Hearken - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G191, akouo ]
to hear," is rendered "hearken" in the AV and RV, in Mark 4:3; Acts 4:19; Acts 7:2; Acts 15:13; James 2:5; in the RV only, in Acts 3:22-Acts 3:23; Acts 13:16 (AV, "give audience"); Acts 15:12, "hearkened" (AV "gave audience"). See HEAR, No. 1. Note: In Acts 12:13, hupakouo, lit., "to hearken," with the idea of stillness, or attention (hupo, "under," akouo, "to hear"), signifies "to answer a knock at a door," RV, "to answer" (AV, "to hearken"). See OBEY.

[ 2,,G1873, epakouo ]
denotes "to hearken to," 2 Corinthians 6:2, RV (See HEAR, A, No. 4).

[ 3,,G1801, enotizomai ]
"to give ear to, to hearken" (from en, "in" and ous, "an ear"), is used in Acts 2:14, in Peter's address to the men of Israel.

[ 4,,G3980, peitharcheo ]
"to obey one in authority, be obedient" (peithomai, "to be persuaded," arche, "rule"), is translated "to hearken unto" in Acts 27:21, in Paul's reminder to the shipwrecked mariners that they should have given heed to his counsel. See OBEY.

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