Haste, with Haste, Hastily - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Haste, with Haste, Hastily

[ A-1,Noun,G4710, spoude ]
(a) haste, speed," accompanied by "with," Mark 6:25; Luke 1:39;
(b) "zeal, diligence, earnestness:" See BUSINESS, CARE, CAREFULNESS, DILIGENCE, FORWARDNESS.

[ B-1,Verb,G4692, speudo ]
(a) intransitively, "to hasten," Luke 2:16, "with haste," lit., "(they came) hastening;" Luke 19:5-Luke 19:6; Acts 20:16; Acts 22:18;
(b) transitively, "to desire earnestly," 2 Peter 3:12, RV, "earnestly desiring" (marg., "hastening"), AV, "hasting" (the day of God), i.e., in our practical fellowship with God as those who are appointed by Him as instruments through prayer and service for the accomplishment of His purposes, purposes which will be unthwartably fulfilled both in time and manner of accomplishment. In this way the earnest desire will find its fulfillment.

[ C-1,Adverb,G5030, tacheos ]
"quickly," is used in a warning to lay hands "hastily" on no man (with a suggestion of rashness), 1 Timothy 5:22, RV (AV, "suddenly"); in John 11:31, RV, "(she rose up) quickly" (AV, "hastily"). See QUICKLY, SHORTLY, SUDDENLY.

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