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Genesis 9:20-29

20 Noah also beganne to be an husbande man, and planted a vyneyarde. 21 And he drynkynge of the wyne, was dronken, and vncouered wythin hys tent. 22 And Ham the father of Chanaan seynge the nakednesse of hys father, tolde hys two brethren wythout. 23 And Sem and Iapheth, they two, takynge a garment, layed it vpon their shulders: & comminge bakwarde, couered the naked preuityes of their father: namely, theyr faces beynge turned awaye, lest they shulde se theyr fathers preuities. 24 And Noah awoke from hys wyne, and knewe what his yonger sonne had done vnto hym. 25 And he sayde: Curssed be Chanaan, a seruaunt of seruauntes shall he be vnto hys brethren. 26 He sayde moreouer: Blessed be the Lorde God of Sem, & Chanaan shalbe hys seruaunt. 27 God shall enlarge Iapheth, and he shall dwell in the tentes of Sem, & Chanaan shalbe their seruaunt. 28 Noah lyued after the floude thre hundreth and fyftye yeares. 29 And all the dayes of Noah were nyne hundreth & fyftye yeares. And he dyed.

Genesis 3:7

7 And the eyes of them both were opened: and they knewe that they were naked, & they sowed fygge leaues together, and made them selues aperns.

Genesis 3:10-11

10 which sayde: I hearde thy voyce in the garden, & was afrayed, because I was naked, & hyd my selfe. 11 And he sayde: Who tolde the, that thou wast naked? hast thou not eaten of the same tre, concernynge the which I commaunded the, that thou shuldest not eate of it?

1 Samuel 19:24

24 And he stripte of his clothes, & prophesyed before Samuel in lyke maner, and fell naked all that daye & all that nyght. And therof it is, that they saye: is Saul also amonge the prophetes?

Job 1:21

21 and sayd: Naked came I out of my mothers wombe, and naked shall I turne thyther agayne. The Lord gaue, and the Lorde hath taken awaye blessed be the name of the Lord.

Isaiah 20:2-4

2 At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esay the sonne of Amos, sayeng: Go and take of the sacke clothe from thy loynes, & put of thy shooe from thy foote. And he dyd so, walkynge naked and bare foote. 3 And the Lord sayde: lyke as my seruaunt Esay hath walked naked, and bare fote for a signe and wonder thre yeares vpon Egypte, and Ethiopia: 4 Euen so shall the kynge of Assyria take awaye out of Egypte and out of Ethiopia, chyldren and olde men, naked and bare fote wyth their loynes vncouered, to the greate shame of Egypte.

Isaiah 58:7

7 to deale thy bread to the hongry, & bringe the poore wandringe, home into thy house, when thou seest the naked that thou couer him, and hyde not thy face from thy neyghboure.

John 21:7

7 Then sayde the disciple whom Iesus loued vnto Peter: It is the Lord: When Symon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he gyrde his coate vnto him (for he was naked) & sprange into the see.

2 Corinthians 5:1-5

1 For we knowe that yf oure erthy mancion of this dwellyng were destroyed, we haue a byldinge of God, an habitacyon not made with handes, but eternall in heauen. 2 For therfore syghe we, desyring to be clothed with oure mansion which is from heauen: 3 so yet, yf that we be founde clothed, & not naked. 4 For we that are in this tabernacle, syghe & are greued because we wold not be vnclothed, but wolde be clothed vpon, that mortalite myght be swalowed vp of lyfe. 5 He that hath ordeyned vs for this thynge, is God: which very same hath geuen vnto vs the ernest of the sprete.

Revelation 16:15

15 Beholde, I come as a thefe. Happy is he that watcheth, and kepeth hys garmentes, lest he walke naked, and men se hys fylthynes.

Genesis 3:21

21 Unto the same Adam also & to hys wyfe dyd the Lorde God make lethren garmentes, & clothed them.

Job 24:10

10 In somoch that they let him go naked without clothing, and haue taken awaye the sheafe of the hungrie.

Isaiah 20:2

2 At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esay the sonne of Amos, sayeng: Go and take of the sacke clothe from thy loynes, & put of thy shooe from thy foote. And he dyd so, walkynge naked and bare foote.

