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  (God shall hear), son of Abraham and Hagar
Genesis 16:11; Genesis 17:18; Genesis 21:10; Genesis 21:14; Genesis 21:18; Genesis 21:21; Genesis 25:12; Judges 8:24; Psalms 83:6
--"The Outcast", Life Summarized
--Born of a bigamous marriage, with a foreigner
Genesis 16:2-4; Genesis 16:15
--May have had childish dreams that he was to be the heir
Genesis 17:18
--The real heir born
Genesis 21:1-7
--Lacking prudence, mocked at the weaning-feast of his rival
Genesis 21:9
Thus became an outcast
Genesis 21:10-14
--A man of the desert
Genesis 21:21
--Returned to attend the funeral of his father, Abraham
Genesis 25:9
--Became the head of a great nation
Genesis 17:20; Genesis 25:12-16

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