H8588 תּענגה תּענג תּענוּג - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

תּענגה תּענג תּענוּג
ta‛ănûg ta‛ănûg ta‛ănûgâh
tah-an-oog', tah-an-oog', tah-an-oog-aw'
The third form being feminine; from H6026; luxury

KJV Usage: delicate, delight, pleasant.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

תּענגה תּענג תּענוּג

1. daintiness, luxury, exquisite delight, pleasantness, delight, comfort
a. luxury
b. dainty
c. delight
Origin: from H6026
TWOT: 1648c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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5 occurrences of H8588 תּענגה תּענג תּענוּג

Proverbs 19:10
Ecclesiastes 2:8
Song of Songs 7:6
Micah 1:16
Micah 2:9

Corresponding Greek Words

taanug G5172 truphe