 So he herde my voyce out off his holy teple, & my coplaynte came before hi, yee eue into his eares. 7 The the earth trembled & quaked, the very foudacios of the hilles shoke & were remoued, because he was wrothe. 8 There wete a smoke out of his nostrels, ad a cosumynge fyre out of his mouth, so yt coales were kyndled at it. 9 He bowed the heaues & came downe, & it was darcke vnder his fete. 10 He rode vpo the Cherubins & dyd fle: he came flyenge with the wynges of the wynde. 11 He made darcknesse his pauylion rounde aboute hi, with darcke water & thicke cloudes to couer him. 12 At the brightnes off his presence the cloudes remoued, with hale stones & coales of fyre. 13 The LORDE also thondred out of ye heaue, & the heyth gaue his thondre wt hale stones & coales of fyre. 14 He sent out his arowes & scatred the, he cast sore lighteninges, & destroyed the. 15 The springes of waters were sene, & the foundacios of the roude worlde were discouered at yi chiding (o LORDE) at the blastinge & breth of thy displeasure. 16 He sent downe fro the heyth to fetch me, & toke me out of greate waters. 17 He delyuered me fro my stronge enemies, and fro my foes which were to mightie for me. 18 They preuented me in the tyme of my trouble, but ye LORDE was my defence. 19 He brought me forth also into lyberte: & delyuered me, because he had a fauor vnto me. 20 The LORDE shall rewarde me after my rightuous dealynge, & acordinge to the clenesse of my hodes shal he recopense me. 21 For I haue kepte the wayes of the LORDE, & haue not behaued myself wickedly agaynst my God. 22 I haue an eye vnto all his lawes, & cast not out his commaundemetes fro me. 23 Vncorrupte will I be before hi, & wil eschue myne owne wickednes. 24 Therfore shal ye LORDE rewarde me after my rightuous dealinge, & acordinge vnto ye clenesse of my hodes in his eye sight. 25 With the holy thou shalt be holy, & wt ye innocet thou shalt be innocet. 26 With the clene thou shalt be clene & with the frowarde thou shalt be frowarde. 27 For thou shalt saue the poore oppressed, & brige downe the hye lokes of the proude. 28 Thou lightest my cadle, o LORDE my God: thou makest my darcknesse to be light. 29 For in the I can discofit an hoost of me: yee in my God I ca leape ouer the wall. 30 The waye of God is a perfecte waye: the wordes of the LORDE are tried in the fyre: he is a shylde of defence, for all them that trust in him. 31 For who is God, but the LORDE? Or, who hath eny strength, but oure God? 32 It is God that hath gyrded me with stregth and made my waye vncorrupte. 33 He hath made my fete like hartes fete, and set me vp an hye. 34 He teacheth myne hondes to fight, and maketh myne armes to breake euen a bowe off stele. 35 Thou hast geue me the defence of thy health, thy right hande vpholdeth me, and thy louynge correccion maketh me greate. 36 Thou hast made rowme ynough vnder me for to go, that my fote steppes shulde not slyde. 37 I will folowe vpon myne enemies, and take them: I will not turne till they be discomfited. 38 I will smyte them, they shall not be able to stonde, but fall vnder my fete. 39 Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto ye batell, thou hast throwe them all downe vnder me, that rose vp agaynst me. 40 Thou hast made myne enemies to turne their backes vpon me, thou hast destroyed the yt hated me. 41 They cried, but there was none to helpe the: yee euen vnto the LORDE, but he herde the not. 42 I will beate them as small as the dust before the wynde, I will cast them out as ye claye in the stretes. 43 Thou shalt delyuer me from the stryuinges of the people, thou shalt make me the heade of the Heithe. 44 A people whom I haue not knowne, shall serue me. 45 As soone as they heare of me, they shall obeye me, but the straunge childre dyssemble with me. 46 The straunge children are waxe olde, and go haltinge out of their pathes. 47 The LORDE lyueth: ad blessed be my helper, praysed be the God of my health. 48 Eue ye God which seyth that I be auenged, and subdueth the people vnto me. 49 It is he that delyuereth me fro my cruell enemies: thou shalt lift me vp from them that ryse agaynst me, thou shalt ryd me from the wicked man. 50 For this cause I wil geue thankes vnto ye (o LORDE) amonge the Gentiles, and synge prayses vnto thy name. Greate prosperite geueth he vnto his kynge, and sheweth louinge kyndnesse vnto Dauid his anoynted, yee & vnto his sede for euermore.

