Magistrate - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G4755, strategos ]
besides its application to the captain of the Temple" (See CAPTAIN), denotes "a magistrate or governor," Acts 16:20, Acts 16:22, Acts 16:35-Acts 16:36, Acts 16:38. These were, in Latin terminology, the duumviri or praetores, so called in towns which were Roman colonies. They were attended by lictors or "sergeants," who executed their orders. In the circumstances of Acts 16 they exceeded their powers, in giving orders for Roman citizens to be scourged; hence they became suppliants. See CAPTAIN.

[ 2,,G758, archon ]
"a ruler," denotes, in Luke 12:58, "a local authority, a magistrate," acting in the capacity of one who received complaints, and possessing higher authority than the judge, to whom the "magistrate" remits the case. See CHIEF, PRINCE, RULER.


(1) In Luke 12:11, AV, arche, "a beginning, rule, principality," is translated "magistrates;" the word, however, denotes "rulers" in general: hence the RV, "rulers."

(2) For the AV of Titus 3:1, "to obey magistrates," See OBEY, B, No. 3.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words