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Deuteronomy 12:1-32

1 These are the ordinaunces and lawes which ye shal kepe, that ye do therafter in the londe, which the LORDE God of thy fathers hath geuen the to possesse, as longe as ye lyue vpon earth. 2 Destroye all the places, wherin ye Heithen (who ye shal conquere) haue serued their goddes, whether it be vpo hye mountaynes, vpo hilles, or amonge grene trees. 3 And ouerthrowe their altares, and breake downe their pilers, and burne their groues with fyre, and hewe downe the ymages of their goddes, & brynge the names of them to naught out of the same place. 4 Ye shal not do so vnto the LORDE youre God: 5 but the place which ye LORDE youre God shal chose out of all yor trybes (that he maye let his name dwell there) shal ye seke, 6 and come thither, and thither shal ye brynge youre burntsacrifices, & youre other offerynges, and youre tithes and the Heueofferynges of youre handes, and youre vowes, and youre fre wyll offerynges, and the firstborne of youre oxen and shepe: 7 and there shall ye eate before the LORDE youre God, and reioyse ouer all that ye and youre houses haue geue with youre handes, because the LORDE thy God hath blessed the. 8 Ye shall do none of the thinges, yt we do here this daye, euery man what semeth him good in his awne eyes. 9 For ye are not yet come to rest, ner to ye enheritauce which the LORDE thy God shal geue the. 10 But ye shal go ouer Iordane, and dwell in the londe yt the LORDE youre God shall deuyde out vnto you, & he shal geue you rest from all youre enemies rounde aboute, and ye shal dwell safe. 11 Now whan the LORDE thy God hath chosen a place, to make his name dwell there, ye shall brynge thither all yt I haue commaunded you, namely, yor burnt sacrifices, youre other offerynges, youre tythes, the Heueofferynges of youre handes, & all youre fre vowes, which ye shall vowe vnto ye LORDE: 12 and there shal ye eate, and reioyse before the LORDE youre God, ye and youre sonnes, and youre doughters, and youre seruauntes, and youre maydes, and the Leuites that are within youre gates, for they haue no porcion ner inheritauce with you. 13 Take hede vnto thy selfe, that thou offer not thy burntofferynges in what so euer place thou seyst: 14 but in the place which ye LORDE shall haue chosen in one of thy trybes, there shalt thou offer thy burntofferynges, and do all that I commaunde the. 15 Notwtstondinge thou mayest kyll and eate flesh within all thy gates, after all the desyre of thy soule, acordynge to the blessynge of the LORDE thy God, which he hath geue the: both the cleane and vncleane maye eate it, as of the Roo and herte, 16 onely the bloude shalt thou not eate, but poure it out as water vpon the earth. 17 But within thy gates mayest thou not eate of the tythes of thy corne, of thy wyne, & of thy oyle, ner of ye first borne of thine oxen and of thy shepe, or of eny of thy vowes which thou hast vowed, or of thy frewylofferinges, or Heueofferinges of thy handes: 18 but before the LORDE thy God shalt thou eate them, in the place which the LORDE thy God choseth, thou & thy sonne, and thy doughter, thy seruaunt, thy mayde, and the Leuite that is within yi gates, & thou shalt reioyse before ye LORDE thy God, ouer all yt thou puttest thine hande vnto. 19 And bewarre, that thou forsake not the Leuite, as longe as thou lyuest vpon the earth. 20 But whan the LORDE thy God shal enlarge thy bordes of thy londe (as he hath promysed the) and thou saye: I wil eate flesh (for so moch as thy soule longeth to eate flesh) then eate flesh acordinge to all the desyre of thy soule. 21 But yf the place that the LORDE thy God hath chosen (to let his name be there) be farre from the, then kyll of yi oxen and of thy shepe, which the LORDE hath geuen the, as he hath commaunded the, and eate it within thy gates acordinge to all ye desyre of thy soule. 22 Euen as a Roo or Hert is eaten, maiest thou eate it: both the cleane and vncleane maie eate it indifferently. 23 Onely bewarre, that thou eate not the bloude: for the bloude is the life. Therfore shalt thou not eate the life wt the flesh, 24 but shalt poure it out like water vpon the earth, 25 yt thou mayest prospere, and yi children after the, whan thou hast done that which is righte in the sighte of the LORDE. 26 But whan thou halowest oughte that is thine, or makest a vowe, thou shalt take it, and brynge it vnto the place, that the LORDE hath chosen, 27 and do thy burntofferynges with the flesh and bloude vpon the altare of the LORDE thy God. The bloude of thine offrynge shalt thou poure vpon the altare of the LORDE thy God, and eate the flesh. 28 Take hede, and heare all these wordes, which I commaunde the, yt it maye go well with the, and thy children after ye for euer, whan thou hast done yt which is righte and acceptable in the sighte of the LORDE thy God. 29 Whan the LORDE yi God hath roted out the Heithen before the, whither thou commest into conquere them, & whan thou hast coquered them, & dwelt in their londe, 30 bewarre then, yt thou fall not in the snare after the, whan they are destroyed before the: & that thou axe not after their goddes, & saye: Eue as these nacions haue serued their goddes, so wil I do also. 31 Thou shalt not do so vnto the LORDE thy God. For all that is abhominacion vnto the LORDE, & that he hateth, ye same haue they done vnto their goddes. For they haue burnt euen their sonnes and their doughters with fyre vnto their goddes. 32 All that I commaunde you, shal ye kepe, that ye do therafter. Ye shal put nothinge therto, ner take ought there from.

