Beckon - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G3506, neuo ]
lit., to give a nod, to signify by a nod," is used in John 13:24, of Peter's beckoning to John to ask the Lord of whom He had been speaking; in Acts 24:10, of the intimation given by Felix to Paul to speak.

[ 2,,G1269, dianeuo ]
"to express one's meaning by a sign" (No. 1, with dia, "through," used intensively), is said of the act of Zacharias, Luke 1:22 (RV, "continued making sings," for AV, "beckoned"). In Sept., Psalms 35:19, "wink.

[ 3,,G2656, kataneuo ]
No. 1, with kata, "down," intensive, is used of the fishermen-partners in Luke 5:7, "beckoned."

[ 4,,G2678, kataseio ]
lit., "to shake down" (kata, "down," seio, "to shake"), of shaking the hand, of waving, expresses a little more vigorously the act of "beckoning," Acts 12:17; Acts 13:16; Acts 19:33; Acts 21:40. Neuo and its compounds have primary reference to a movement of the head; kataseio, to that of the hand.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words