Diadem - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G1238, diadema ]
is derived from diadeo, to bind round." It was the kingly ornament for the head, and especially the blue band marked with white, used to bind on the turban or tiara of Persian kings. It was adopted by Alexander the Great and his successors. Among the Greeks and Romans it was the distinctive badge of royalty. Diocletian was the first Roman emperor to wear it constantly. The word is found in Revelation 12:3; Revelation 13:1; Revelation 19:12, in which passages it symbolizes the rule respectively of the Dragon, the Beast, and Christ. In the Sept., Esther 1:11; Esther 2:17; in some mss. in Esther 6:8 and Esther 8:15; also in Isaiah 62:3,4. For the distinction between this and stephanos, See CROWN.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words