Matthew 5:47

47 And yf ye be frendly to youre brethren onlye: what singuler thynge do ye? Do not the Publicans also lyke wyse?

Leviticus 18:19-23

19 Thou shalt not go vnto a woman to vncouer hir preuytie, so longe as she hath hir disease in hir vnclennesse. 20 Thou shalt not lye with thy neghbours wife to medle with her, for to defyle thy self withall. 21 Thou shalt not geue of thy sede also, to be burnt vnto Moloch, lest thou vnhalowe the name of thy God, for I am the LORDE. 22 Thou shalt not lye with mankynde as with womankynde, for yt is abhominacion. 23 Thou shalt lye with no maner of beest, to defyle yi self therwith. And no woman shal haue to do wt a beest, for it is abhominacion.

2 Kings 23:7

7 And he brake downe the whorekepers houses which were by the house of the LORDE, wherin the wemen made mansions for the groue.

Acts 17:16-23

16 But whyle Paul wayted for them at Athens, his sprete was moued in him, whan he sawe the cite geue so to the worshippinge of ymages. 17 And he spake vnto the Iewes and deuoute personnes in the synagoge, & in ye market daylie vnto the that came to him. 18 But certayne Philosophers of ye Epicurees and Stoikes disputed with him. And some sayde: What will this babler saye? But some sayde: He semeth to be a tidinges brynger of new goddes (That was, because he had preached vnto the the Gospell of Iesus, & of the resurreccion.) 19 And they toke him, and broughte him before the councell house, and sayde: Maye we not knowe, what new doctryne this is that thou teachest? 20 For thou bryngest strauge tidinges to oure eares? We wolde knowe therfore, what this meaneth. 21 As for all they of Athens, and straungers & gestes, they gaue theselues to nothinge els, but either to tell, or to heare some newes. 22 Paul stode on the myddes of the comon place, and sayde: Ye me of Athens, I se that in all thinges ye are to supersticious. 23 I haue gone thorow, & sene youre gods seruyce, and founde an altare, where vpo was wrytten: To the vnknowne God. Now shewe I vnto you ye same, whom ye worshippe ignorauntly.

Jeremiah 10:1-5

1 Heare the worde of the LORDE, yt he speaketh vnto the, o thou house of Israel: 2 Thus saieth the LORDE: Ye shal not lerne after the maner of the Heithe, and ye shal not be afrayed for the tokens of heauen: for the Heithen are afrayed of soch: 3 Yee all the customes and lawes of the Getiles are nothinge, but vanite. They hewe downe a tre in the wod with the hondes of the worke man, and fashion it with the axe: 4 they couer it ouer with golde or syluer, they fasten it wt nales and hammers, that it moue not. 5 It stodeth as stiff as the palme tre, it can nether speake ner go, but must be borne. Be not ye afrayed of soch, for they ca do nether good ner euel.

