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Compare, Comparison

[ 1,,G4793, sunkrino ]
(a) to join fitly, to combine," 1 Corinthians 2:13, either in the sense of combining spiritual things with spiritual, adapting the discourse to the subject, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or communicating spiritual things by spiritual things or words, or in the sense of interpreting spiritual things to spiritual men, RV and AV, "comparing" (cp. the Sept. use, of interpreting dreams, etc. Genesis 40:8, Genesis 40:16, Genesis 40:22; Genesis 41:12, Genesis 41:15; Daniel 5:12);
(b) "to place together;" hence, "judge or discriminate by comparison, compare, with or among," 2 Corinthians 10:12 (thrice).

[ 2,,G3846, paraballo ]
"to place side by side, to set forth," and the noun parabole (Eng., "parable"), occur in Mark 4:30, RV, "In what parable shall we set it forth?," AV, "with what comparison shall we compare it?" See ARRIVE.

Note: The preposition pros, "towards," is sometimes used of mental direction, in the way of estimation, or comparison, as in the phrase "(worthy) to be compared," or "(worthy) in comparison with," Romans 8:18.

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