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[ 1,,G2825, kline ]
akin to klino, to lean" (Eng., "recline, incline" etc.), "a bed," e.g., Mark 7:30, also denotes a "couch" for reclining at meals, Mark 4:21, or a "couch" for carrying the sick, Matthew 9:2, Matthew 9:6. The metaphorical phrase "to cast into a bed," Revelation 2:22, signifies to afflict with disease (or possibly, to lay on a bier). In Mark 7:4 the AV curiously translates the word "tables" (marg., "beds"), RV, marg. only, "couches." See COUCH.

[ 2,,G2825, klinarion ]
a diminutive of No. 1, "a small bed," is used in Acts 5:15. Some mss. have klinon. See also No. 4. See COUCH.

[ 3,,G2845, koite ]
primarily "a place for lying down" (connected with keimai, "to lie"), denotes a "bed," Luke 11:7; the marriage "bed," Hebrews 13:4; in Romans 13:13, it is used of sexual intercourse. By metonymy, the cause standing for the effect, it denotes conception, Romans 9:10.

[ 4,,G2895, krabbatos ]
a Macedonian word (Lat. grabatus), is "a somewhat mean bed, pallet, or mattress for the poor," Mark 2:4, Mark 2:9, Mark 2:11-Mark 2:12; Mark 6:55; John 5:8-John 5:11; Acts 5:15; Acts 9:33. See also No. 2. See COUCH.

Note: The verb stronnuo or stronnumi, "to spread," signifies, in Acts 9:34, "to make a bed;" elsewhere it has its usual meaning. See FURNISH, SPREAD.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

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