Psalms 19:1-36:1

1 The very heaues declare the glory off God, ad the very firmamet sheweth his hadye worke. 2 One daye telleth another, and one night certifieth another. 3 There is nether speach ner laguage, but their voyces are herde amoge the. 4 Their soude is gone out in to all londes, and their wordes in to the endes of the worlde. 5 In the hath he sett a tabernacle for ye Sone, which cometh forth as a brydegrome out of his chambre, & reioyseth as a giaunte to rune his course. 6 It goeth forth fro the one ende of the heauen, and runneth aboute vnto the same ende agayne, & there maye no ma hyde himself fro the heate therof. 7 The lawe of the LORDE is a perfecte lawe, it quickeneth the soule. The testimony of ye LORDE is true, & geueth wisdome euen vnto babes. 8 The statutes of the LORDE are right, & reioyse the herte: ye comaundemet of ye LORDE is pure, and geueth light vnto the eyes. 9 The feare of the LORDE is cleane, & endureth for euer: the iudgmentes of the LORDE are true and rigtuous alltogether. 10 More pleasunt are they then golde, yee then moch fyne golde: sweter then hony & the hony combe. 11 These thy seruaunt kepeth, & for kepinge of them there is greate rewarde. 12 Who can tell, how oft he offendeth? Oh clese thou me fro my secrete fautes. 13 Kepe thy seruaute also from presumptuous synnes, lest they get the dominion ouer me: so shal I be vndefyled & innocet fro the greate offence. 14 Yee the wordes of my mouth & the meditacio of my herte shalbe acceptable vnto the, o LORDE, my helper and my redemer.

Psalms 20:1-36:1

1 The LORDE heare the in the tyme off trouble, the name of the God of Iacob defende the. 2 Sende the helpe fro the Sanctuary, & strength ye out of Sion 3 Remembre all thy offerynges, and accepte thy brent sacrifice. 4 Sela. Graunte the thy hertes desyre, & fulfill all thy mynde. 5 We will reioyse in thy health, & triuphe in ye name of the LORDE oure God: the LORDE perfourme all thy peticios. 6 Now knowe I, that the LORDE helpeth his anoynted, and will heare him fro his holy heauen: mightie is the helpe of his right hode. 7 Some put their trust in charettes, & some in horses: but we wil remebre ye name of the LORDE oure God. 8 They are brought downe and fallen, but we are rysen and stonde vp right. 9 Saue (LORDE) & helpe vs (o kynge) when we call vpon the.

Psalms 21:1-36:1

1 Lorde, how ioyfull is the kynge in yi strength? O how exceadinge glad is he of thy sauynge health? 2 Thou hast geuen him his hertes desyre, & hast not put him fro the request of his lippes. 3 Sela. For thou hast preueted him wt liberall blessinges, & set a crowne of golde vpon his heade. 4 He asked life of the, & thou gauest him a longe life, eue for euer & euer. 5 His honoure is greate in thy sauynge health, glory and greate worshipe shalt thou laye vpon him. 6 For thou shalt geue him euerlastige felicite, & make him glad wt the ioye of yi coutenauce. 7 And why? because the kinge putteth his trust in the LORDE, & in the mercy of the most hiest he shal not myscary. 8 Let all thine enemies fele thy honde, let thy right honde fynde out all the yt hate the. 9 Thou shalt make the like a fyre ouen in tyme of thy wrath: the LORDE shal destroye the in his displeasure, & the fyre shall consume them. 10 Their frute shalt thou rote out of the earth, & their sede fro amoge the childre of men. 11 For they inteded myschefe agaynst the, & ymagined soch deuyces, as they were not able to perfourme. 12 Therfore shalt thou put the to flight, & with thy stringes thou shalt make ready thine arowes agaynst the faces off them. 13 Be thou exalted (LORDE) in thine owne strength, so wil we synge and prayse thy power.

