SAMSON - Thompson Chain Reference Topic

  son of Manoah, of the Judges
Judges 13:24; Judges 14:1; Judges 15:7; Judges 16:20; Judges 16:30
---"A life of Contrasts"
Separated as a Nazarite
Judges 13:5; Judges 16:17
--yet tampering with evil associations
Judges 14:1-3
Spiritual at times
Judges 13:25; Judges 15:14
--yet under the power of carnal appetites
Judges 16:1-4
Childish in his plans
Judges 15:4
--yet courageous in battle
Judges 15:11-14
Mighty in physical strength
Judges 16:3; Judges 16:9; Judges 16:12; Judges 16:14
--yet weak in resisting temptation
Judges 16:15-17
His sad end
Judges 16:30

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