Bible verses about "atheist" | JMNT

Matthew 12:30

30 "The person not continually being with Me (= on My side) continues being against Me, and the person not habitually gathering (or: leading together) with Me is constantly scattering.

Romans 1:18-23

18 You see, God’s personal emotion (or: inherent fervor; mental bent; natural impulse; teeming desire and swelling passion; temperament; disposition; or: anger; wrath) is continuously and progressively being unveiled (revealed; disclosed) from heaven upon every irreverence (lack of awe or absence of pious fear; disrespect) and injustice (wrong; unrighteousness; situation or act contrary to the Way pointed out) of mankind (or: that arises from humans) – the folks continuously holding down (restraining; stopping while possessing) the Truth (or: reality) in the sphere of (or: within the midst of) injustice (unrighteousness; that which is not right; unfairness and inequality) – 19 simply because the thing experientially known (or: personally knowable; able to be gained by insight) pertaining to God (or: from, and which has its origin in, God; which is God) is continuously made visible (made apparent; manifested by light) within (or: among) them, for God at one point made (or: makes) it visible (manifests it) to them (or: for them; in them; by them; among them). 20 For you see, from [the] creation (framing; founding of order out of chaos; settling) of [the] ordered System (cosmos; universe; or: world of culture, religion and government) His invisible things (unseen [qualities and attributes]) – both His imperceptible (unobservable, but effecting-all) power, ability and capacity, as well as divinity (Godship; God-state) – are habitually seen down the line (or: are normally correspondingly perceived), being continually apprehended (grasped by the mind; mentally conceived) in the results and by the effects of things which are made or done, in order for them to be continuously defenseless (without an excuse), 21 simply because, although at one point experientially knowing God with insight, they did (or: do) not glorify (imagine; esteem; suppose; fancy; conjecture about; hold an opinion of; repute) [Him] as God, or even thank [Him] (or: give thanks in joyously expressing the goodness and well-being inherent in [His] grace and favor). And so in contrast, they were made futile (vain; fruitless; without profit; empty; useless; worthless; subject to a process of meaningless frustration; subject to exercises in futility) in their reasonings (or: thought processes; dialogues; ideas that went throughout in every direction), and their [collective] unintelligent (stupid; unable-to-put-things-together) heart was darkened (= the core of their being was made to experience an absence of light in a dim, shadowy gloom of obscurity [= ignorance]). 22 [So] continuously claiming (asserting; alleging with pretense) to be wise ones, they were made to be dull (sluggish; moronic; stupid; foolish) 23 and they at once changed (or: exchange in barter; make other than it is) the glory (or: splendor and praise-inducing manifestation; or: esteem; opinion; imagination; supposition; thought; appearance; honorable consideration) of the imperishable (un-ruinable; unspoilable and incorruptible; non-decayable) God within the result of a likeness (resemblance; conformed similarity; copy-effect) of an image (form; appearance) of a perishable (corruptible; spoilable) human, as well as of flying things and of four-footed [animals] and of creeping things.

2 John 1:9

9 Everyone leading forward (going ahead; leading in advance; [some MSS: transgressing]) and yet not remaining (abiding; dwelling; staying) within Christ's teaching does not have God; the person remaining (dwelling; abiding; staying) within that teaching, this one continuously has (or: holds; possesses) both Father and Son (or: the Father and the Son).

Matthew 5:22

22 "However, I Myself am now saying to you people that everyone, who – from internal swelling or agitated emotions of his natural disposition, or from the fruition of his mental bent – is habitually being randomly impulsive to, or without cause repeatedly intensely angry with, his brother (= fellow member of the society) will continue being held within the decision (= under control of the judging of the local court). Now whoever may at some point say to his brother, 'Raca (an Aramaic word of verbal abuse: contemptible imbecile; worthless good-for-nothing; senseless empty-head; brainless idiot; blockhead)!' will continue being held within (= accountable to) the Sanhedrin (the ruling Jewish council). Yet whoever may at some point say, 'Inept moron (Stupid scoundrel; Despicable fool; Perverse idiot)!' will continue being held within (= accountable to) [placement] into the [part of] the Valley of Hinnom which pertains to the fire (i.e., the incinerator for refuse in the dump outside of Jerusalem). [note: Dallas Willard, in his book The Divine Conspiracy, HarperSanFrancisoc, 1998, p. 151-2, points out that raca was a word of contempt, and contempt, he says, is "a studied degradation of another," or, it is meant to "mark [someone] out" as being "contemptible." He further shows that using expressions of contempt "breaks the social bond" and excludes, pushes a person away, and leaves him isolated. Willard cites Prov. 14:16; 18:2 and 26:11 as Biblical definitions of a "fool;" he states that this word "is a combination of stupid perversity and rebellion against God"]

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

3 Now if the good news coming from us (or: our message of goodness, ease and wellness) continues being covered from having been veiled with a head-covering, it continues being thus covered within the midst of and among those on their way to ruin (being progressively lost; repeatedly loosing-away so as to be undone; or: destroying themselves), 4 within and among which folks the God of this age (or: the God who owns this indefinite time-period; the God Who is in relationship with this eon) blinds (or: deprived of the ability to see) the effects of the intellects and mental powers (or: the results of directing the mind to something) of those without faith (of the un-trusting ones; of the unbelieving and disloyal), [leading them] into the [situation that] the shining forth of light and the illumination of (or: the beaming forth of enlightenment from) the good news of the glory of the Christ (or: of the message of goodness, ease and wellness whose source is the glory of the Anointed One; of the glad tidings pertaining to the manifestation which calls forth praise to the [Messiah]) – Who continuously exists being God's image (a resemblance and likeness of [Concordant Text adds: the unseen; the invisible] God) – would not shine forth as the dawn to irradiate them.

1 Corinthians 10:27

27 If anyone of the unbelievers (or: of those not full of faith) is periodically inviting you folks [to be his guest], and you are wanting (or: intending) to go, keep on habitually eating everything that is normally being placed beside (or: = set before) you, while examining nothing because of (or: sifting not one thing back through) the conscience.

James 2:24

24 Are you folks normally observing (or: perceiving) that humanity (or: a person) is normally being rightwised (from time to time being placed in right relationship in the Way pointed out; progressively made fair and equitable; normally justified; = put in covenant) forth from out of the midst of actions and works, and not only from out of faith and trust?

Jude 1:22

22 And so, on the one hand, you folks be repeatedly extending compassionate kindness on some folks in order to relieve their misery and affliction [other MSS read: put to the proof; expose; convict; reprove] while continuously discerning, sifting and thoroughly separating so as to accurately decide [about their situation] (or: be continually showing mercy on some who are constantly undecided and continue wavering and doubting because of making divided judgment in or for themselves);

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