Psalms 22:1-36:1

1 My God, my God: why hast thou forsaken me? ye wordes of my coplaynte are farre fro my health. 2 O my God, I crie in the daye tyme, but thou hearest not: and in the night season also I take no rest. 3 Yet dwellest thou in the Sanctuary, o thou worshipe of Israel. 4 Oure fathers hoped in the, they trusted in the, ad thou dyddest delyuer them. 5 They callled vpon the, and were helped: they put their trust in the, and were not cofounded. 6 But as for me, I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of me and the outcast of the people. 7 All they yt se me, laugh me to scorne: they shute out their lippes, and shake their heades. 8 He trusted in God, let him delyuer him: let him helpe hi, yf he wil haue him. 9 But thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wobe: thou wast my hope, when I hanged yet vpon my mothers brestes. 10 I haue bene left vnto the euer sence I was borne, thou art my God, eue fro my mothers wombe. 11 O go not fro me the, for trouble is harde at honde, and here is none to helpe me. 12 Greate bulles are come aboute me, fatt oxen close me in on euery syde. 13 They gape vpon me with their mouthes, as it were a rampinge and roaringe lyon. 14 I am poured out like water, all my bones are out of ioynt: my hert in the myddest off my body is euen like meltinge waxe. 15 My strength is dried vp like a potsherde, my tunge cleueth to my goomes, and thou hast brought me in to the dust of death. 16 For dogges are come aboute me, the coucell of ye wicked hath layed sege agaynst me. 17 They pearsed my hondes and my fete, I might haue tolde all my bones: as for them, they stode staringe and lokinge vpon me. 18 They haue parted my garmentes amonge them, ad cast lottes vpon my vesture. 19 But be not thou farre fro me, o LORDE: thou art my sucoure, haist the to helpe me. 20 Delyuer my soule from the swearde, my dearlinge from the power of the dogge. 21 Saue me from the lyons mouth, and heare me fro amonge the hornes off the vnicornes. 22 So will I declare thy name vnto my brethren, in the myddest off the congregacion will I prayse the. 23 O prayse the LORDE ye that feare him: Magnifie him all ye sede of Iacob, & let all ye sede of Israel feare hi. 24 For he hath not despysed ner abhorred the myserable estate of the poore: he hath not hyd his face fro me, but whe I called vnto him, he herde me. 25 I wil prayse the in the greate congregacion, and perfourme my vowes in the sight off all the that feare the. 26 The poore shal eate ad be satisfied: they yt seke after ye LORDE shal prayse him: youre herte shal lyue for euer. 27 All the endes of the worlde shal remembre themselues, & be turned vnto the LORDE: and all the generacions of the Heithen shal worsh pe before him. 28 For the kyngdome is the LORDES, and he shal be the gouernoure of ye Heithen. 29 All soch as be fat vpo earth, shal eate also and worshipe: 30 All they that lye in the dust, and lyue so hardly, shall fall downe before him. 31 The sede shall serue him, and preach of the LORDE for euer. They shal come, & declare his rightuousnes: vnto a people that shal be borne, who the LORDE hath made.

Psalms 23:1-36:1

1 The LORDE is my shepherde, I can wante nothinge. 2 He fedeth me in a grene pasture, ad ledeth me to a fresh water. 3 He quickeneth my soule, & bringeth me forth in the waye of rightuousnes for his names sake. 4 Though I shulde walke now in the valley of the shadowe of death, yet I feare no euell, for thou art with me: thy staffe & thy shepehoke coforte me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me agaynst mine enemies: thou anoyntest my heade with oyle, & fyllest my cuppe full. 6 Oh let thy louynge kyndnes & mercy folowe me all the dayes off my life, that I maye dwell in the house off the LORDE for euer.

Psalms 24:1-36:1

1 The earth is the LORDES, & all that therin is: the copase of the worlde, ad all yt dwell therin. 2 For he hath fouded it vpo the sees, & buylded it vpon the floudes. 3 Who shal go vp in to the hill off the LORDE? Or, who shal remayne in his holy place? 4 Eue he yt hath innocet hodes & a clene herte: which lifteth not vp his mynde vnto vanite, & sweareth not to disceaue. 5 He shal receaue the blessinge fro the LORDE, ad mercy fro God his sauioure. 6 This is ye generacio of the yt seke him, of the yt seke yi face, o Iacob. 7 Sela. Open yor gates (o ye prices) let the euerlastinge dores be opened, yt ye kynge of glory maye come in. 8 Who is this kynge of glory? It is the LORDE stroge and mightie, euen the LORDE mightie in batell. 9 Open youre gates (o ye prynces) let the euerlastinge dores be opened, yt the kynge off glory maye come in. 10 Who is this kynge off glory? It is the LORDE of hoostes, he is the kynge of glory. Sela.

