Discharged - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G2673, katargeo ]
means to reduce to inactivity." "Discharged" is the RV translation of the word in Romans 7:2, Romans 7:6 (AV, "is loosed," and "are delivered"). In Romans 7:2 the meaning is that the death of a woman's first husband makes void her status as a wife in the eyes of the Law; she is therefore "discharged" from the prohibition against remarrying; the prohibition is rendered ineffective in her case. So, in Romans 7:6, with the believer in relation to the Law, he has been made dead to the Law as a means of justification and life. It is not the Law that has died (AV), but the believer (See the RV), who has been "discharged," through being put to death, as to the old nature, in identification with the death of Christ, that he might have life in Christ. See ABOLISH.

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