So - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


* Notes:

(1) Houtos or houto, thus," is the usual word (See THUS).

(2) Some form of houstos, "this," is sometimes rendered "so," e.g., Acts 23:7; Romans 12:20.

(3) It translates homoios, "likewise," e.g., in Luke 5:10; oun, "therefore," e.g., John 4:40, John 4:53.

(4) For "so many as," See MANY; for "so much as," See MUCH.

(5) Sumbaino, when used of events, signifies "to come to pass, happen;" in Acts 21:35 it is rendered "so it was." See BEFALL, HAPPEN.

(6) In 1 Peter 3:17, thelo, "to will," is translated "should so will," lit., "willeth."

(7) In 2 Corinthians 12:16, the imperative mood, 3rd person singular, of eimi, "to be," is used impersonally, and signifies "be it so."

(8) In Hebrews 7:9 epos, "a word," is used in a phrase rendered "so to say;" See WORD, Note

(9) In 1 Timothy 3:11, hosautos, "likewise," is translated "even so."
(10) Hos, as, is rendered "so" in Hebrews 3:11 (RV, "as"). For association with other words See +, p. 9.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words