Psalms 25:1-36:1

1 Unto the (o LORDE) I lift vp my soule. 2 My God, I trust in ye: Oh let me not be confounded, lest myne enemies triuphe ouer me. 3 For all they yt hope in ye shal not be ashamed: but soch as be scornefull despysers wt out a cause. they shall be put to cofucio. 4 Shewe me thy wayes (o LORDE) & teach me thy pathes. 5 Lede me in yi trueth and lerne me, for thou art the God off my health, and in the is my hope all the daye longe. 6 Call to remembraunce, O LORDE, thy tender mercyes & thy louinge kyndnesses, which haue bene euer of olde. 7 Oh remebre not ye synnes & offences of my youth, but acordinge vnto thy mercy thynke vpon me (O LORDE) for thy goodnesse. 8 O how fredly & rightuous is the LORDE, therfore wil he teach synners in the waye. 9 He ledeth the symple a right, and soch as be meke the lerneth he his wayes. 10 All the wayes of the LORDE are very mercy & faithfulnesse, vnto soch as kepe his testament and couenaunt. 11 For thy names sake, O LORDE, be mercifull vnto my synne, for it is greate. 12 What so euer he be that feareth the LORDE, he shal shewe him the waye that he hath chosen. 13 His soule shall dwell at ease, and his sede shall possesse the londe. 14 The secrete of the LORDE is amonge them that feare him, and he sheweth them his couenaunt. 15 Myne eyes are euer lokynge vnto the LORDE, for he shal plucke my fete out of ye nett. 16 Turne the vnto me and haue mercy vpon me, for I am desolate and in misery. 17 The sorowes of my herte are greate, O brynge me out of my troubles. 18 Loke vpon my aduersite and misery, and forgeue me all my synnes. 19 Considre how myne enemies are many, and beare a malicious hate agaynst me. 20 O kepe my soule, and delyuer me: let me not be confounded, for I haue put my trust in the. 21 Let innocency and rightuous dealinge wayte vpon me, for my hope is in the. 22 Delyuer Israel (O God) out of all his trouble.

Psalms 26:1-36:1

1 Be thou my iudge (O LORDE) for I walke innocently: my trust is in the LORDE, therfore shall I not fall. 2 Examen me O LORDE, and proue me: trie out my reynes and my hert. 3 For thy louynge kyndnesse is before myne eyes, and I walke in thy trueth. 4 I syt not amoge vayne personnes, and haue no fellishepe with the disceatfull. 5 I hate the congregacion of the wicked, and I will not syt amonge the vngodly. 6 I wa?she my hondes with innocency O LORDE, and so go I to thine aulter. 7 That I maye shewe the voyce of thy prayse, and tell of all thy wonderous workes. 8 LORDE, I loue the habitacion of thy house, and ye place where thy honoure dwelleth. 9 O destroye not my soule with the synners, ner my life with the bloudthurstie. 10 In whose hondes is wickednesse, and their right honde is full of giftes. 11 But as for me I will walke innocently: O delyuer me, and be mercifull vnto me. 12 My fote stondeth right: I wil prayse the (O LORDE) in the congregacions.

Psalms 27:1-36:1

1 The LORDE is my light and my health: whom then shulde I feare? the LORDE is the strength of my life, for whom the shulde I be afrayed? 2 Therfore when the wicked (euen myne enemies & my foes) came vpon me, to eate vp my flesh, they stombled and fell. 3 Though an hoost of men were layed agaynst me, yet shal not my hert be afrayed: and though there rose vp warre against me, yet wil I put my trust in him. 4 One thinge haue I desyred of the LORDE, which I wil requyre: namely, that I maye dwell in the house of the LORDE all the dayes of my life, to beholde the fayre beutie of the LORDE, and to vyset his temple. 5 For in the tyme of trouble he hath hyd me in his tabernacle, yee in the secrete place of his dwellinge hath he kepte and set me vp vpon a rocke of stone. 6 And now hath he lift vp my heade aboue myne enemies, that copassed me rounde aboute. 7 Therfore wil I offre in his dwellinge, the oblacion of thakesgeuynge: I wil both synge & speake prayses vnto the LORDE. 8 Herke vnto my voyce (O LORDE) when I crie vnto the: haue mercy vpon me & heare me. 9 My hert speaketh vnto the, my face seketh the, yee LORDE, thy face wil I seke. O hyde not thou thy face fro me, cast not thy seruaunt of in displeasure. 10 Thou art my succoure, leaue me not, nether forsake me, O God my Sauioure. 11 For my father and my mother haue forsaken me, but the LORDE hath taken me vp. Shewe me thy waye O LORDE, and lede me in the right path, because of myne enemies. 12 Delyuer me not into the wylles of myne aduersaries, for there are false wytnesses rysen vp against me, and they ymagyn myschefe. 13 Neuerthelesse, I beleue verely to se the goodnesse of the LORDE in the londe of the lyuynge. 14 O tary thou ye LORDES leysure, be stronge, let thine hert be of good comforte, and wayte thou still for the LORDE.

