Damsel - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G2877, korasion ]
a diminutive of kore, a girl," denotes "a little girl" (properly a colloquial word, often used disparagingly, but not so in later writers); in the NT it is used only in familiar conversation, Matthew 9:24-Matthew 9:25 (AV, "maid"); Matthew 14:11; Mark 5:41-Mark 5:42; Mark 6:22, Mark 6:28.

[ 2,,G3813, paidion ]
a diminutive of pais, denotes "a young child (male or female)" in the AV of Mark 5:39-Mark 5:41 (1st line); the RV corrects "damsel" to "child," so as to distinguish between the narrative of facts, and the homely address to the little girl herself, in which, and in the following sentence, korasion is used. (See No. 1). See CHILD.

[ 3,,G3814, paidiske ]
denotes "a young girl, or a female slave;" "damsel," AV, in John 18:17; Acts 12:13; Acts 16:16; RV "maid" in each case. See BONDMAID, BONDWOMAN, MAID, MAIDEN.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words