Basket, Basketful - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Basket, Basketful

[ 1,,G2894, kophinos ]
was a wicker basket," originally containing a certain measure of capacity, Matthew 14:20; Matthew 16:9; Mark 6:43 (RV, "basketfuls"); Mark 8:19; Luke 9:17; Luke 13:8 in some mss.; John 6:13.

[ 2,,G4711, spuris ]
or sphuris, signifies "something round, twisted or folded together" (connected with speira, "anything rolled into a circle;" Eng., "sphere"); hence a reed basket, plaited, a capacious kind of hamper, sometimes large enough to hold a man, Matthew 15:37; Matthew 16:10; Mark 8:8, Mark 8:20 (RV, "basketfuls"); Acts 9:25.

[ 3,,G4553, sargane ]
(a) "a braided rope or band,"
(b) "a large basket made of ropes, or a wicker "basket" made of entwined twigs, 2 Corinthians 11:33. That the "basket" in which Paul was let down from a window in Damascus is spoken of by Luke as a spuris, and by Paul himself as a sargane, is quite consistent, the two terms being used for the same article.

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