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Easy, Easier, Easily

[ 1,,G5543, chrestos ]
primarily signifies fit for use, able to be used" (akin to chraomai, "to use"), hence, "good, virtuous, mild, pleasant" (in contrast to what is hard, harsh, sharp, bitter). It is said
(a) of the character of God as "kind, gracious," Luke 6:35; 1 Peter 2:3; "good," Romans 2:4, where the neuter of the adjective is used as a noun, "the goodness" (cp. the corresponding noun chrestotes, "goodness," in the same verse); of the yoke of Christ, Matthew 11:30, "easy" (a suitable rendering would be "kindly");
(c) of believers, Ephesians 4:32;
(d) of things, as wine, Luke 5:39, RV, "good," for AV, "better" (cp. Jeremiah 24:3, Jeremiah 24:5, of figs);
(e) ethically, of manners, 1 Corinthians 15:33. See GOOD, GRACIOUS, KIND.

[ 2,,G2123, eukopoteros ]
the comparative degree of eukopos, "easy, with easy labor" (eu, "well," kopos, "labor"), hence, of that which is "easier to do," is found in the Synoptics only, Matthew 9:5; Matthew 19:24; Mark 2:9; Mark 10:25; Luke 5:23; Luke 16:17; Luke 18:25.


(1) The adverb "easily" is included in the translation of euperistatos in Hebrews 12:1, "easily beset," lit., "the easily besetting sin," probably a figure from a garment, "easily surrounding," and therefore easily entangling. See BESET.

(2) In 1 Corinthians 13:5, AV, "is not easily provoked," there is no word in the original representing "easily;" RV, "is not provoked."

(3) For "easy to be entreated" See INTREAT. For "easy to be understood" See UNDERSTAND.

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