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Job 26:10

10 He hath compassed the waters with certayne boundes, vntill the day and night come to an ende

Psalms 89:9

9 Thou rulest the ragyng of the sea: when her waues aryse, thou delayest them

Psalms 148:1-14

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, prayse ye God out of heauen: prayse ye hym on hygh aboue 2 Prayse hym all ye his angels: prayse hym all ye his hoast 3 Prayse ye hym sunne and moone: praise hym all ye starres [that geue] lyght 4 Prayse ye hym all ye heauens: and ye waters that be aboue the heauens 5 Euen they shoulde prayse the name of God: for he commaunded, and they were created 6 He hath set them sure for euer and euer: he hath geuen them a lawe which shall not be broken 7 Prayse ye God from the earth: ye dragons and all deepes 8 Fire and hayle, snowe and vapours: stormie wynde fulfyllyng his worde 9 Mountaynes and all hylles: fruitfull trees and all Cedars 10 Beastes and all cattell: wormes and fethered foules 11 Kynges of the earth and all people: princes and all iudges of the earth 12 (148:12a) Young men and maydens, olde men with children 13 (148:12b) shoulde prayse the name of God: for his name only is most excellent, and his maiestie aboue earth and heauen 14 (148:13) He hath exalted the horne of his people: the prayse of all his saintes, euen of the children of Israel, a people that is most nye vnto him. Prayse ye the Lord

Matthew 14:22-26

22 And strayghtway Iesus constrayned his disciples to get vp into a shippe, and to go before hym vnto the other syde, whyle he sent the people away 23 And when the people were sent away, he went vp into a mountayne alone to pray: And when nyght was come, he was there hym selfe alone 24 But the shippe was nowe in the middes of the sea, & was tost with waues: for it was a contrary wynde 25 And in the fourth watch of the nyght, Iesus went vnto them, walkyng on the sea 26 And when the disciples sawe hym walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, it is a spirite: and they cryed out for feare

Genesis 1:26

26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth

Job 12:7-10

7 Aske the cattaile, and they shall enfourme thee: the foules of the ayre, and they shall tell thee 8 Or the encrease of the earth, and it shall shew thee: or the fishes of the sea, and they shall certifie thee 9 What is he but he knoweth that the hande of the Lorde made all these 10 In whose hande is the soule of euery liuing thing, and the breath of all mankinde

Psalms 8:8

8 (8:7b) the foules of the ayre, and the fishe of the sea, and whatsoeuer swymmeth in the seas

Jeremiah 31:35

35 Thus saith the Lorde, which gaue the sunne to be a lyght for the day, and the moone and the starres to shine in the night, whiche moueth the sea, so that the fluddes thereof waxe fierce, his name is the Lorde of hoastes

Psalms 136:6

6 Who layde out the earth aboue the waters: for his mercy endureth for euer

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