Psalms 28:1-36:1

1 Unto the wil I crie, o my stronge defence: thinke no scorne of me, lest (yf thou make the as though thou herdest not) I become like them, that go downe into ye pytte. 2 Heare the voyce of my humble peticion, when I crie vnto the, and holde vp my hondes towarde thy holy temple. 3 O plucke me not awaye amonge the vngodly and wicked doers, which speake frendly to their neghboure, but ymagin myschefe in their hertes. 4 Rewarde them acordinge to their dedes and wickednesse of their owne inuencions. 5 Recompense them after ye workes of their hodes, paye them that they haue deserued. 6 For they regarde not the workes of the LORDE, ner the operacion of his hades: therfore shal he breake them downe, and not buylde them vp. 7 Praysed be ye LORDE, for he hath herde the voyce of my humble peticio. 8 The LORDE is my stregth and my shylde: my herte hoped in him, & I am helped: therfore my hert dauseth for ioye, and I will synge prayses vnto him. 9 The LORDE is the strength of his people, he is the defender and Sauioure of his anoynted. O helpe thy people, geue thy blessynge vnto thy enheritaunce: fede them, and set them vp for euer.

Psalms 29:1-36:1

1 A scrybe vnto the LORDE (o ye mightie) ascribe vnto the LORDE worshipe and strength. 2 Geue the LORDE the honoure of his name, bowe youre selues to the holy magesty of the LORDE 3 It is the LORDE that commaundeth the waters: It is the glorious God that maketh ye thonder: 4 it is the LORDE yt ruleth the see. 5 The voyce of the LORDE is mightie in operacion, the voyce of the LORDE is a glorious voyce 6 The voyce of the LORDE breaketh the Cedre trees: yee the LORDE breaketh the Ceders of Libanus. 7 He maketh them to skippe like a calfe: Libanus and Sirion like a yonge vnycorne. 8 The voyce of the LORDE deuideth the flames of fyre: the voyce of the LORDE shaketh the wildernesse, yee the LORDE shaketh the wildernesse of Cades. 9 The voyce of the LORDE moueth ye hyndes & discouereth the thicke bu?shes: in his temple shal euery man speake of his honoure. 10 The LORDE stilleth the water floude, & ye LORDE remayneth a kynge for euer. 11 The LORDE shall geue power vnto his people, the LORDE shal geue his people the blessynge of peace.

Psalms 30:1-36:1

1 I wil magnifie ye (O LORDE) for thou hast set me vp, & not suffred my foes to triuphe ouer me. 2 O LORDE my God, I cried vnto the, and thou hast healed me. 3 Thou LORDE hast brought my soule out of hell: thou hast kepte my life, where as they go downe to the pytte. 4 Synge prayses vnto the LORDE (o ye sayntes of his) geue thankes vnto him for a remembraunce of his holynesse. 5 For his wrath endureth but the twincklinge of an eye, and his pleasure is in life: heuynesse maye well endure for a night, but ioye commeth in the mornynge. 6 As for me, whe I was in prosperite, I sayde: Tush, I shal neuer fall more. (And why? thou LORDE of thy goodnesse haddest made my hill so stronge.) 7 But as soone as thou turnedest thy face fro me, I was brought in feare. 8 The cried I vnto ye (O LORDE) yee vnto ye LORDE made I my prayer. 9 What profit is there in my bloude, yf I go downe to corrupcion? 10 Maye the dust geue thankes vnto ye? Or shal it declare thy faithfulnesse? 11 Hear (O LORDE) and haue mercy vpon me: LORDE be thou my helper. 12 And so thou hast turned my heuynesse into ioye: thou hast put of my sack cloth, & gyrded me wt gladnesse. That my honor might synge prayses vnto the wt out ceassynge: O LORDE my God, I wil geue thankes vnto the for euer.

