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Left (Adjective)

[ 1,,G710, aristeros ]
is used
(a) of the left" hand, in Matthew 6:3, the word "hand" being understood; in connection with the armor of righteousness, in 2 Corinthians 6:7, "(on the right hand and) on the left," lit., "(of the weapons ... the right and) the left;"
(b) in the phrase "on the left," formed by ex (for ek), "from," and the genitive plural of this adjective, Mark 10:37 (some mss. have No. 2 here); Luke 23:33.

[ 2,,G2176, euonumos ]
lit., "of good name," or "omen" (eu, "well," onoma, "a name"), a word adopted to avoid the ill-omen attaching to the "left" (omens from the "left" being unlucky, but a good name being desired for them, cp. aristeros, lit., "better of two," euphemistic for the ill-omened laios and skaios; cp., too, the Eng., "sinister," from the Latin word meaning "left"), is used euphemistically for No. 1, either
(a) simply as an adjective in Revelation 10:2, of the "left" foot; in Acts 21:3, "on the left" (lit., "left"); or
(b) with the preposition ex (for ek), signifying "on the left hand," Matthew 20:21, Matthew 20:23; Matthew 25:33, Matthew 25:41; Matthew 27:38; Mark 10:40 (for Mark 10:37, in some mss., See No. 1); Mark 15:27.

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