Money - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G694, argurion ]
properly, a piece of silver," denotes
(a) "silver," e.g., Acts 3:6;
(b) a "silver coin," often in the plural, "pieces of silver," e.g., Matthew 26:15; so Matthew 28:12, where the meaning is "many, (hikanos) pieces of silver;"
(c) "money;" it has this meaning in Matthew 25:18, Matthew 25:27; Matthew 28:15; Mark 14:11; Luke 9:3; Luke 19:15, Luke 19:23; Luke 22:5; Acts 8:20 (here the RV has "silver").

Note: In Acts 7:16, for the AV, "(a sum of) money," the RV has "(a price in) silver." See SILVER.

[ 2,,G5536, chrema ]
lit., "a thing that one uses" (akin to chraomai, "to use"), hence,
(a) "wealth, riches," Mark 10:23-Mark 10:24; Luke 18:24;
(b) "money," Acts 4:37, singular number, "a sum of money;" plural in Acts 8:18, Acts 8:20; Acts 24:26. See RICHES.

[ 3,,G5475, chalkos ]
"copper," is used, by metonymy, of "copper coin," translated "money," in Mark 6:8; Mark 12:41. See BRASS.

[ 4,,G2772, kerma ]
primarily "a slice" (akin to keiro, "to cut short"), hence, "a small coin, change," is used in the plural in John 2:15, "the changers' money," probably considerable heaps of small coins.

[ 5,,G3546, nomisma ]
primarily "that which is established by custom" (nomos, "a custom, law"), hence, "the current coin of a state, currency," is found in Matthew 22:19, "(tribute) money." In the Sept., Nehemiah 7:71.

Note: In Matthew 17:27, AV, stater ("a coin," estimated at a little over three shillings, equivalent to four drachmae, the temple-tax for two persons), is translated "piece of money" (RV, "shekel"). See SHEKEL.

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