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1 Kings 12:6-19

6 Then King Rehoboam consulted the elders who used to stand before Solomon his father, while he yet lived, saying,—How do, ye, advise, that I answer this people? 7 And they spake unto him, saying—If, to-day, thou wilt be servant unto this people, and wilt serve them,—and answer them kindly, and speak unto them good words, then will they be, thy, servants, always. 8 But he declined the counsel of the elders which they gave him, and consulted with the young men, who had grown up with him, who were standing before himself; 9 and said unto them—What counsel do, ye, give as to how we shall answer this people who have spoken unto me, saying—Make a lightening of the yoke which thy father put upon us? 10 Then spake unto him the young men who had grown up with him, saying, Thus, shalt thou say to this people that have spoken unto thee, saying—Thy father, made our yoke heavy, thou, therefore lighten it upon us, Thus, shalt thou speak unto them, My little finger, is thicker than my father’s loins; 11 Now, therefore, whereas, my father, laid upon you a heavy yoke, I, will add to your yoke,—My father, did chastise you with whips, but, I, will chastise you with scorpions. 12 So Jeroboam and all the people came in unto Rehoboam, on the third day,—as the king had bidden, saying—Come again unto me, on the third day. 13 And the king answered the people, harshly,—and declined the counsel of the elders wherewith they had counselled him; 14 and spake unto them after the counsel of the young men, saying, My father, made your yoke heavy, but, I, will add unto your yoke,—My father, chastised you, with whips, but, I, will chastise you, with scorpions. 15 Thus the king hearkened not unto the people,—for there had come about a turn from Yahweh, that he might establish his word, which Yahweh had spoken by Ahijah the Shilonite, unto Jeroboam, son of Nebat. 16 So when all Israel saw that the king hearkened not unto them, the people answered the king, saying—What portion have, we, in, David. Or inheritance in the son of Jesse? To your homes O Israel! Now, see to thine own house, O David! And Israel departed to their homes. 17 But, as for the sons of Israel who were dwelling in the cities of Judah, Rehoboam reigned over them. 18 Then King Rehoboam sent Adoniram who was over the tribute, but all Israel stoned him with stones, that he died,—King Rehoboam, therefore, hastily mounted his chariot, to flee unto Jerusalem. 19 So Israel rebelled against the house of David,—unto this day.

Proverbs 16:1-33

1 To man, belong the preparations of the heart, but, from Yahweh, cometh the answer of the tongue. 2 All the ways of a man, [may be] pure in his own eyes, but, he that testeth spirits, is Yahweh. 3 Roll, upon Yahweh, thy doings, that thy plans, may be established. 4 Everything, hath Yahweh made for its own purpose, yea, even the lawless one, for the day of calamity. 5 An abomination to Yahweh, is every one who is haughty in heart, hand to hand, he shall not be held innocent. 6 By lovingkindness and fidelity, shall iniquity be covered, and, in the revering of Yahweh, is a turning away from wrong. 7 When, acceptable to Yahweh, are the ways of a man, even his enemies, doth he cause to make peace with him. 8 Better a little with righteousness, than large revenues, without justice. 9 A man’s heart, deviseth his way, but, Yahweh, directeth his steps. 10 An oracle, is on the lips of a king, in giving sentence, his mouth must not be unfaithful. 11 The balance and scales of justice, belong to Yahweh, and, his handiwork, are all the weights of the bag. 12 The abomination of kings, is to work lawlessness, for, by righteousness, is established a throne. 13 The delight of kings, are lips of righteousness,—and, the words of uprightness, he loveth. 14 The wrath of a king, [meaneth] messengers of death, but, a man who is wise, will appease it. 15 In the light of a king’s countenance, is life, and, his good-pleasure, is like the cloud of harvest-rain. 16 To acquire wisdom, how much better than gold! and, to get hold of understanding, more choice than silver! 17 The highway of the upright, is to avoid evil, He preserveth his soul, who guardeth his way. 18 Before grievous injury, pride! and, before a fall, haughtiness of spirit! 19 Better is lowliness of spirit, with the patient, than a portion of spoil, with the proud. 20 He that showeth discretion concerning a matter, shall find good, and, he that trusteth in Yahweh, how happy is he! 21 The wise in heart, shall be called intelligent, and, sweetness of lips, increaseth persuasiveness. 22 A well-spring of life, is discretion to its owner, but, the correction of the foolish, is folly. 23 The heart of the wise, giveth discretion to his mouth, and, upon his lips, increaseth persuasiveness. 24 A comb of honey, are pleasant words, sweet to the taste and healing to the bone. 25 There is a way that enticeth a man, but, at the latter end thereof, are the ways of death. 26 The appetite of the toiler, hath toiled for him, for his mouth, hath urged him on. 27 An abandoned man, diggeth up mischief,—and, upon his lips, as it were a fire is scorching. 28 A perverse man, sendeth forth strife, and, a tattler, separateth intimate friends. 29 A ruthless man, enticeth his neighbour, and leadeth him in a way, not good. 30 Closing his eyes, to devise perverse things, biting his lips, he hath plotted mischief. 31 A crown of adorning, is a hoary head, in the way of righteousness, it should be found. 32 Better he that is slow to anger, than a hero, and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that captureth a city. 33 Into the lap, is cast the lot, but, from Yahweh, is its every decision.

Proverbs 12:15

15 The way of the foolish, is right in his own eyes, but, he that hearkeneth to counsel, is wise.

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