2 Thessalonians 2:9

9 euen him, whose commynge is after the workynge of Sathan with all lyenge power, and signes and wonders,

Leviticus 26:1-46

1 Ye shall make you no Idols ner ymage, and ye shal reare you vp no piler, ner set vp eny markstone in youre londe, to bowe youre selues therto. For I am the LORDE youre God. 2 Kepe my Sabbathes, and stonde in awe of my Sanctuary. I am the LORDE. 3 Yf ye wyll walke now in my statutes, and kepe my commaundementes and do them, 4 the wyl I geue you rayne in due season, and ye londe shal geue hir increase, and the trees of ye felde shal brynge forth their frute. 5 And the thresshinge tyme shall reache vnto the wyne haruest, and the wyne haruest shal reache vnto the sowynge tyme. And ye shall eate yor bred in plenteousnes, and shal dwell safe in youre londe. 6 I wil geue peace in youre londe, so that ye shall slepe, and no man shall make you afrayed. I wyl ryd euell beestes out of youre londe, and there shall no swerde go thorow youre londe. 7 Ye shal chace youre enemies, & they shal fall into ye swerde before you. 8 Fyue of you shal chace an hundreth: and an hundreth of you shal chace ten thousande. For youre enemies shall fall in to the swerde before you. 9 And I wyl turne me vnto you, and wyl cause you to growe and increase, and wyl set vp my couenanut with you. 10 And ye shal eate of the olde stoare, and shall let go the olde for plenteousnesse of the new. 11 I will haue my dwellynge amonge you, and my soule shall not refuse you. 12 And I wyll walke amonge you, and wyl be youre God, and ye shalbe my people. 13 For I am the LORDE youre God, which brought you out of the londe of Egipte, that ye shulde not be their bondmen. And I haue broke the cepter of youre yocke, and caused you to go vp right. 14 But yf ye wil not harken vnto me, ner do all these commaundementes, 15 and wyl despyse my statutes, and yf youre soules refuse my lawes, yt ye wyll not do all my commaundementes, & shal let my couenaunt stonde, 16 then wyll I do this agayne vnto you. I wyl vyset you shortly with swellynges and feuers, which shal destroye ye eyes, & consume awaie ye hert. Ye shal sowe youre sede in vayne, and youre enemies shal eate it vp. 17 And I wyl set my face agaynst you, and ye shal be slayne before youre enemies. And they that hate you, shal haue dominion ouer And ye shall flye, wha no man chaseth you. 18 But yf ye wyll not herken vnto me for all this, then wyl I make it yet seuen tymes more, to punysh you for youre synnes, 19 that I maye breake ye pryde of youre strength, and wyl make youre heauen lyke yron, and youre earth as brasse: 20 and youre trauaile and labor shal be but lost, so that youre londe shall not geue hir increase, and the trees in the londe shal not brynge forth their frute. 21 Yf ye walke yet agaynst me, and wyll not harken vnto me, then wyl I make it yet seuen tymes more, to punysh you because of youre synnes: 22 & wyl sende wylde beestes amoge you, which shal robbe you, and destroie youre catell, and make you fewer, and youre hye waye shal be come waist. 23 But yf ye wyl not yet be refourmed here withall, and wyll walke contrary vnto me, 24 then wyl I walke contrary vnto you also, & wyll punysh you yet seuen tymes for youre synnes. 