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Rise, Rising

* Notes:

(1) For the various verbs anistemi, exanistemi, egeiro, anabaino, anatello, sunephistemi, See under ARISE.

(2) For the AV, should rise" in Acts 26:23, See RESURRECTION.

(3) Exanistemi, transitively, "to raise up" (ek, "out, from, out of"), is used intransitively in Acts 15:5, "there rose up," i.e., from the midst of a gathered company. See RAISE.

(4) For the AV and RV of sunegeiro, "to raise together with," and in the Passive Voice in Colossians 2:12; Colossians 3:1, See RAISE.

(5) For the word "rising," which is used to translate the verbs anatello in Mark 16:2, and anistemi, in Mark 9:10, See under ARISE, Nos. 9 and 1 respectively.

(6) For katephistemi, Acts 18:12, RV, See INSURRECTION, B.

(7) Epanistamai, "to rise up against," occurs in Matthew 10:21; Mark 13:12.

(8) Anastasis, is rendered "rising up" in Luke 2:34, RV.

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