Yield - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G1325, didomi ]
to give," is translated "to yield," i.e., "to produce," in Matthew 13:8, RV (AV, "brought forth"); Mark 4:7-Mark 4:8. See GIVE.

[ 2,,G591, apodidomi ]
"to give up or back," is translated "to yield" in Hebrews 12:11; Revelation 22:2 (in each case, of bearing fruit). See DELIVER, A, No. 3, etc.

[ 3,,G3936,paristemi / paristano ] "to present," is translated "to yield" in Romans 6:13 (twice), Romans 6:16, Romans 6:19 (twice), RV, "to present," in each place. See COMMEND, etc.

[ 4,,G4160, poieo ]
"to make, to do," is translated "yield" in James 3:12. See DO.

[ 5,,G863, aphiemi ]
"to send away," is translated "yielded up (His spirit)" in Matthew 27:50 (cp. paratithemi, "I commend," Luke 23:46, and paradidomi, "He gave up," John 19:30). See FORGIVE, etc.

[ 6,,G3982, peitho ]
"to persuade," in the Passive Voice, "to be persuaded," is translated "do (not) thou yield," Acts 23:21. See PERSUADE.

Note: In Acts 5:10, AV, ekpsucho, "to breathe one's last, expire" (ek, "out," psuche, "the life"), is translated "yielded up (RV, "gave up") the ghost." See GHOST (give up the), No. 2.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words