25 And I wyl brynge vpon you a swerde of vengeaunce, which shall auenge my Testament. And though ye gather you together in to youre cities, yet wyll I sende the pestilence amonge you, and wyll delyuer you in to the handes of youre enemies. 26 For I wil destroye youre prouysion of bred, so yt ten wemen shall bake youre bred in one ouen, and youre bred shal be delyuered out by weight. And whan ye eate, ye shall not haue ynough. 27 Yf ye wyl not yet for all this harken vnto me, & wyl walke contrary vnto me, 28 then wyll I also walke cotrary vnto you in wrathfull displeasure, and wyll punysh you seuenfolde because of youre synnes, 29 so that ye shal eate the flesh of youre sonnes and doughters. 30 And I wyl destroye youre hye altares, and rote out youre ymages, and wyll cast youre bodies vpon the bodies of youre Idols, and my soule shall abhorre you. 31 And youre cities wyll I make waist, and brynge youre churches to naught, and wyll not smell youre swete odoures. 32 Thus wyll I make the londe desolate, so that youre enemies shall dwell therin, and make it waist: 33 but you will I scater amonge the Heythen, and drawe out the swerde after you, so that youre londe shal be waist, & youre cities desolate. 34 Then shall the londe reioyse in hir Sabbathes, as longe as it lyeth wayst, and ye be in the enemies londe. Yee then shal the londe kepe holy daye, and reioyse in hir rest, 35 as longe as it lieth wayst, because it coude not rest in youre Sabbathes, whan ye dwelt therin. 36 And as for them that remayne of you, I wyll make them faynte harted in the londe of their enemies, so that a shakynge leaf shall chace them. And they shall flye from it, as though a swerde persecuted them, and shal fall noman folowynge vpon them. 37 And they shall fall one vpon another (as it were before the swerde) and noman yet chacynge them. And ye shall not be so bolde, as to withstonde youre enemies, 38 and shal perishe amonge the Heithen, and the londe of youre enemies shal eate you vp. 39 And they that are left of you, shall pyne awaye in their mysdede, euen in the enemies londe, and in the mysdedes of their fathers shall they consume awaye. 40 Then shall they knowlege their mysdedes, and the mysdedes of their fathers in the trespace, wherwith they haue trespaced agaynst me, and walked contrary vnto me. 41 Therfore wyll I also walke contrary vnto the, and wyll brynge them in to the enemies londe. Then shal their vncircumcysed herte be tamed. And then shall they ende their mysdedes. 42 And I shal thinke vpo my couenaut with Iacob, and vpon my couenaunt with Isaac, and vpon my couenaunt with Abraham, and wyl thynke vpon the lode. 43 As for the londe, whan it shalbe left of them, it shal reioyse in hir Sabbathes, euen then, whan it lyeth waist, and they tylle it not. And they shall make attonement for their mysdedes, because they despysed my lawes, & their soules refused my statutes. 44 Morouer I haue not so refused them, that they shulde be in the enemies londe: nether haue I so vtterly abhorred them, that I wolde brynge them to naught, and breake my couenaunt wt them: for I am ye LORDE their God. 45 And for their sake I wyl remebre my first couenaut, wha I brought them out of ye londe of Egipte in the sight of the Heythen, yt I might be their God. Euen I the LORDE. 46 These are the ordinaunces, statutes and lawes, which ye LORDE made betwixte him and the children of Israel vpon mount Sinai, by the hande of Moses.

