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Fierce, Fierceness

[ A-1,Adjective,G434, anemeros ]
signifies not tame, savage" (from a, negative, and hemeros, "gentle"), 2 Timothy 3:3. Epictetus describes those who forget God as their Creator, as resembling lions, "wild, savage and fierce" (anemeroi) (Moulton and Milligan, Greek Test. Vocab.).

[ A-2,Adjective,G5467, chalepos ]
(a) "hard to do or deal with, difficult, fierce," is said of the Gadarene demoniacs, Matthew 8:28;
(b) "hard to bear, painful, grievous," said of the last times, 2 Timothy 3:1, RV, "grievous," for AV, "perilous." See GRIEVOUS.


(1) In James 3:4 skleros, "hard, rough, violent," is said of winds, RV, "rough," for AV, "fierce."

(2) In Luke 23:5, the verb epischuo, "to make or grow stronger" (from epi, "over" intensive, and ischus, "strength"), is used metaphorically, "they were the more urgent," RV, for AV, "the more fierce."

[ B-1,Noun,G2372, thumos ]
"hot anger, wrath," is rendered "fierceness" in Revelation 16:19; Revelation 19:15, of the wrath of God. See ANGER (A, Notes), INDIGNATION, WRATH.

[ B-2,Noun,G2205, zelos ]
"zeal, jealousy," is rendered "fierceness" in Hebrews 10:27, RV (of fire).

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