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Tithe (Verb)

[ 1,,G1183, dekatoo ]
from dekatos, tenth," in the Active Voice denotes "to take tithes of," Hebrews 7:6, RV, "hath taken (AV, received) tithes;" in the Passive, "to pay tithes," Hebrews 7:9, RV, "hath paid (AV, 'payed') tithes." In the Sept., Nehemiah 10:37.

[ 2,,G586, apodekatoo ]
(a) "to tithe" (apo, "from," dekatos, "tenth"), Matthew 23:23 (AV, "pay tithe of"); Luke 11:42; in Luke 18:12 (where the best texts have the alternative form apodekateuo), "I give tithes;"
(b) "to exact tithes" from Hebrews 7:5.

[ 3,,G586, apodekateuo ]
"to give tithes," in Luke 18:12 (some texts have No. 2).

Note: Hebrews 7:4-Hebrews 7:9 shows the superiority of the Melchizedek priesthood to the Levitical, in that

(1) Abraham, the ancestor of the Levites, paid "tithes" to Melchizedek (Genesis 14:20);

(2) Melchizedek, whose genealogy is outside that of the Levites, took "tithes" of Abraham, the recipient himself of the Divine promises;

(3) whereas death is the natural lot of those who receive "tithes," the death of Melchizedek is not recorded;

(4) the Levites who received "tithes" virtually paid them through Abraham to Melchizedek.

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