Leviticus 18:6-23

6 Se that none go to his nyghest kynred, for to vncouer their secrettes. I am the Lorde. 7 The secrettes of thy father, and the secrettes of thy mother, shalt thou not vncouer: for she is thy mother, therfore shalt thou not discouer her secrettes. 8 The secrettes of thy fathers wyfe shalt thou not discouer, for it is thy fathers secrettes. 9 Thou shalt not discouer the preuite of thy syster, the daughter of thy father or of thy mother: whether she be borne at home or without. 10 Thou shalt not vncouer the secrettes of thy sonnes daughter or thy daughters daughter, for that is thyne awne preuyte. 11 Thou shalt not vncouer the secrettes of thy fathers wyues daughter, which was begotten of thy father, and is thy syster: thou shalt not discouer her secrettes. 12 Thou shalt not vncouer the secrettes of thy fathers syster, for she is thy fathers nexte kynswoman. 13 Thou shalt not discouer the secrettes of thy mothers syster, for she is thy mothers nexte kynswoman. 14 Thou shalt not vncouer the secrettes of thy fathers brother: that is, thou shalt not go into hys wyfe, which is thyne awnte. 15 Thou shalt not discouer the secrettes of thy daughter in lawe: For she is thy sonnes wyfe: therfore shalt thou not vncouer her secrettes. 16 Thou shalt not vnheale the secrettes of thy brothers wyfe, for that is thy brothers preuitie. 17 Thou shalt not discouer the preuyties of the wyfe and her daughter, nether shalt thou take her sonnes daughter or her daughters daughter, to vncouer their secrettes: For they are her nexte kyn, and it were wykidnesse. 18 Thou shalt not take a wyfe and her syster also, to vexe her, that thou woldest vncouer her secrettes, as longe as she lyueth. 19 Thou shalt also not go vnto a woman to vncouer her preuytie, as longe as she is put a parte for her vnclennesse. 20 Moreouer thou shalt not lye with thy neyghbours wyfe, to defyle her wt sede. 21 Thou shalt also not geue of thy seed to offer it vnto Moloch: neyther shalt thou defyle the name of thy God. I am the Lorde. 22 Thou shalt not lye wyth mankynde as wt womankynde, for it is abominacyon. 23 Thou shalt lye wyth no maner of beaste to defyle thy selfe therwith, nether shall any woman stonde before a beast, to lye doune therto, for it is abhominacyon.

Exodus 20:26

26 Neyther shalt thou goo vp by steppes vnto myne alter, that thy fylthynesse be not shewed there on.

Job 24:7

7 They are the cause that so many men are naked and bare, hauinge no clothes to couer them and to kepe them from colde:

Isaiah 47:1-15

1 But as for the (O daughter, thou vyrgyn Babilon) sytt thou downe in the dust syt vpon the grounde, & not in a throne (O thou mayden of Caldea.) Thou shalt nomore be called tender & pleasaunt. 2 Bring forth the querne, & grinde meele, vntrusse thy broyded heare, put of thy shoes, make bare thy knees: & wade thorowe the water ryuers. 3 Thy shame shalbe discouered and thy pryuityes shalbe sene. For I wyll auenge me of the & wyll shewe no mercy to the as, I do to other men 4 sayeth oure redemer, which is called the Lorde of Hostes the holy one of Israel. 5 Syt styll, holde thy tunge, and get the into some darck corner (O daughter Chaldea) for thou shalt nomore be called lady of kyngdomes. 6 I was so wroth wt my people, that I punished myne enheritaunce, and gaue them into thy power. Neuertheles, thou shewedest them no mercy, but euen the very aged men of them, dydest thou oppresse ryght sore with thy yock, 7 and thou thoughtest thus: I shalbe lady for euer. And besyde all that, thou hast not regarded these thynges, nether remembred what was the ende of that cytie Ierusalem. 8 Heare now therfore, thou wyllfull, that syttest so careles, and speakest thus in thyne herte: I am alone, and without me is there none: I shall neuer be wydowe, ner desolate agayne. 9 And yet both these thynges shall come to the vpon one daye in the twynclinge of an eye: Namely, wyddowhead, and desolacyon. They shall myghtely fall vpon the, for the multitude of thy witches, and for the greate heape of thy coniurers. 10 For thou hast trusted in thy wickednes, and hast sayd. No man seyth me. Thyne awne wysdome and connyng hath deceaued the. In that thou hast sayde: I am alone and without me ther is none. 11 Therfore shall trouble come vpon the, and thou shall not knowe, from whence it shall aryse. Myschefe shall fall vpon the, which thou shalt not be able to put of. A sodayne vtter destruction, shall come vpon the or euer thou be aware. 12 Nowe go to thy coniurers, & to the multitude of thy wytches (with whom thou hast weried thy selfe from thy youth) yf they maye helpe the, or strengthen the. 13 Thou hast hytherto had many councels of them, so let the heauen gasers and the beholders of starres and mone prophetes come on nowe and delyuer the: yee, and lett them shewe, when these newe thinges shall come vpon the. 14 Beholde, they shalbe lyke strawe, whith yf it be kyndled with fyre, no man maye rydde it for the vehemencye of the flame. And yet it geueth no synders to warme a man by, ner cleare fyre to syt by. 15 Thus are they with whom thou hast weryed thy selfe, and thus are thy marchauntes that haue bene with the from thy youth. Euery one hath taken his awne waye and shall none of them defende the.

Matthew 5:28

28 But I say vnto you that whosoeuer loketh on another mans wyfe to lust after her, hath commytted aduoutrye with her all ready in hys hert.

1 Corinthians 12:23

23 And vpon those membres of the body which we thinke leest honest, put we more honestye on. And oure vngoodlye partes haue more beautye on.

Exodus 28:42

42 And thou shalt make them lynnen breches to couer their preuityes, from the loynes vnto the thies shall they reach.

1 Timothy 2:9

9 Lykewise also the wemen, that they araye them selues in comlye apparell wyth shamfastnes and discrete behaueour, not wt broyded heare, ether golde or pearles, or costly araye:

Genesis 2:25

25 and they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

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