Psalms 31:1-36:1

1 In the, O LORDE, is my trust: let me neuer be put to cofucion, but delyuer me in thy rightuousnesse. 2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make haist to delyuer me: 3 be thou my stronge rocke and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me. 4 For thou art my stronge holde & my castell: O be thou my gyde, & lede me for thy names sake. 5 Drawe me out of the nett yt they haue layed priuely for me, for thou art my stregth. 6 Into thy hondes I commende my sprete: thou hast delyuered me O LORDE thou God of treuth. 7 I hate them that holde of vanities, and my trust is in the LORDE. 8 I will be glad and reioyse in thy mercy: for thou hast considred my trouble, thou hast knowne my soule in aduersite. 9 Thou hast not delyuered me ouer in to the hodes of the enemie, but hast set my fete in a large rowme. 10 Haue mercy vpon me, O LORDE, for I am in trouble, myne eye is consumed for very heuynesse, yee my soule and my body. 11 My life is waxen olde with heuynesse, and my yeares wt mournynge. 12 My stregth fayleth me because of my aduersite, and my bones are corrupte. 13 I am become a very reprofe amonge all myne enemies, my neghbours & they of myne owne acquauntaunce are afrayed of me: they yt se me in the strete, coveye them selues fro me. 14 I am clene forgotten and out of mynde, as a deed man: I am become like a broken vessell. 15 For I haue herde the blasphemy of the multitude: euery man abhorreth me: they haue gathered a councel together agaynst me, and are purposed to take awaye my life. 16 But my hope is in ye O LORDE, & I saye: thou art my God. 17 My tyme is in thy honde: delyuer me from the honde of myne enemies, & from them yt persecute me. 18 Shewe thy seruaunt the light of thy countenaunce, helpe me for thy mercies sake. 19 Let me not be confounded (o LORDE) for I call vpon the: let the vngodly rather be put to confucion, and brought vnto the hell. 20 Let the lyenge lippes be put to sylence, which cruelly, di?danedly & despitefully speake agaynst the rightuous. 21 O how greate and manifolde is thy good, which thou haist hyd for them that feare ye? O what thinges bringest thou to passe for them, that put their trust in the, euen before the sonnes of men? 22 Thou hydest them priuely by thine owne presence from the proude men, thou kepest them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the strife of tonges. 23 Thankes be to the LORDE, for he hath shewed me maruelous greate kyndnesse in a stronge cite. For when the sodane feare came vpon me, I sayde: I am cast out of thy sight. 24 Neuertheles, thou herdest myne humble prayer, when I cried vnto the. O loue the LORDE (all ye his sayntes) for the LORDE preserueth the faithfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stroge therfore & take a good herte vnto you, all ye that put youre trust in the LORDE.

Psalms 32:1-36:1

1 Blessed are they, whose vnrightuousnesse is forgeuen, and whose synnes are couered. 2 Blessed is the man, vnto whom the LORDE imputeth no synne, in whose sprete there is no gyle. 3 For whyle I helde my tonge, my bones consumed awaye thorow my daylie complaynynges. 4 And because thy hande was so heuy vpon me both daye and night, my moysture was like the drouth in Sommer. Sela. 5 Therfore I confessed my synne vnto the, and hyd not myne vnrightuousnesse. 6 I saide: I will knowlege myne offence, and accuse my self vnto the LORDE, and so thou forgauest me the wickednesse of my synne. 7 Sela. For this shal euery saynte make his prayer vnto the in due season, therfore shall not the greate water floudes come nye him. 8 Thou art my defence in the trouble that is come aboute me, O copasse thou me aboute also with the ioye of delyueraunce. 9 Sela. I wil enforme the, and shewe the the waye wherin thou shalt go: I wil fasten myne eyes vpon the. 10 Be not ye now like horses & mooles, which haue no vnderstondinge. Whose mouthes thou must holde with bytt & brydle, yf they wil not obeie the. 11 Greate plages shall ye vngodly haue, but who so putteth his trust in the LORDE, mercy shall compasse him on euery syde. Be glad (o ye rightuous) and reioyse in the LORDE, be ioyfull all ye that are true of herte.

Psalms 33:1-36:1

1 Reioyse in ye LORDE (o ye rightuous) for it becommeth well the iust to be thankfull. 2 Prayse the LORDE with harpe: synge psalmes vnto him with the lute and instrument of ten strynges. 3 Singe him a new songe, yee synge lustely vnto him & with a good corage. 4 For the worde of ye LORDE is true, and all his workes are faithfull. 5 He loueth mercy & iudgment, ye earth is full of the goodnesse of the LORDE 6 By the worde of the LORDE were the heauens made, & all the hoostes of them by ye breth of his mouth. 7 He gathereth ye waters together as it were in a bottell, & laieth vp the depe in secrete. 8 Let all the earth feare the LORDE, and let all them that dwell in the worlde, stode in awe of him. 9 For loke what he sayeth, it is done: and loke what he comaudeth, it stondeth fast. 10 The LORDE bryngeth the councell of the Heithen to naught, and turneth the deuyces of the people. 11 But the coucell of the LORDE endureth, and the thoughtes of his hert from generacion to generacion. 12 Blessed are the people that holde the LORDE for their God, & blessed are the folke whom he hath chosen to be his heretage. 13 The LORDE loketh downe from heauen, & beholdeth all the children of men: 14 from his stronge seate he considreth all them yt dwell in the worlde. 15 He only hath fashioned all the hertes of them, & knoweth all their workes. 16 A kynge is not helped by his owne greate hoost, nether is a giaunte saued thorow the might of his owne stregth. 17 A horse is but a vayne thynge to saue a man, it is not the power of his stregth that can delyuer him. 18 Beholde, the eye of the LORDE loketh vnto them that feare him, & put their trust in his mercy. 19 That he maye delyuer their soules from death, and to fede them in the deare tyme. 20 Let oure soule paciently abyde the LORDE, for he is oure helpe and shilde. 21 So shal oure herte reioyse in him, because we haue hoped in his holy name. 22 Let thy mercifull kyndnesse (o LORDE) be vpon vs, like as we put oure trust in the.

