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Fig tree

[ 1,,G4808,suke or sukea ] a fig tree," is found in Matthew 21:19-Matthew 21:21; Matthew 24:32; Mark 11:13, Mark 11:20-Mark 11:21; Mark 13:28; Luke 13:6-Luke 13:7; Luke 21:29; John 1:48, John 1:50; James 3:12; Revelation 6:13 (See sukon, above).

Note: A "fig tree" with leaves must have young fruits already, or it will be barren for the season. The first figs ripen in late May or early June. The tree in Mark 11:13 should have had fruit, unripe indeed, but existing. In some lands "fig trees" bear the early fruit under the leaves and the later fruit above the leaves. In that case the leaves were a sign that there should have been fruit, unseen from a distance, underneath the leaves. The condemnation of this fig tree lay in the absence of any sign of fruit.

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