Ezekiel 13:18

18 & saye: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Wo be vnto you, that sowe pilowes vnder all arme holes, and bolsters vnder the heades both of yonge and olde, to catch soules withall. For when ye haue gotten the soules of my people in youre captiuyte, ye promyse them life,

Acts 8:9-13

9 But afore there was in ye same cite a certayne ma, called Simon, which vsed witche craft, and bewitched ye people of Samaria, sayenge, that he was a man which coulde do greate thinges. 10 And they all regarded him from the leest vnto ye greatest, & sayde: This is the power of God which is greate. 11 But they regarded him, because that of longe tyme he had bewitched them with his sorcery. 12 Howbeit whan they beleued Philips preachinge of ye kyngdome of God, and of the name of Iesu Christ, they were baptysed both me & weme. 13 Then Symon himself beleued also, and was baptysed, and cleued vnto Philippe. And wha he sawe the dedes and tokens that were done, he wondred.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

9 Knowe ye not that ye vnrighteous shal not inheret the kyngdome of God? Be not disceaued. Nether whoremongers, ner worshippers off ymages, ner breakers off wedlocke, ner weaklinges, nether abusers of them selues with mankynde, 10 ner theues, nether the couetous, ner drokardes, ner cursed speakers, ner extorcioners shal inheret the kyngdome of God. 11 And soch haue some of you bene, but ye are wasshed, ye are sanctified, ye are made righteous by the name of the LORDE Iesus, and by the sprete of oure God.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12

9 Whan thou commest in to ye londe which the LORDE thy God shal geue ye, thou shalt not lerne to do ye abhominacions of these nacions, 10 that there be not founde amonge you, yt maketh his sonne or doughter go thorow the fyre, or a prophecier, or a choser out of dayes, or that regardeth the foules cryenge, 11 or a witch, or a coniurer, or soythsayer, or an expounder of tokens, or yt axeth eny thinge of the deed. 12 For who so euer doth soch, is abhominacion vnto the LORDE: and because of soch abhominacions doth the LORDE yi God dryue the out before the.

Exodus 20:1-26

1 And the LORDE spake all these wordes, and sayde: 2 I am the LORDE thy God, which haue brought the out of the londe of Egipte from ye house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt haue none other Goddes in my sight. 4 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage ner eny symilitude, nether of it that is aboue in heauen, ner of it that is beneth vpon earth, ner of it that is in the water vnder the earth. 5 Worshipe them not, and serue them not: for I the LORDE thy God am a gelouse God, vysitinge ye synne of the fathers vpon the children, vnto ye thirde and fourth generacion, of them that hate me: 6 And do mercye vpo many thousandes, that loue me, and kepe my commaundementes. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of ye LORDE thy God in vayne. For the LORDE shal not holde him vngiltie, that taketh his name in vayne. 8 Remembre the Sabbath daie, that thou sanctifie it. 9 Sixe dayes shalt thou laboure and do all thy worke: 10 But vpon the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the LORDE thy God: thou shalt do no maner worke in it, nether thou, ner thy sonne, ner thy doughter, ner thy seruaunt, ner thy mayde, ner thy catell, ner thy straunger that is within thy gates. 11 For in sixe dayes the LORDE made heauen and earth, and the see, and all that therin is, and rested vpon the seuenth daye: therfore the LORDE blessed the seuenth daye, & halowed it. 12 Honoure thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest lyue longe in the londe, which the LORDE thy God shal geue the. 13 Thou shalt not kyll. 14 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke. 15 Thou shalt not steale. 16 Thou shalt beare no false wytnesse agaynst thy neghboure. 17 Thou shalt not lust after yi neghbours house. Thou shalt not lust after thy neghbours wife, ner his seruaut, ner his mayde, ner his oxe, ner his Asse, ner all that thy neghboure hath 18 And all the people sawe the thonder and the lightenynge, and the noyse of the trompet, and how that the mountayne smoked, and were afrayed, and stackerd, & stode afarre of, 19 and sayde vnto Moses: Talke thou with vs, we wil heare: and let not God talke with vs, we might els dye. 20 And Moses sayde vnto the people: Be not afrayed, for God is come to proue you, and that his feare maye be before youre eyes, yt ye synne not. 21 And the people stode afarre of. But Moses gat him in to the darcke cloude, where in God was. 22 And the LORDE spake vnto him: Thus shalt thou saye vnto the children of Israel: Ye haue sene, that I haue talked wt you from heauen: 23 therfore shal ye make nothinge with me: goddes of syluer and golde shal ye not make you. 24 Make me an altare of earth, wher vpon thou mayest offer yi burntofferynges, & peaceofferynges, thy shepe and thine oxen. For loke in what place so euer I make ye remembraunce of my name, there wil I come vnto the, and blesse the. 25 And yf thou wilt make me an altare of stone, thou shalt not make it of hewen stone: For yf thou lift vp thy tole vpon it, thou shalt vnhalowe it. 26 Morouer thou shalt not go vp vpon steppes vnto myne altare, that thy shame be not discouered before it.

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