Psalms 34:1-36:1

1 I wil allwaye geue thankes vnto the LORDE, his prayse shal euer be in my mouth. 2 My soule shall make hir boast in the LORDE: the poore oppressed shal heare therof, and be glad. 3 O prayse ye LORDE with me, and let vs magnifie his name together. 4 I sought the LORDE, and he herde me, yee he delyuered me out of all my feare. 5 They that haue an eye vnto him, shalbe lightened, & their faces shall not be ashamed. 6 This poore man cried vnto the LORDE, and he herde him, yee and delyuered him out of all his troubles. 7 The angell of the LORDE pitcheth his tente rounde aboute them that feare him, and delyuereth them. 8 O taist and se how frendly the LORDE is, blessed is the man yt trusteth in him. 9 O feare the LORDE, ye yt be his sayntes: for they that feare him, lacke nothinge. 10 The rich shal want and suffre hunger, but they which seke the LORDE, shal wat no maner of thinge, that is good. 11 Come hither (o ye children) herken vnto me, I wil teach you the feare of the LORDE. 12 Who so listeth to lyue, & wolde fayne se good dayes. 13 Let him refrayne his tonge from euell, and his lippes that they speake no gyle. 14 Let him eschue euell, and do good: Let him seke peace & ensue it. 15 For the eyes of the LORDE are ouer the rightuous, and his eares are open vnto their prayers. 16 But the face of the LORDE beholdeth them that do euel, to destroye the remembraunce of them out of the earth. 17 When the rightuous crie, the LORDE heareth them, and delyuereth the out of all their troubles. 18 The LORDE is nye vnto them yt are contrite in hert, & wil helpe soch as be of an huble sprete. 19 Greate are ye troubles of the rightuous, but the LORDE delyuereth them out of all. 20 He kepeth all their bones, so yt not one of them is broken. 21 But mi?fortune shal slaye the vngodly, and they that hate ye rightuous shal be giltie. 22 The LORDE delyuereth the soules of his seruautes, and all they that put their trust in him, shal not offende.

Psalms 35:1-36:1

1 Stryue thou with them (o LORDE) that stryue wt me, fight thou agaynst them that fight agaynst me. 2 Laye honde vpon the shylde and speare, and stonde vp to helpe me. 3 Drawe out thy swearde, and stoppe the waye agaynst them that persecute me, saye vnto my soule: I am yi helpe. 4 Let them be cofounded and put to shame, that seke after my soule: let the be turned back and brought to confucion, that ymagin myschefe for me. 5 Let the be as ye dust before the wynde, and the angell of the LORDE scaterynge the. 6 Let their waye be darcke and slippery, and the angell of the LORDE to persecute them. 7 For they haue pryuely laied their nett to destroye me without a cause, yee and made a pitte for my soule, which I neuer deserued. 8 Let a sodane destruccio come vpon him vnawarres, and ye nett that he hath layed priuely, catch him self, that he maye fall in to his owne myschefe. 9 But let my soule be ioyfull in the LORDE, and reioyse in his helpe. 10 All my bones shal saie: LORDE, who is like vnto the? which delyuerest ye poore from those that are to stronge for him, yee the poore and the nedy from his robbers. 11 False witnesses are rysen vp, & laye to my charge thinges that I knowe not. 12 They rewarde me euell for good, to the greate discomforth of my soule. 13 Neuertheles, when they were sick, I put on a sack cloth: I humbled my soule with fastinge, and my prayer turned in to myne owne bosome. 14 I behaued myself as though it had bene my frende or my brother, I wete heuely, as one yt mourneth for his mother. 15 But in my aduersite they reioyse, and gather them together: yee ye very lame come together agaynst me vnawarres, makynge mowes at me, & ceasse not. 16 With ye gredy & scornefull ypocrites, they gna?shed vpon me with theirteth. 17 LORDE, whan wilt thou loke vpo this? O restore my soule from ye wicked rumoure of the, my dearlinge from the lyons. 18 So wil I geue ye thankes in the greate congregacion, & prayse the amonge moch people. 19 O let the not triuphe ouer me, that are myne enemies for naught: O let them not wyncke wt their eyes, that hate me without a cause. 20 And why? their comonynge is not for peace, but they ymagin false wordes agaynst ye outcastes of the londe. 21 They gape vpon me wt their mouthes, sayenge: there there: we se it with oure eyes. 22 This thou seist, o LORDE: holde not thy tonge the: go not farre fro me, o LORDE. 23 Awake (LORDE) and stonde vp: auenge thou my cause, my God, and my LORDE. 24 Iudge me (o LORDE my God) acordinge to thy rightuousnesse, yt they triuphe not ouer me. 25 O let the not saye in their hertes: there there, so wolde we haue it. O let them not saye: we haue ouercome him. 26 Let them be put to confucion and shame, that reioyse at my trouble: let the be clothed with rebuke and dishonoure, that boost the selues agaynst me. 27 Let them also be glad and reioyse, that fauoure my rightuous dealinge: yee let them saye allwaye: blessed be ye LORDE, which hath pleasure in the prosperite of his seruaunt. 28 And as for my tonge, it shall be talkynge of thy rightuousnes and of thy prayse, all the daye longe.

