Punishment - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G1557, ekdikesis ]
for 1 Peter 2:14, AV, punishment" (RV, "vengeance"), See AVENGE, B, No. 2.

[ 2,,G2009, epitimia ]
in the NT denotes "penalty, punishment," 2 Corinthians 2:6. Originally it signified the enjoyment of the rights and privileges of citizenship; then it became used of the estimate (time) fixed by a judge on the infringement of such rights, and hence, in general, a "penalty."

[ 3,,G2851, kolasis ]
akin to kolazo (PUNISH, No. 1), "punishment," is used in Matthew 25:46, "(eternal) punishment," and 1 John 4:18, "(fear hath) punishment," RV (AV, "torment"), which there describes a process, not merely an effect; this kind of fear is expelled by perfect love; where God's love is being perfected in us, it gives no room for the fear of meeting with His reprobation; the "punishment" referred to is the immediate consequence of the sense of sin, not a holy awe but a slavish fear, the negation of the enjoyment of love.

[ 4,,G1349, dike ]
"justice," or "the execution of a sentence," is translated "punishment" in Jude 1:7, RV (AV, "vengeance"). See JUSTICE.

[ 5,,G5098, timoria ]
primarily "help" (See PUNISH, No. 2), denotes "vengeance, punishment," Hebrews 10:29.

Note: The distinction, sometimes suggested, between No. 3 as being disciplinary, with special reference to the sufferer, and No. 5, as being penal, with reference to the satisfaction of him who inflicts it, cannot be maintained in the Koine Greek of NT times.

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