Affirm - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G1226, diabebaioomai ]
dia, intensive, and bebaioo, to confirm, make sure, denotes to assert strongly, affirm confidently," 1 Timothy 1:7; Titus 3:8 (AV, "affirm constantly").

[ 2,,G1340, diischurizomai ]
as in No. 1, and ischurizosai, "to corroborate" (ischuros "strong;" See ABILITY, A, No. 2 and C, No. 2 note), primarily signifies "to lean upon," hence, "to affirm stoutly, assert vehemently," Luke 22:59; Acts 12:15.

[ 3,,G5335, phasko ]
a frequentative form of the verb phemi (No. 4), denotes "to allege, to affirm by way of alleging or professing," Acts 24:9 (RV, "affirming," AV, "saying"); Acts 25:19; Romans 1:22, "professing." Some mss. have it in Revelation 2:2, instead of the verb lego, "to say." See PROFESS, SAY.

[ 4,,G5346, phemi ]
"to say" (primarily by way of enlightening, explaining), is rendered "affirm" in Romans 3:8. See SAY.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words