Psalms 36:1-1

1 My hert sheweth me the wickednesse of the vngodly, that there is no feare of God before his eyes.

Proverbs 22:6

6 Yf thou teachest a childe in his youth what waye he shulde go, he shall not leaue it when he is olde.

Leviticus 18:1-30

1 And the LORDE talked wt Moses, & saide: 2 Speake vnto the childre of Israel, & saye vnto them: I am the LORDE youre God, 3 Ye shall not do after ye workes of the lande of Egipte, wherin ye dwelt: nether after the doynges of the lande of Canaan, in to the which I will brynge you. Ye shal not walke after their customes, 4 but after my lawes shall ye do, & my statutes shall ye kepe, that ye maye walke therin: for I am the LORDE youre God. 5 Therfore shal ye kepe my statutes and my lawes. For the man that doth the same, shal liue therin, for I am the LORDE. 6 No ma shal come at his nexte kinswoma, to vncouer hir preuytie: for I am ye LORDE. 7 Thou shalt not vncouer ye preuytie of yi father & of yi mother. It is thy mother, therfore shalt thou not vncouer hir preuytie. 8 Thou shalt not vncouer ye preuytie of yi fathers wife, for it is yi fathers preuytie. 9 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy sister, which is the doughter of yi father or of yi mother, whether she be borne at home or without. 10 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy sonnes doughter, or of thy doughters doughter, for it is thine awne preuytie. 11 Thou shalt not vncouer ye preuytie of yi fathers wiues doughter, which is borne vnto him, and is thy sister. 12 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy fathers sister, for it is thy fathers nexte kynswoman. 13 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy mothers sister, for it is yi mothers nexte kynswoman. 14 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy fathers brother, to take his wife, for she is thine awnte. 15 Thou shalt not vncouer ye preuytie of yi doughter in lawe, for she is yi sonnes wife, therfore shalt thou not vncouer hir preuitie. 16 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy brothers wife, for it is thy brothers preuytie. 17 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy wife and of hir doughter also, nether shalt thou take hir sonnes doughter or hir doughters doughter, to vncouer their preuyties, for they are hir nexte kynswomen. And it is wickednesse. 18 Thou shalt not take a wife and hir sister also, to vncouer hir preuytie, whyle she is yet alyue. 19 Thou shalt not go vnto a woman to vncouer hir preuytie, so longe as she hath hir disease in hir vnclennesse. 20 Thou shalt not lye with thy neghbours wife to medle with her, for to defyle thy self withall. 21 Thou shalt not geue of thy sede also, to be burnt vnto Moloch, lest thou vnhalowe the name of thy God, for I am the LORDE. 22 Thou shalt not lye with mankynde as with womankynde, for yt is abhominacion. 23 Thou shalt lye with no maner of beest, to defyle yi self therwith. And no woman shal haue to do wt a beest, for it is abhominacion. 24 Ye shal defyle youre selues in none of these thinges. For ye Heithen (whom I wil cast out before you) haue stayned them selues in all these, 25 and the londe is defyled there thorow. And their wickednesse wyl I vyset vpo them, so that the londe shal spue out the indwellers therof. 26 Therfore kepe ye my statutes and lawes, and do not one of these abhominacions, nether one of youre awne selues ner the straunger amonge you 27 (for all soch abhominacions haue ye people of this lode done which were before you, & haue defyled the lande) 28 that the lande spue not you out also, whan ye haue defyled it, as it spewed out the Heythe, that were there before you. 29 For who so euer commytte these abhominacios, the same soules shalbe roted out from amonge their people. 30 Therfore kepe ye my statutes, that ye do not after ye abhominable customes, which were before you, that ye be not defyled therwith: For I am the LORDE youre God.

2 Timothy 2:15

15 Study to shewe thy selfe vnto God a laudable workman, that nedeth not to be ashamed, deuydynge the worde of trueth iustly.

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