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Much (as)

* Notes:

(1) In Luke 6:34 the phrase ta isa, lit., the equivalent (things)," is translated "as much" (of lending, to receive back the equivalent).

(2) In Romans 1:15, the phrase to kat' eme, lit., "the (thing) according to me," signifies "as much as in me is;" cp. the AV marg. in 1 Peter 5:2 [lit., "the (extent) in, or among, you;" the text takes the word "flock" as understood, the marg. regards the phrase as adverbially idiomatic]; in Romans 12:18 "as much as in you lieth" translates a similar phrase, lit., "the (extent) out of you."

(3) In Hebrews 12:20, AV, kai ean (contracted to k'an), "if even" (RV), is translated "and if so much as."

(4) The negatives oude and mede, "not even" (RV) are translated "not so much as" in the AV in Mark 2:2; Luke 6:3; 1 Corinthians 5:1; in the following the RV and AV translate them "not so much as," Mark 3:20 (some mss. have mete, with the same meaning); Acts 19:2; in Mark 6:31 "no (leisure) so much as."

(5) In Romans 3:12, heos, "as far as, even unto," is translated "so much as" in the RV; the AV supplies nothing actually corresponding to it.

(6) In John 6:11 hosos denotes "as much as."

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